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https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015834-poisons-or-the-world-history-of-poisoning-2001-with-hard-encoded-german-and-switchable-english-subti.jpgPOISONS, OR THE WORLD HISTORY OF POISONING (2001) * hard-encoded German and switchable English subtitles *

The theater actor Oleg Volkov is worried about his wife's unfaithfulness. He meets a pensioner, Ivan Petrovich, who advises poisoning his unfaithful wife and her lover.






https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015782-two-film-dvd-the-daring-young-man-1935-central-park-1932.jpgTWO FILM DVD: THE DARING YOUNG MAN (1935) + CENTRAL PARK (1932)

THE DARING YOUNG MAN  (1935): Two top reporters, male and female, fall in love and plan to marry. However, while waiting for the groom at the church, he never shows up. Where was he? He was enticed into going undercover in a jail to expose gang activity, and was promised a lot of money and prestige for the resulting story. Before leaving for the assignment he writes a letter to his beloved, but his publisher rips it up. So, of course, she thinks he's gotten cold feet. Meanwhile, he exposes corrupt activity inside the jail. Will his beloved ever find out the truth of why he never showed up to marry her?


CENTRAL PARK  (1932): Sneaky gangsters posing as cops offer some gullible doll the chance to make beaucoup bucks ... if she helps them pull one over on the real McCoys (and you can bet it's nothing no good!).



https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015700-an-osaka-story-osaka-monogatari-1957-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgAN OSAKA STORY (1957) * with switchable English subtitles *


A poor peasant family manages to get some money after great hardships and it changes them ... but far from for the better.









https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015701-that-world-and-mine-esse-mundo-e-meu-1964-with-switchable-english-and-portuguese-subtitles-.jpgTHAT WORLD AND MINE (1964) * with switchable English and Portuguese subtitles *


A study of life in the slums of Rio de Janeiro through the eyes of a black shoe-shiner and a white mill worker.









https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015703-the-illegal-immigrant-fei-fat-yi-man-1985-with-switchable-english-and-chinese-subtitles-.jpgTHE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT (1985) * with switchable English and Chinese subtitles *


Cheung, an illegal immigrant in a completely Chinese area of New York, is caught by two US Immigration Officers. He arranges to pay Cindy Li, the Chinese-American sister of his young friend, to marry him to help his application for a green card. The Immigration Officers are suspicious that the marriage is a sham, when they don't find them living together. Meanwhile Dai Fu is threatening Cheung and his roommate, another an illegal immigrant, if they don't make the payments for being smuggled into the US.






https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015706-zaduszki-all-souls-day-1961-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgZADUSZKI (1961) * with switchable English subtitles *


A pair of lovers go off to a small hotel in a little town. The memories of war, however, intrude upon their idyll. The girl and boy relive certain wartime experiences in flashback. Among other things, she was a Communist who drove a boy loving her to give himself up to the enemy.







https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015707-la-seduzione-seduction-1973-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgLA SEDUZIONE (1973) * with switchable English subtitles *


Giuseppe commits to love a woman he hasn't seen in 15 years, amid dangers of seduction from her daughter.









https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015713-the-young-and-the-brave-1963.jpgTHE YOUNG AND THE BRAVE (1963)


Early in the Korean War, three American soldiers --- Sgt. Ed Brent, Staff Sgt. Peter Kane, and Pvt. Kirk Wilson --- escape from their North Korean captors, who then pursue the men as they attempt to return to American lines. A Korean couple, who gives them shelter, are killed by the Communists, while their young son hides in the hills. Despite Kane's objections, Brent takes along the boy, Han, and an abandoned K-9 Corps police dog he adopted. The boy and his dog become important contributors to their survival effort





https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015714-tokyo-profile-1953-tokai-no-yokogao-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgTOKYO PROFILE (1953) * with switchable English subtitles *


A little girl named Michiko gets lost from her mom in the neighborhood of Ginza. A friendly couple, a sign carrier and and a shoe-shine girl, start helping her. The mother is simultaneously looking for the lost child.








https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015715-the-ideal-landscape-ideaalmaastik-1981-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgTHE IDEAL LANDSCAPE (1981) * with switchable English subtitles *


In post-World War II Estonia, Mait Kukemeri, an activist in the Komsomol, arrives at the Metsa collective farm in the back of a travelling cinema truck. As a commissar of the spring sowing, he has orders to usher all the people into the fields, even if the water is high enough to soak boots and the machines sink in the mud. Harald Tuvikene, the head of the farm, keeps dragging his feet, trying to pitch his peasant wisdom against the senseless demands of the Kremlin. For the first time in his life, Kukemeri faces a real problem - does he do what's right, or does he follow the Party's inept commands in order to further his own career?






ARRIVANO I TITANI  (1962): An evil king makes a bargain with a devil in order to get away with murdering his wife.

CAPTAIN LIGHTFOOT  (1955): In 1815, Michael Martin, member of an Irish revolutionary society, turns highwayman to support it, and soon becomes an outlaw. In Dublin, he meets famous rebel "Captain Thunderbolt" and becomes his second-in-command, under the name "Lightfoot."






https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015725-two-film-dvd-obliging-young-lady-1942-dog-eat-dog-1964.jpgTWO FILM DVD: OBLIGING YOUNG LADY (1942) + DOG EAT DOG (1964)

OBLIGING YOUNG LADY  (1942): On the instructions of their lawyer, the wealthy young daughter of divorcing parents is moved to a mountain resort, complete with a decoy mother, to protect her from the publicity. The situation is immediately complicated by persistent reporters, a romantic interest for the fake mother, and a convention of birdwatchers.

