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DER MARSCH ZUM FÜHRER (The March to the Führer) (1940) * with or without switchable English subtitles *


Long before the sound of marching boots were to be heard throughout a conquered and oppressed, occupied Europe, the same sounds were heard on German roads before the War as tens of thousands of Hitler Youth traveled by foot from their home towns to Nuremberg to participate in the Reichsparteitage.  This 1940 film tells the story of these columns as they marched from all over Germany in a quasi-religious pilgrimage to their false idol and god, Adolf Hitler. 
Unlike most of the films concerned with the annual ceremony in Nuremberg, this film only briefly alludes to it at the film's end, concentrating instead on the dedication of the new German youth marching off to a new and gloriously short future.  Unfortunately, some parts of this film have been truncated (like Rudolf Hess' swearing in of the youth at the Party Congress).  Still, it's well worth the time and investment; especially now that we've put subtitles to it.
This film replaces our previous, unsubtitled film, German Youth on the March.
DVD-r comes in two versions:
(a) in German with NO subtitles;
(b) in German with switchable English subtitles.
Approx. 46 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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