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GERMAN PANORAMA # 08: 1933-37

In this series of nine films, Germany, its culture, people and landscapes are shown as they all looked like from 1933-1937:  

Halle under the Swastika  (1933):  10 minute film documents the going-ons of the new regime in Halle in the first year of the New Germany.  Quite a bit of footage incorrectly attributed to other locations in other documentaries and films can be seen here, including the book burnings of 1933 at Halle's university and the filming of Red prisoners in the city's concentration camp.  The film has no sound and there is some softness here and there, but overall in quite decent quality shape;

Blut und Boden (1933):  the plight of the German peasant in Weimar Germany and the recovery and protection of the class in the New Germany is covered in this 28 minute film.  There is some softness to the film and some minor sound problems here and there, as well as some jerkiness in the film, but overall in decent shape;

Fritz Todt - Zum Bau der Reichsautobahn  (1933):  Very brief,  2 minute film starring the head of the Labor Corps documents the accomplishments of expanding Germany's highway system in 1933.  Some softness and dark tint;

Sondersendung der FOX Wochenschau  (1933):  6 minute film about the political rallies in 1933.  Soft VHS quality, dark green tint;

Im Lande Widikunds  (1935):  This 14 minute film is rather difficult to follow, but as best as I can make out, it has to do with some ancient settlements in Germany and the people's link to them in the New Germany.  The film has a time in the bottom left hand corner, very soft VHS quality and some jerkiness.  Not good quality at all, but worth its inclusion just to confuse you; maybe YOU can figure out the plot;

Tag der Freiheit - Unsere Wehrmacht  (1935):  What a shame this film is only 17 minutes long.  Very good quality film about the German Army maneuvers of 1935 filmed and directed by that master Leni Riefenstahl;

Eroffnung des Winterhilfwerkes  (1936):  3 minute film of speeches (in other words, a sleeper) opening the Winter Help Campaign for 1936.  Some softness;

A Report about the Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen  (1936):  32 minute film concerns the top events in the Winter Olympics in Germany in 1936.  Soft VHS quality with some jerkiness here and there;

Elbing - Land on the Weichsel  (1937):  What a pity that the quality of this 11 minute film about Elbing (Elblag) is so poor.  Oh well.  Nonetheless, too important and rare a film to let get away, even if it's painful to watch.

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