DOG EAT DOG  (1964): Three thieves rip off a shipment of used money being sent back to the US. As they are escaping the robbery (after having taken a hostage), they wind up on an island in a hotel with an apparently crazed manager and a building full of demented residents.



https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015727-summer-heat-kuang-lian-shi-1968-with-switchable-english-and-chinese-subtitles-.jpgSUMMER HEAT (1968) * with switchable English and Chinese subtitles *

Judy, a seductive woman, has three men in her life: a husband; a playboy; and an intellectual. Two of the men are brothers, which leads to fatal consequences.








https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015772-frau-im-besten-mannesalter-1959.jpgFRAU IM BESTEN MANNESALTER (1959)


Trophy wife Carola loves to spend her husband Bernhard's money ... until he puts an end to it. She leaves him to prove that she can earn her own living. Star author Tex hires her as his chauffeur - not because of her skills, but her looks.

Troph enfrau Carola liebt es, das Geld ihres Mannes Bernhard auszugeben, bis er damit Schluss macht. Sie verl sst ihn, um zu beweisen, dass sie ihren Lebensunterhalt selbst verdienen kann. Starautor Tex engagiert sie als seine Chauffeurin nicht wegen ihres K nnens, sondern wegen ihres Aussehens.







https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015776-the-virgin-spring-jungfrukallan-1960-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgTHE VIRGIN SPRING (1960) * with switchable English subtitles *

In 14th-century Sweden, an innocent, yet pampered, teenage girl and her family's pregnant and jealous servant set out from their farm to deliver candles to a church, but only one returns from events that transpire in the woods along the way.







THE GIRL AND THE OAK (1955) * with switchable English subtitles *

Smilja is a little girl living in Dalmatian Zagora. One day, her mother dies under a small oak tree and she is left without parents. Luckily, she gets adopted and continues to nurture the oak where her mother died. Many years later, Smilja is a handsome woman; but her jealous stepbrother Josip kills her boyfriend and rapes her. Her boyfriend's brothers swear revenge.






UNE HISTOIRE SIMPLE (1978) * with switchable English subtitles *

A 38 year old divorced woman, who now has a lover, decides to leave him. What's not so simple is that she's pregnant with his child. She decides to abort his baby and returns to her ex-husband. If only it ended there ...







https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015808-made-in-heaven-1952.jpgMADE IN HEAVEN (1952)


Been married for a year? Do you still not regret having tied the knot? If you can prove it to the town of Dunmow Flitch, you just might win a side of bacon in their rather bizarre contest. But wait! Don't start frying those leftover lend-lease, powdered eggs just yet: an attractive new housemaid's arrived and she has a full set of straight teeth! Will the marriage hold out? Will the leading couple win their bacon? Does anyone care? The film's been priced accordingly, as the picture is rather soft and fuzzy (the better not to get a close look at British dentistry!).






https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015809-two-film-dvd-no-man-is-an-island-1962-the-black-pirates-1954.jpgTWO FILM DVD: NO MAN IS AN ISLAND (1962) + THE BLACK PIRATES (1954)


NO MAN IS AN ISLAND  (1962): During the early Pacific War years, American seaman George Tweed is the only U.S. serviceman on Guam not captured by Japanese forces.

THE BLACK PIRATES  (1954): Pirates searching for treasure take over a small town in Central America where they believe loot is buried, but discover that a church has been built over the spot. They force the townspeople to dig for it, but there are more surprises in store for them than they counted on.







THE CIGARETTE GIRL OF MOSSELPROM (1924): As she works in her tedious office job, Maria Ivanovna dreams about being married; and she has particular hopes that her co-worker Nikodim Mityushin will take an interest in her. Nikodim, though, is in love with Zina, who sells cigarettes. Not a day passes by that Nikodim doesn't "run into her" selling on the street and buys cigarettes from her (even though he doesn't smoke). One day, a film crew uses Zina as an extra in an outdoor scene, and the cameraman, Latugin, falls in love with her. Latugin soon arranges an acting job for Zina. To complicate matters further, Zina has yet another admirer in Oliver MacBride, an American businessman who is visiting Moscow.

THE SWALLOW AND THE TITMOUSE (1924): Pierre van Groot is skipper of two barges, L'Hirondelle and La M sange, on which he transports building materials along the waterways of Belgium and northern France for areas devastated by the First World War. He is accompanied by his wife Griet and her younger sister Marthe, and they supplement their income with some private smuggling across the French border. In Antwerp, Pierre hires a capable new mate, Michel. During their voyage, Michel ingratiates himself with the family and courts Marthe, while masking his plan to discover the hiding-place of some contraband diamonds. 




https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015789-one-big-affair-1952.jpgONE BIG AFFAIR (1952)

Jean Harper, a Pomona school teacher on vacation, is taking a bus tour through Mexico. Bored, she misses the bus and soon finds herself looking at Jimmy Donovan --- 30 years old and six feet tall --- and thinks he's better to look at than ruins 1000 years old and 900 feet high. He's a high-priced divorce lawyer, also on vacation, and bicycling his way to Acapulco to "stay out of trouble." Thus begins a tour of Mexico by bus, bicycle, ox-cart and foot and, before they reach Acapulco, he is accused of kidnapping Jean and both become the object of a nationwide search. They also get adopted, along the way, by a whimsical Mexican orphan.



https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015867-macbeth-1983-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgMACBETH (1983) * with switchable English subtitles *

Macbeth and his wife murder Duncan in order to gain the crown; but the bloodbath doesn't stop there, and things supernatural combine to bring the Macbeths down.







