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. (1958) * with switchable English subtitles *

A poignant overview of how short life can be, this film is divided into four separate segments. In the first skit, a young child s impressions are observed as his newborn baby sister becomes a part of the family. In the second, a young woman falls in love for the first time one summer; and in the third, a tough, older peasant woman battles against the farming cooperatives. Finally, in the last segment, everything comes full circle as a woman, who is about to become a grandmother, dies while her daughter-in-law has not yet given birth.





 GENF (1968)

During his research for a more powerful pesticide, DDR research Professor Gerlach made an important discovery: the pesticide can also be used as a chemical warfare agent! Unfortunately, this fact does not remain secret and, above all, the "evil" agents of the BND and the CIA want to get hold of the secret formula. This is accomplilshed through Gerlach's assistant, Dr. Werner, who has smuggled the formula into Switzerland for an international chemistry congress. However, Werner knows is not aware that he's done so. The East German State Security, headed by Major Seidel, has its hands full protecting both Gerlach and Werner. Especially as they have to find out who among the institute's employees is a traitor and who is passing on secret information to the West. Two assassination attempts are made on the discoverer of the secret formula. While the Stasi infiltrates an agent into the institute, Major Sander works as a disguised BND agent. His strategy works: he plays the "evil" BND and CIA off against each other.

Bei seinen Forschungen nach einem st rkeren Sch dlingsbek mpfungsmittel macht der DDR-Forscher Professor Gerlach eine wichtige Entdeckung: es kann auch als chemischer Kampfstoff verwendet werden! Leider bleibt diese Tatsache nicht geheim und vor allem die b sen Agenten des Bundesnachrichtendienstes der BRD und der CIA wollen an die geheime Formel. Diese wurde mit Gerlachs Assistenten Dr. Werner in die Schweiz zum internationalen Chemikerkongress geschmuggelt. Werner wei allerdings nichts davon. Die ostdeutsche Staatssicherheit unter der Leitung von Major Seidel hat alle H nde voll zu tun, sowohl Gerlach als auch Werner zu sch tzen. Zumal m ssen sie herausfinden, wer unter den Institutsmitarbeitern ein Verr ter ist und geheime Informationen an die Westseite weitergibt. Zwei Mordanschl ge werden auf den Entdecker der geheimen Formel ver bt. W hrend die Stasi einen Agenten in das Institut einschleust, arbeitet Major Sander als getarnter BND-Agent. Seine Strategie geht auf: er versucht die b sen BND und CIA gegeneinander auszuspielen. AVVENTURA DI SALVATOR ROSA (1939) * with switchable English subtitles *

The Kingdom of Naples, 17th century. Spanish oppression becomes increasingly bloody after a popular revolt led by Masaniello. Famous painter Salvator Rosa is also a masked hero who fights against the arrogance and oppression the nobles impose on the poorer classes. He' become the notorious Ant , a friend of the people; a skilled swordsman; and a daring inventor of hoaxes against the viceroy of Naples and Count Lamberto, his adviser. In Torniano, where he goes to find some rest from his labors, Rosa is confronted by the arrogance of Count Lamberto, who not only aspires to the hand of a capricious duchess, but oppresses the peasants of the countryside. He thus resumes the mask of the 'Ant' and begins a dangerous game to beat the count.





YAKUZA LADIES 2 (1987) * with switchable English subtitles *

Yuki, the wife of a leading member of the Domoto family, must assume her husband s role as a yakuza boss, while he serves out a prison sentence. As she grows into her new role, she manages to assert control and increase the influence of her organization. But when her husband is released from prison, she finds him a changed man, lacking the character necessary to be a powerful yakuza leader. Conflict ensues and their marriage is challenged by a desire for power.

 MURDERERS CLUB OF BROOKLYN (1967) * with switchable English subtitles *

New York banker Mr. Dyers is giving a party, to which FBI men Jerry Cotton and Phil Decker have been invited. The rich banker informs both men, that he and his friends --- Mr. Johnson and Mr. Cormick --- have received threatening letters. The unknown blackmailer demands a million dollars from each of them: if they don't pay, their children will be kidnapped. And, in fact, armed gangsters raid the party. But, thanks to a misunderstanding, instead of Dyers' daughter, the thugs take her friend Sally Chester. When the crooks discover their mistake, they cold-bloodedly kill the young hostage. And although Cotton and Decker post their best men to watch Dyers' villa, his daughter Jean is also grabbed by the unscrupulous kidnappers.

