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GERMAN PANORAMA # 02: 1937-1941

In this series of six films, Germany, its culture, people and landscapes are shown as they all looked like from 1937-1941:

Gardetag in Dusseldorf  (1937):  Unnarrated color film some 7 minutes long documenting the celebration of Gardetag in Dusseldorf.  Lots of soldiers and uniforms and music galore.  Unfortunately, a soft VHS quality, but still worthwhile;
Cavalry Day  (1937):  another unnarrated color film some 6 minutes long documenting the Tag der Kavallerie in Germany.  Again, lots of soldiers and uniforms and marching with happy-go-lucky music.  And, once again, soft VHS quality  (and STILL worthwhile);
A Montage of New Architecture in Germany (1938):  This 15 minute, unnarrated film walks us on a tour throughout the new architecture in Germany built since 1933.  But don't worry:  in case you're alergic to museumlike silence, there's music to accompany you the whole way.  Soft VHS quality;
The Sudetenland  (1939):  14 minute photolecture on the Sudetenland's history and people, and culture, and landscapes, and history, and people ... oh!  am I repeating myself?!  Soft quality;
The Sudetenland, Part II (1939):  This 29 minute film chronicles the events of 1938, when the Sudetenland was annexed by Germany after its shameful surrender by the British and French at Munich in an attempt to appease their way out of another world war.  Guess what:  it didn't work.  Soft, soft, soft  (sorta getting tired of repeating that!);
Ausser Gefahr  (1941):  Kinda strange, 25 minute film about air defence against British bombers, evacuating kids to the countryside to live wholesome lives without incendiaries dropping all around them and sidetrips into surreal topics I can't follow.  Unfortunately, while this film DOES have narration, the sound quality is so bad, you'll think there's a Poltergeist mumbling in the background.  Distorted color with occasional mini-lines throughout give the film an almost tinted black-n-white quality, making you wonder whether this was Ted Turner's first attempt at colorization.  And, of course, soft quality again.
REGION FREE (will play in any DVD player).