Viennese student Uschi Seeger has a problem: well, actually, it's her brothers who are the problem. Both of them are irresponsible young men, who think all their debts should be forgiven and be allowed to get a job working their way from the top down (sound familiar?). Uschi, for some reason, thinks she has to bail them out. But how to get money! Of course: the old leftist credo that the wealthy don't deserve their wealth; the ne'er-do-wells deserve it more. So, she decides to scam Theo Henning, a charming and wealthy man in the prime of his life. He has everything Uschi's brothers will never have: money, a chic villa, and, apparently, a work ethic. So Uschi introduces herself to the man as his illegitimate daughter and bluntly states he has to support her (even though she's an adult ... there's that liberal thinking again!).

Die Wiener Studentin Uschi Seeger hat ein Problem: Genau genommen sind es jedoch ihre Br der, die ihr Sorgen bereiten. Beide jungen M nner sind finanziell derart notorisch klamm, sodass sich Uschi dringend Gedanken macht, wie sie an Geld kommen k nnte. Eines Tages hat sie eine blendende Idee. Warum es nicht von denen nehmen, die eh genug davon haben? Da bietet sich der ebenso charmante wie wohlhabende Theo Henning geradezu an; ein gutsituierter Herr in den besten Jahren , Typ graumelierter Gutsherr, charmant und Bewohner einer schicken Villa. Kurzerhand stellt sich Uschi ihm als seine ebenso unbekannte wie uneheliche Tochter vor und macht ziemlich unverbl mt klar, dass er sie nun eigentlich finanziell unterst tzen m sse.




https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015831-carnival-night-1956-with-hard-encoded-english-subtitles-.jpgCARNIVAL NIGHT (1956) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *


It is New Year's Eve and the employees of a House of Culture are ready with their annual New Year's entertainment program. It includes a lot of dancing and singing, jazz band performance and even magic tricks. Suddenly, an announcement is made that a new director has been appointed and is arriving shortly. Comrade Ogurtsov, the new director, reviews and disapproves of the scheduled entertainment. To him, holiday fun has a different meaning: speakers reading annual reports to show the club's progress over the year and a lecturer speaking for 40 minutes about the possibility of life on the planet Mars. No one wants to change the program with only a few hours before the show, much less to replace it with something so boring. So everyone teams up in order to prevent Ogurtsov from turning a fun event into ... well, "The Soviet Union".




THE FRONT BEYOND THE FRONT LINE (1978) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *


It is the Winter of 1943-44. Operation Barbarossa is in its third year. Major Mlynsky, commander of a partisan group, is promoted, but it's no time to celebrate: the Germans are working on a super weapon to turn the tide of the War and are sending out fake partisan units to mingle with and destroy the genuine articles.







GENTLEMEN OF FORTUNE (1971) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *


A kindly kindergarten teacher looks incredibly similar to a terrible villain who stole the helmet of Alexander the Great. And the villain's accomplices are unexpectedly similar to children, in that they also need love and care.









https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015858-the-state-of-the-dead-drzava-mrtvih-2002-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgTHE STATE OF THE DEAD (2002) * with switchable English subtitles *

At a wedding in 1991 in Sarajevo, an officer of the Yugoslavian Army discovers that Slovenia has declared secession from the federation. The officer has a Macedonian wife, but he himself is Slovenian. He is offered a commission in the new Slovenian Army (with a higher rank), but declares himself loyal to the State. With his family, he moves to Belgrade where he meets other officers from Croatia and Bosnia living as refugees in cheap hotels. Unfortunately, neither he nor his family is able to fit in and descends into personal tragedy.





https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015866-higanbana-equinox-flower-1958-with-switchable-english-and-french-subtitles-.jpgHIGANBANA (1958) * with switchable English and French subtitles *

Waturu Hirayama is a wealthy Tokyo businessman. When an an old schoolmates asks him for help with his daughter who has run away, he agrees to help out. He finds her in a bar where she now works and listens to her side of the story. The girl complaints that her father is stubborn and is insisting on arranging her marriage. But she's fallen in love with a musician and is determined to lead her own life.









https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015869-love-camp-7-1969.jpgLOVE CAMP 7 (1969)

Two American Women's Army Corps officers volunteer to enter a Nazi concentration camp undercover to gain information from, and possibly rescue, Martha Grossman, a Jewish scientist. The female inmates serve as sex slaves for German officers and are subjected to humiliating treatment, torture and rape. When the two female agents learn that their target is being held in solitary detention, one of them arranges to be punished so that she can make contact. This leads to Lt. Harman being stripped and strung up by her wrists. The scientist uses her body to free Harman, and they attempt their escape. The escape plan ends in a climactic battle. Oh boy!







https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015871-two-film-dvd-salute-1929-get-out-and-get-under-1920.jpgTWO FILM DVD: SALUTE (1929) + GET OUT AND GET UNDER (1920)

SALUTE (1929): The traditional service rivalry between West Point and Annapolis is typified by two patriarchs, Major General Somers and Rear Admiral Randall, who happen to be the grandfathers of the Randall boys: John, a cadet and ballplayer for the Army, and Paul, who is on his way to the Naval Academy. He arrives at Annapolis and falls prey to the traditional hazing and then some. Midshipman Albert Edward Price adds to his misery, subjecting him to the rigors of initiation, and Paul despondently leaves school; but his desertion is reversed by the pleadings of Helen Chandler, his sweetheart.