Der New Yorker Bankier Dyers veranstaltet eine Party, zu der auch die FBI-M nner Jerry Cotton und Phil Decker eingeladen sind. Der millionenschwere Gastgeber informiert die beiden Beamten ber Drohbriefe, die er und seine Freunde Mr. Johnson und Mr. Cormick erhalten haben. Die unbekannten Erpresser fordern von jedem eine Million US-Dollar bei Nicht-Zahlung w rden die T chter oder S hne der Herren entf hrt. Tats chlich erscheinen auf der Feier bewaffnete Gangster und berfallen die Anwesenden. Durch ein Missverst ndnis wird statt Jean, der Tochter von Dyers, jedoch deren Freundin Sally Chester entf hrt. Als die Verbrecher ihren Irrtum bemerken, wird das junge M dchen kaltbl tig ermordet. Obwohl Decker und Cotton die besten M nner vom Department Kidnapping vor der Villa Dyers postieren, wird auch Dyers Tochter Jean auf mysteri se Weise Opfer der skrupellosen Bande.

 (1964) * with switchable English subtitles *

In the 17th Century, after the fall of Osaka to the forces of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, several survivors of the Toytomi clan try to delivery a young prince to safety. However, they are betrayed by other survivors, who want to enrich themselves under the pretext of re-establishing the clan.







 DEGLI SPECCHI (1983) * with switchable English subtitles *

Francesca, a magistrate, seems happily married to a successful and wealthy engineer. They prepare to spend a holiday together, when Francesca is instructed to shed light on the mysterious death of a girl, Rosa Franceschi, who threw herself from the terrace of her house. Francesca interrogates friends and neighbors of the victim, especially Veronica Marini who, living opposite the victim's apartment, followed the whole story. This is how she discovers her husband's affair with Rosa Franceschi and her involvement in the girl's suicide or murder.


 ZERO (1978) * with switchable English subtitles *

In a destroyed nocturnal Paris, ravaged by "accident or disease" (perhaps post war or mid rabies epidemic), a nightclub singer negotiates the space between the human and animal worlds, haunted by figures from her past in the liminal human-animal trance-space of the city zoo. Klaus Kinski narrates from his control room via vocoder, a vampiric Pierre Clementi plays Mozart on a flute at dramatic moments, Rufus discusses Spanish politics via a Donald Duck puppet, and Catherine Jourdan, at the center of every sequence, gathers the threads and performs one of the most rivetingly weird night nightclub songs on film, a story of a first erotic experience triggered by a lion mauling at the Berlin zoo. Dropping acid while viewing could only make the film more coherent.




NIGHT OVERTAKES ME (1986) * with switchable English subtitles *

The life and slow death of Communist journalist and Prague City Council member Jozka Jaburkova in the Ravensbruck concentration camp is the focus of this wartime drama. Suffering almost from the beginning as an illegitimate child burdened with extreme moral expectations by her fanatically religious mother, Jaburkova suffered at the hands of teachers and authorities in her all girls school. Her sympathy for the oppressed or those experiencing unjust hardship or discrimination got her into trouble again and again, both as a student and when she went on to seek employment. As the camera focuses on scenes in the concentration camp, Jaburkova s memories of her past are shown in flashbacks.



 REWIRY (1975) * with switchable English subtitles *

A teenage country boy starts working in the restaurant of the famous Pacific Hotel in the 1930s. He soon discovers that to get promoted, one needs to conform and sacrifice one's dignity.









 GLI ANGELI TIRANO DI DESTRO (1974) * with dual audio and switchable German subtitles *

At the time of the Prohibition, small-time crook Sonny dreams of being a feared and rich gangster boss. His dream seems to come true, when gangster Tiger has to flee New Orleans. Sonny tricks Tiger into believing he helped him escape. In return, he gets control of Mulberry Street in New York from him. Once there, he and local crook Barrabas set out to extort protection money from businessmen. However, they refuse to pay because they had already paid protection money to a certain Rocky.


Zur Zeit der Prohibition tr umt der Kleinganove Sonny davon, ein gef rchteter und reicher Gangsterboss zu sein. Sein Traum scheint sich zu erf llen, als der Gangster Tiger aus New Orleans fliehen muss. Sonny macht Tiger weis, er habe ihm zur Flucht verholfen. Daf r bekommt er von ihm die Kontrolle ber die Mulberry Street in New York. Dort angekommen macht er sich mit dem ortsans ssigen Gauner Barrabas daran, Schutzgeld von Gesch ftsleuten zu erpressen. Diese weigern sich jedoch zu bezahlen, da sie bereits an einen gewissen Rocky Schutzgeld abf hren w rden. 