GET OUT AND GET UNDER (1920): The Boy has a dream in which he learns that his sweetheart is marrying another man that very afternoon. Intending to stop the wedding, he arrives at the church only to see the newly-wedded couple emerge. The crestfallen Boy wakes up. He telephones The Girl to make sure he was only dreaming. The Girl confirms this, but she's upset that The Boy has not yet arrived to play an important role as a masked swordsman at an amateur theatrical she is producing. The Boy gets his prized automobile from storage and encounters numerous difficulties in trying to get to the theater on time for the performance.



THE VOYAGE OF CAPTAIN FRACASSA (1990) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

In the Eighteenth Century, the "Traveling Company of Scenic Arts" --- composed of Tyrant, Lady Leonarde, Serafina, Isabella, Leandre, Zerbina, Matamore and Pulcinella --- gets lost while traveling to Paris in bad weather. They see a castle and ask the servant Pietro if they can spend the night. They soon learn that the destroyed castle belongs to the ruined nobleman Jean Luc Henry Camille, the Baron of Sigognac. Pietro asks the company to take Sigognac with them to Paris as King Louis XIII's father was saved by the baron's father, Henrique de Navarra, and Louis XIII would certainly reward Sigognac in gratitude. 







You may have missed these titles 



https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0002/0002916-sumka-dipkuryera-the-diplomatic-pouch-1927-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgSUMKA DIPKURYERA (1927) * with switchable English subtitles *

A Soviet diplomat is being pursued by the British police and is injured on a rail line, but ffinds shelter with a railway worker before dying. As he lays dying (naturally having a vision of Lenin as he passes), he entrusts an eponymous pouch to the worker - who just happens to have a relative heading to Leningrad with his ship and, of course, all the sailors onboard happen to be Soviet sympathizers. Will they escape the evil Bourgeois police?







https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0006/0006664-der-erbforster-1944.jpgDER ERBFORSTER (1944)

For many years, Ulrich, the forester, and Steinbach, the landowner, have been the best of friends.  Yet one day, this friendship is put to a difficult test:  for reasons of financial difficulty, Steinbach is going to allow the land to be deforested for wood, which Ulrich condemns as a brutal exploitation of nature - which is why he has denied a permit for the project.  So as to clear the way, Steinbach ensures that Ulrich is removed as the forest ranger.  When a few days later, the dam built by Steinbach is blown up and the subsequent onrush of water floods Steinbach's sawmill, everyone suspects Ulrich of the deed.


ber viele Jahre hinweg waren Ulrich, der Erbf rster, und Steinbach, der Gutsherr, die besten Freunde. Doch eines Tages wird diese Freundschaft auf eine harte Probe gestellt: Aus Geldnot will Steinbach den Wald abholzen lassen, was Ulrich als brutalen Raubbau an der Natur verdammt weswegen er die Genehmigung f r das Vorhaben verweigert. Um freie Bahn zu haben, sorgt Steinbach daf r, dass Ulrich als F rster abgesetzt wird. Als einige Tage sp ter der von Steinbach gebaute Staudamm gesprengt wird und die Wassermassen Steinbachs S gewerk berfluten, richtet sich der allgemeine Verdacht sofort gegen Ulrich.




https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Uploaded/New%20Folder/1942.JPGTHREE DAUGHTERS (1949) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *


Marking the end of the golden era of Yiddish cinema, which had existed in the United States since the 1920s, this last Yiddish feature film tells the story of a Jewish family and their three daughters growing up in suburbia, trying to maintain their Jewish traditions in an increasingly assimilationist environment.







https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0004/0004732-der-stammbaum-des-dr-pistorius-1939.jpgDER STAMMBAUM DES DR. PISTORIUS (1939)

Dr. Pistorius, a "superior mensch", is incredibly vain and has a bad case of small-town conceit  (big fish in little aquarium).  Currently, he's doing research on his ancestors and he is quite sure, that he's descended from nobility.  Imagine his great embarrassment to discover that his predecessors were mere peasants!  But eventually, he comes to the surprising conclusion, that the worth of a person is based on his personality and not his feudal family tree  (a conclusion he no doubt would never had discovered had any of his ancestors had a "von" before their name).  

Herr Dr. Pistorius, ein "besserer Herr", ist u erst eitel und von einem kleinst dtischen Klassend nkel befallen. Zurzeit stellt er Forschungen nach seinen Vorfahren an. Er ist sich ganz sicher, von einem Adelsgeschlecht abzustammen. Um so peinlicher wird es f r ihn, als er feststellen muss, dass seine Ahnen aus ganz kleinen Verh ltnissen sind. Aber allm hlich kommt er nach berraschenden Erlebnissen zu der Erkenntnis, dass der Wert eines Menschen von dessen Pers nlichkeit abh ngt und nicht von einem noch so feudalen Stammbaum.





https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0009/0009590-the-white-reindeer-1952-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgTHE WHITE REINDEER (1952) * with switchable English subtitles *

The film, based on pre-Christian Finnish mythology and Sami shamanism, is set in Finnish Lapland and centers on a young woman, Pirita. In the snowy landscape, Pirita and reindeer herder Aslak meet and soon marry. Aslak must spend time away for work, leaving his new bride alone. In an effort to alleviate her loneliness and ignite marital passion, Pirita visits the local shaman, who, indeed, helps her out; but in the process turns her into a shape-shifting, vampiric, white reindeer. The villages' men are drawn to her and pursue her, with tragic results.







https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0000/0000038-german-panorama-04-1939.jpgGERMAN PANORAMA #04: 1939

In this series of seven films, Germany, its culture, people and landscapes are shown as they all looked like in 1939: Marine Report on the Battle for Danzig Bay (1939):  Interesting 22 minute film, which, while not in the best of shape qualitywise, is very uncommon in its respectful tone for Polish resistance at Westerplatte, Danzig, Hel and the other battles for the Bay of Danzig in September/October 1939; Eine Batterie geht in Stellung (1939):  this 12 minute film has no narration at all, just martial music from the period.  It concerns the maneuvers and operations of an artillery unit preparing for battle; Glaube und Schonheit  (1939):  15 minute film about the BDM, their training, how they spend their time at camp, how they spend their free time, how they should be an example for all good women everywhere; Madel im Landjahr - 1. Teil (1939):  another BDM movie, this time 23 minutes long, working on the same themes, but with some softer VHS quality film here and there.  No narration; once again, lots of period music; The RAD Men  (1939):  24 minute film is the counterpart work to that about the BDM:  half-naked youths grab their shovels to do public works projects, exercise, play, train, run, march ... you name it; The Day of German Art  (1939):  this 17 minute film about the German art festival in Munich is an unfortunate disappointment, in that it is very soft.  Watchable, but how sad that this rare color film suffers so horribly on quality.  Lots of uniforms and art and so on.





https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0009/0009257-toto-and-peppino-divided-in-berlin-1962-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpg  TOTO AND PEPPINO DIVIDED IN BERLIN (1962) * with switchable English subtitles *

Lured by the promise of big money offered to him by two Nazis, Toto la Puzza agrees to appear in an American court in West Berlin and impersonate a general, who's being tried for war crimes. Unfortunately, the Nazis promised the same amount of money to another poor fool, Peppino Paglialunga, to testify against Idiot Number One. It doesn't take long for the Americans to realize what they're dealing with and promptly release the two with a figurative kick in the rear. After being released, the two men head for East Berlin, where Russian security forces promptly put them under arrest. When they're found to be carrying a book, which Toto uses as an advisor to pick out lottery numbers, the Russians believe to have found a secret code book and order the two chumps to use the code to find the flight paths American spy planes are using to violate Soviet airspace.





.https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0009/0009530-the-desert-of-the-tartars-1976-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgTHE DESERT OF THE TARTARS (1976) * with switchable English subtitles *

As his first assignment, Lieutenant Drogo is sent to an isolated fortress on the borders of a desert and of a range of high mountains. The mission of the garrison is to prevent a possible incursion by the fearsome Tartars, coming from beyond the desert. Some fellow officers are eagerly awaiting an attack; some no longer want to believe in it; others take advantage of the vague threat to further their career. All of them are sacrificing everything -- health, youth, friends, family -- for a distant military ideal: leading the defense against the onslaught of the enemy. But in the vast emptiness surrounding the fortress, nobody has ever sighted the Tartars.







..https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0006/0006302-angelique-und-der-sultan-1968-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgANGELIQUE UND DER SULTAN (1968) * with switchable English subtitles *

In the fifth film of the series, we discover once more why having a beautiful wife can be a real pain in the rear. Angelique is taken prisoner and is sold by a sinister pirate to an equally questionable Mezzo Morte, who intends to make a gift of her to the Sultan of Meknes. But the self-confident woman has no intention of willingly playing the part of a harem girl and resists the orders of her new master. Kept in isolation until she learns how to be a faithful servant, one day, the Sultan catches a glimpse of her face, the beauty of which immediately beguiles him. Of course, as is the case with all the "Angelique" films, he becomes obsessed with enjoying the company of his new harem slave. This naturally causes the other harem women to be jealous and fearful for their positions in the harem ... especially the Sultan's former favorite, now doomed to a future life as a can of dog food. But fear not! Heroic Jeoffrey de Peyrac, Angelique's on-again, off-again husband, will somehow find a way to defy death and impossible odds to (once again) save Angelique's life. (Really, life as a celibate monk would be so much easier!).

Die sch ne Ang lique hat es auch in ihrem f nften Abenteuer nach einer Romanserie von Anne Golon nicht leicht im Leben. Ein sinistrer Kerl verkauft sie in Algier an den ebenso fragw rdigen Mezzo Morte, der Ang lique dem Sultan von Mikenez berl sst. Die selbstbewusste Frau hat aber keine Lust, die willf hrige Haremsdame zu spielen und widersetzt sich den Anordnungen ihres neuen Herren. Durch einen Zufall erblickt der Sultan eines Tages aber doch noch das Gesicht Ang liques, deren Sch nheit ihn sofort bet rt. Jetzt ist er besessen davon, die Gesellschaft seines Neuzugangs im Harem zu genie en. Das sorgt nat rlich f r gro e Eifersucht bei der bisherigen Lieblingsfrau des Sultans. Dar ber hinaus ist auch noch der heldenhafte Jeoffrey de Peyrac, Ang liques Ehemann, vor Ort aufgetaucht, um seine Frau aus den F ngen des Sultans zu retten. 



https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0012/0012096-das-spukschloss-im-spessart-the-haunted-castle-1960-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgDAS SPUKSCHLOSS IM SPESSART (1960) * with switchable English subtitles *

Sequel to "Das Wirtshaus im Spessart" ("The Spessart Inn"): As punishment, a gang of robbers from the previous film is walled into the inn s basement. More than 100 years later, the gang resurfaces when a highway is built at the same place. The former criminals and current ghosts vow to do a good deed to atone for their crimes. They accommodate themselves in the nearby castle of the destitute Countess Charlotte, a descendant of Countess Franziska, whose life the robbers had once made miserable. In the attempt to help Charlotte, the ghosts cause a big mess. Some tongue-in-cheek humor about the former Nazi regime and Wilhelmian Reich round off some of the film's funnier moments.