Ladies underwear manufacturer Otto von Senff allows his friend, the veterinarian Dr. Hans Sommer, to convince him to finally go on vacation. Although both want to go to Venice with Otto's sister Ulla, Otto decides that he would rather spend his vacation in their summer house in Bavaria. The house borders a campsite which is crowded. Otto wants to leave for Venice after a short time, but changes his mind when he meets the attractive American Gaby Marshall, who is traveling with her friend Karin Biedermann. The duo parked their caravan at the campsite. Gaby was actually expecting her fianc Fritz, but accepts an invitation from Otto when he tells her that he saw Fritz flirting with a camper. Meanwhile, Ulla gets to know Dr. Richard M bius, who is vacationing at the campsite with the dachshund Hector. Richard is less interested in Ulla than in her dachshund Susi, since he wants Hector to have offspring.


Damenw schefabrikant Otto von Senff l sst sich von seinem Freund, dem Tierarzt Dr. Hans Sommer, dazu berreden, endlich einmal Urlaub zu machen. Zwar wollen beide mit Ottos Schwester Ulla nach Venedig, doch entscheidet sich Otto, lieber Urlaub in ihrem Sommerhaus in Bayern machen zu wollen. Das Haus grenzt an einen Campingplatz, der berf llt ist. Otto will nach kurzer Zeit nach Venedig abreisen, entscheidet sich jedoch um, als er die attraktive Amerikanerin Gaby Marshall kennenlernt, die mit ihrer Freundin Karin Biedermann unterwegs ist. Das Duo hat seinen Wohnwagen am Campingplatz geparkt. Zwar hat Gaby eigentlich ihren Verlobten Fritz erwartet, l sst sich jedoch von Otto einladen, als dieser ihr erz hlt, Fritz flirtend mit einer Camperin gesehen zu haben. Ulla lernt unterdessen Dr. Richard M bius kennen, der mit Dackel Hector auf dem Campingplatz Urlaub macht. Richard ist weniger an Ulla, als an ihrer Dackeldame Susi interessiert, w nscht er sich doch Nachwuchs f r Hector.

 KINGFISHER CAPER (1975) * with switchable English subtitles *

Benedict and Tracey van Der Byl are the offspring of wealthy Hendrich van der Byl, who owns and operates Van der Byl Diamond Mines, one of the smaller yet still very lucrative diamond mining operations in South Africa. Benedict and Tracey grew up with Johnny Lance, who Hendrich brought into their house when orphaned and has treated him like another son, which Benedict has always resented. While Benedict is a ne'er do well who spends his time chasing women, and on the side steals a diamond here and there from the company to give to whomever his female companion is at the time, Johnny, who has overshadowed Benedict all of their lives, has learned the business, and is one of the most respected diamond men in the country. With what Johnny believes is a large cache of diamonds sitting within the reef at Thunderbolt Gap which the larger mining operations have the rights, he has developed Kingfisher, a new vessel which he believes will revolutionize the dredging for such diamonds. The bank has loaned the company over two million dollars thus far, with Kingfisher actually being operational within sight. When Hendrich receives a terminal medical diagnosis which he tells no one in his family, he hands over the reigns of the company one-third each to Benedict, Tracey, and Johnny. Benedict assumes the role of President and C.E.O. in Hendrich giving him the chance to prove himself, something that Benedict said he wanted. Tracey's share is held in a trust controlled by Benedict. And Johnny's share is solely within the realm of Kingfisher and the dredging operation, he needing to negotiate further with the bank for any additional capital to complete the vessel and make it operational. 

 T CHANGE YOUR HUSBAND (1929) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

It s the summer of 1928, and Wang Qiping is in trouble. Having just been fired from his white-collar job in Shanghai, he discovers that his wife Xie Lijun has been running around with a rich playboy, the college student Chen Mengtian. Wang s mother is furious about her daughter-in-law s behavior and goes to the Xie mansion to demand that they return the betrothal gifts. Mrs. Xie, knowing that her daughter is in the wrong, sends her servants to find her daughter and do damage control. She then accedes to Chen s plan to pressure the couple to file for divorce with Chen s pal, Attorney Cui. Xie, believing herself and Chen to be truly in love, lets Chen persuade her to go to the lawyer s office, despite some nagging misgivings. Wang sheds copious tears over their estrangement, but shows up when he receives a letter from Attorney Cui. A farcical scene ensues at the lawyer s office, in which both husband and wife have second thoughts, and proxies end up taking charge Mrs. Wang signing for her son, and Chen guiding Xie s hand.