Fortsetzung von "Das Wirtshaus im Spessart": Die R uberbande aus dem vorherigen Film wird zur Strafe im Keller des Wirtshauses eingemauert. Mehr als hundert Jahre sp ter kommt sie beim Bau einer Autobahn an derselben Stelle wieder zum Vorschein. Die einstigen Verbrecher und jetzigen Gespenster geloben, als S hne f r ihre Verbrechen eine gute Tat zu vollbringen. Ganz in der N he quartieren sie sich im Schloss der verarmten Gr fin Charlotte ein, einer Nachkommin der Komtesse Franziska, der sie einst das Leben schwer gemacht haben. Beim Versuch, Charlotte zu helfen, l sen die Gespenster allerlei Schlamassel aus.



https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0007/0007109-liebe-streng-verboten-1939-improved-picture-quality-.jpgLIEBE STRENG VERBOTEN (1939)

In this movie highlighting the distinct cultural differences between Vienna and Berlin, a couple fall in love and want to marry.  Their uncles and aunts, however, already have different partners in mind for each of the two; but the two succeed in determining how their own lives are going to be lived (and the fact they're both going to end up well-off doesn't hurt matters at all).

Die Onkels und Tanten sind nat rlich gegen die Verbindung der einander Liebenden und h tten sich f r die Nichte beziehungsweise den Neffen einen anderen Partner gew nscht. Aber die Jugend richtet sich auch hier ihr Leben selbst ein, das berdies den Vorzug angenehmer Wohlhabenheit besitzt. 



https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0002/0002196-ich-liebe-alle-frauen-1935.jpgICH LIEBE ALLE FRAUEN (1935)

The famous chamber singer Jan Morena looks exactly like the simple salesman Eddy Jaworski.  When Morena loses interest in showing up for a party, at which he s supposed to meet some important American men, his impresario reminds him of his similarity to the salesman and convinces Eddy to play the role of the singer at the party.  Eddy, for his part, meets Camilla at the party and believes she is the daughter of an important American.  In reality, however, she s the daughter of a cucumber wholesaler named Weismaier.  In the meantime, the real Morena meets Suzie, the daughter of a delicatessen owner, in which Eddy works.  If things work out, there ll be a double marriage, in which one bride s family can supply the appetizers; another s can garnish it all with pickles; one of the grooms can sing at the reception; and the other can sell tickets to the event.  A cheap wedding all around.

Der ber hmte Kammers nger Jan Morena sieht dem einfachen Verk ufer Edi Jaworski zum Verwechseln hnlich. Als Morena einmal keine Lust hat, auf einem Fest zu erscheinen, auf dem er einen wichtigen amerikanischen Herrn treffen soll, erinnert sich sein Impresario an Morenas hnlichkeit zu dem Verk ufer und berredet Edi, auf dem Fest in die Rolle des ber hmten S ngers zu schl pfen. Dabei verliebt Edi sich in Camilla, die er f r die Tochter des wichtigen amerikanischen Herrn h lt, die aber in Wirklichkeit die Tochter des Gurkengro h ndlers Weismaier ist. W hrenddessen lernt der echte Morena Susi kennen, die s e Tochter der Inhaberin des Delikatessengesch fts, in dem Edi arbeitet.



https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0011/0011133-der-kampf-um-alkazar-the-siege-of-the-alcazar-1940-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgDER KAMPF UM ALKAZAR (1940) * with switchable English subtitles *

The day the Spanish Civil War breaks out, Colonel Jose Moscard , a veteran of the war in Africa, arrives in Madrid to prepare for his trip to Berlin with the Spanish delegation that is going to participate in the Olympic Games. Learning of the military uprising, he returns quickly to Toledo.  As commander of the fortress at Alcazar, Moscard has no doubts and at seven o'clock in the morning of July 21 1936, announces which side of the conflict he's on.  Aware of the precariousness of the situation he is in, he digs in at Alc zar with 1,800 people, where they resist constant attacks and bombings until the arrival of Nationalist troops on September 27.  One of the first post-Civil War films put out, it features the current spirit of militarism and patriotism, as well as a respect for traditions that prevailed in those years.   Filmed in co-production with Italy, there were two versions, in Italian and Spanish, both directed by the Italian Augusto Genina.  For the filmmaker Augusto Genina, this film was a response to the "revolutionary destructiveness" of  "Battleship Potemkin", a film so effective in promoting Bolshevism, that no other than Josef Goebbels called it a propaganda masterpiece. 

Toledo im Juli 1936. In Spanien beginnt jener furchtbare Kampf, der das Land mit Ha - und Blutwellen berflutet. Die Kadetten des Alkazar kehren bei den ersten Alarmnachrichten aus den Ferien zur ck und verbarrikadieren sich in der Festung, in die sich auch ein Teil der Bev lkerung fl chtet, darunter 600 Frauen und Kinder. Die verw hnte Carmen vermag sich nicht mit den Entbehrungen in den Kellerr umen des Alkazar abzufinden und beklagt sich bei Kapit n Vela, dem gro en Vorbild der Kadetten, der ihr aber emp rt erkl rt, da die Rechte und Pflichten aller Eingeschlossenen die gleichen sind. - Der Ring der Roten sitzt eng um die hochgelegene Burg, die Granaten der Artillerie krachen, Maschinengewehre bellen Handgranaten platzen, Flieger werfen ihre Bomben herab. Der t gliche Anblick von Not und Tod bewirkt allm hlich die Wandlung in Carmen, die sich bald zu Kapit n Vela, dem Mann, der sie als erster mit Offenheit behandelt hat, in Bewunderung und Liebe hingezogen f hlt und um sein Leben und seine Achtung bangt. Immer heftiger w ten Hunger und Feuer im Alkazar, dick ist die Luft von Verwesung, Pulverdampf und Schmutz. Aber die heldenhaften Verteidiger halten unter ihrem Kommandanten Oberst Moscardo der feindlichen bermacht stand. Moscardo weist alle Aufforderungen zur bergabe, selbst unter der Drohung der Roten, da sein in ihre H nde gefallener Sohn erscho en w rde, unbeugsam zur ck.



https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0003/0003883-die-erbin-vom-rosenhof-1942.jpgDIE ERBIN VOM ROSENHOF (1942)

Liebesgeschichte in einem oberbayrischen Gebirgsdorf: Der junge Lehrer Mathias ist wegen seiner fortschrittlichen Unterrichtsmethoden bei den Sch lern sehr beliebt, erregt aber das Missfallen des Oberlehrers. Stasi, die k nftige Erbin des Rosenhofs, liebt Mathias. Aber ihre Gro eltern schauen sich nach einem anderen Mann f r sie um. Durch die Heirat mit Sepp, dem Sohn des B rgermeisters, k nnten die beiden nebeneinanderliegenden H fe vereinigt werden. Als die Tochter des Oberlehrers beginnt, sich f r Mathias zu interessieren, ist Stasi fast bereit, Sepp zu heiraten. Aber dann erkl rt Mathias ihr seine Liebe.

A love story, which takes place in an Upper Bavarian mountain village: the young teacher Mathias is very popular among his students for his progressive methods of teaching, but his methods have aroused the displeasure of the head teacher. Stasi, the future heiress of the Rosenhof, loves Mathias. But her grandparrents have a different man in mind for her: were she to marry Sepp, the son of the mayor, who resides on the neighboring farm, the two estates could be joined together as one. When the head teacher's daughter begins to get the hots for Mathias, Stasi quickly gets prepared to marry Sepp. But then, Mathias tells her of his love for her.





Womanizer Robert, known as Bob , is invited to a girlfriend s villa, who wants to attend a costume ball with him.  While trying out a costume for the upcoming event, Bob meets the attractive Bessie, who leads a cleaning crew for the firm Blitzblank .  Because of his costume, Bessy thinks Bob is a burglar.  Bob takes an immediate liking for the saucy Bessie and hides his true identity, taking a position in the cleaning company to be near her.  Now in a respectable job cleaning toilets, Bessie tries to convince him to give up his wicked ways of stealing and settle down with her. 

Frauenheld Robert, genannt Bob, ist in die Villa einer Freundin eingeladen, die mit ihm einen Lumpenball besuchen will. Bei der Anprobe eines passenden Kost ms begegnet Bob der reizenden Bessie, die eine Putzkolonne der Firma Blitzblank anf hrt. Aufgrund seines Lumpenkost ms h lt Bessy Bob f r einen Einbrecher. Da Bob sofort Gefallen an der kecken Bessy findet, l sst er sie in dem Glauben, verheimlicht seine wahre Identit t und nimmt eine Stelle in ihrer Reinigungsfirma an. Dort versucht sie ihn davon zu berzeugen, dass er von seinem Gaunerdasein ablassen muss, und er sie, dass er der richtige Mann f r sie ist.



https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015790-das-lied-der-nachtigall-1944.jpgDAS LIED DER NACHTIGALL (1944)

The tenor Alfred Lorm and his friend, the conductor Schnepf, wait in vain for theater manager von Bodenstein to arrive. They were hoping for to be hired and now, they will soon be on the street. At the last moment, when the two are giving their farewell concert, von Bodenstein appears. He is delighted and does not hesitate to hire Lorm. In the years that follow, Lorm makes a career, the public celebrates him enthusiastically, and women in droves fall in love with the charming young man. One day, Lorm meets a former student, Fanny. A talented child she was then; an attractive woman with a magical voice she is today. Lorm manages to audition for von Bodenstein, but without success. Lorm's secretary has an idea: disguised as "the yellow nightingale", Liu Yamara is to be introduced to the director again. The plan is successful, Fanny is hired and becomes a star in the theater from then on. She and Lorm are slowly getting closer to each other, too. Now, the only question is how long Fanny can successfully continue her masquerade.

Vergeblich warten der Tenor Alfred Lorm und sein Freund, der Kapellmeister Schnepf auf die Ankunft des Hoftheaterintendanten von Bodenstein. Sie hatten sich so sehr ein Engagement erhofft, und nun werden sie bald auf der Stra e stehen. Im letzten Moment, als die beiden ihr Abschiedskonzert geben, erscheint von Bodenstein. Er ist hingerissen und z gert nicht, Lorm zu engagieren. In den kommenden Jahren macht Lorm Karriere, das Publikum feiert ihn enthusiastisch, und die Frauen verlieren reihenweise ihr Herz an den charmanten jungen Mann. Eines Tages begegnet Lorm seiner einstigen Sch lerin Fanny. Ein talentiertes Kind war sie damals, eine attraktive Frau mit einer zauberhaften Stimme ist sie heute. Lorm schafft es, ein Vorsingen bei von Bodenstein zu organisieren, das aber ohne Erfolg bleibt. Da hat Lorms Sekret r eine Idee: Verkleidet als "die Gelbe Nachtigall" Liu Yamara soll sie dem Intendanten erneut vorgestellt werden. Der Plan ist erfolgreich, Fanny wird engagiert und steigt zum Star am Theaterhimmel auf. Langsam kommen sie und Lorm sich auch privat n her. Bleibt nur die Frage, wie lange Fanny ihr Maskenspiel erfolgreich fortsetzen kann.



https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015791-das-blaue-meer-und-du-1959.jpgDAS BLAUE MEER UND DU (1959)


Pretty Helga and her French friend Suzy have decided to spend their Spring break on the Yugoslavian Adriatic. Unfortunately, Helga's dad, the director of a chemical plant, is far from happy about their plans. But since he doesn't have the authority to stop their road trip, he sends a spy/chaperone in their wake: Dr. Fred Burkner, a colleague from dad's plant. By "coincidence", he runs into the girls as they're about to go island hopping and invites them to hitch a ride with him for a more secure passage to the Adriatic. Uh huh. Made in the days before murdered hitchhiker movies were all the rage.

Die h bsche Helga und ihre franz sische Freundin Suzy m chten w hrend der Semesterferien an die jugoslawische Adria trampen. Das sieht Helgas Vater, Direktor der Heidebrinkschen Chemiewerke, gar nicht gern. Doch weil seine Autorit t nicht reicht, den Urlaub per Autostopp zu verhindern, schickt er den beiden jungen Damen einen Aufpasser hinterher: Dr. Fred B rkner, der bei ihm als Chemiker arbeitet. "Zuf llig" soll B rkner die beiden M dchen an der Autobahn treffen, in seinen Wagen bitten und dann sicher an die Adria kutschieren.



BARBARA THE FAIR WITH SILKEN HAIR (1969) * with switchable English and German subtitles *


A Czar attempts to trick a creature demanding tribute from him by taking a fisherman's baby instead of surrendering his newborn heir. Complications arise when the daughter of the creature, Barbara, requests a human suitor to find true love.







SIE (1954) * with switchable English subtitles *

In Paris, a Hungarian illustrator becomes engaged to Celine, the 17-year old daughters of the owner of the newspaper he draws for. However, they have to wait four years until she's legally able to marry him. Too bad he's gotten the hots for some Italian woman in the meantime.

Die Geschichte des jungen ungarischen Zeichners Ypsilon, der in Paris lebt und sich gerade von seiner Freundin Louise, die ihn betrogen hatte, getrennt hat. In der Situation lernt er die noch j ngere Celine kennen. Die 17-J hrige, die im Zeitungsverlag ihres Vaters arbeitete, war ihm bereits mehrmals vorgestellt worden, aber er wusste es nicht mehr. Celine war der Meinung, dass sie sehr gut ohne Ypsilon auskommen k nnte, was nach ihrer Meinung Grund genug f r die beiden sein d rfte, zu heiraten. Nat rlich war sie noch viel zu jung um richtig heiraten zu d rfen, aber sie knieten vor dem Altar in Notre Dame und waren der Meinung, dass man nun keinen Pfarrer mehr ben tigte. 




CAFE VIENES (1932) * with with hard-encoded Spanish subtitles *


Banker Rudi Moebius and his adviser arrive in Wien for an arranged marriage meant to solve their financial problems. Only they don't know that the prospective bride, Lucie Weidling, is broke as well. And, if that weren't enough, in love with Gustl, a musician without the courage to elope. Meanwhile Rudi meets Steffi and falls in love, not even knowing her name. He and Lucie become good friends and decide to help each other out.







https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0015/0015874-tanz-ins-gluck-1951.jpgTANZ INS GLUCK (1951)

A well-known operetta singer from South America, Pedro Domingo, returns to Europe after many years. There, he meets and falls in lust with Rosmarie, a promising young singer. He promptly invites her to tour Europe with him. But their fling is threatened by Inez Cavalcante, another "love" interest from South America, who shows up with her conniving mother.

Der ber hmte s damerikanische Operettentenor Pedro Domingo kehrt f r ein Gastspiel nach langer Abwesenheit nach Deutschland zur ck. Hier lernt er die blutjunge Nachwuchss ngerin und Soubrette Rosmarie Reisdorfer kennen und verliebt sich augenblicklich in sie. Ihr zuliebe springt er bei einer Tourneeauff hrung an Rosmarie Seite f r ihren ausgefallenen B hnenpartner ein. Dieser Sonderauftritt l st sensationelle Reaktionen aus und hat auch Auswirkungen auf sein offiziell angek ndigten Starauftritt im Rahmen der Bregenzer Festspiele.




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