. ABOUT A PLATE OF SPINACH (1977) * with switchable English subtitles *

Two swindlers go to prison for alcohol theft. After completing their sentences, they're "hired" to steal a device for the regeneration of old cows. The owner of a beauty salon wants to use the device for the rejuvenation of people, but the results are not quite what's expected.







 D ETAT (1973) * with switchable English subtitles *

Ikka Kita is a revolutionary, who suffers, when he is brought his younger brother's clothes still smeared with his blood. Ikka's brother attempted to kill an official and then, unable to escape, killed himself. Now, Ikka is more determined than ever to take his own teachings to the ultimate end: a  coup d'etat .







THE BIG PARADE (1925): The shock of the Great War is felt through the tender tale of a rich businessman's son who enlists, leaves for France, and falls for a local girl, but loses his youthful American innocence in the trenches.


HOTEL IMPERIAL (1927): During World War I, an Austrian officer is trapped behind Russian lines. He tries to sneak through to his own men, but is forced to take refuge in a small hotel, where he is hidden by the establishment's chambermaid. The two fall in love, but a Russian general makes the hotel his headquarters and sets his sights on her. In addition, the Austrian must find out the identity of a spy who is feeding the Russians military information that could lead to the collapse of the frontline.


Michael Ellert is a Doctor of Law.  Not only his career, but his private life, too, seems to have a brilliant future.  His wedding to pretty Maria will soon take place.  But a dark spot tarnishes their happiness:  Maria seems to be hiding a secret and Michael decides to get to the bottom of it.  In Maria s hometown, an idyllic mountain village, he starts doing research and finds out the horrible truth:  Maria killed her first husband in alleged self-defense.


Michael Ellert ist promovierter Jurist, und nicht nur beruflich, sondern auch privat sieht seine Zukunft eigentlich gl nzend aus: Die Hochzeit mit der feschen Maria steht kurz bevor. Aber ein dunkler Fleck tr bt das gemeinsame Gl ck. Maria scheint ein Geheimnis zu h ten und Michael entschlie t sich, dem auf den Grund zu gehen. In Marias Heimatort, einem idyllischen Bergdorf, stellt er auf eigene Faust Recherchen an und erf hrt die schreckliche Wahrheit: Maria hat ihren ersten Mann in Notwehr get tet.



ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1915): Alice lives happily until she decides to chase a White Rabbit. She swims in her own tears and meets a Mouse, a Dodo, and an Owl, who have a race. She meets the Caterpillar, then runs away and meets the Cheshire Cat. Alice then meets a Puppy, and The Queen of Hearts. They then play an odd game of croquet, and attend a trial. Alice offends the Queen, who chokes her. Alice then wakes up on the riverbank, where she fell asleep while sitting with her elder sister and discovers that her adventures was a dream ... or was it?


DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE (1920): Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means to reveal the hidden, dark side of man, and releases a murderer from within himself.





THE LAST ATTRACTION  (1929): A circus troupe is making the rounds of Russia during the Civil War. A commissar comes along and attempts to turn their wagon into an agitprop van. Then the Whites conquer the town where the circus is visiting and the commissar hides among the artists.


THE TAILOR FROM TORZHOK  (1925): A small town in Soviet Russia during the temporary economic experiment of the NEP: Pyotr Petelkin is a tailor in a sewing workshop belonging to the widow Shirinkina. She decides that the two of them should get married, so Pyotr buys a lottery ticket, hoping to give her a fancy gift if he wins. And you know what? He wins the big prize! Now, he's dreaming of having his own tailor's shop; but the winning ticket passes from hand to hand and ... poof: disappears! Pyotr's on the verge of killing himself, but nonethless begins the search for the golden ticket.





HEART O' THE HILLS (1919): Family tensions in the Kentucky hills are inflamed by an outsider's dishonest scheme to exploit the area for its coal.


DRESS PARADE (1927): An amateur boxing champion stops at West Point to see a dress parade and falls for the commandant's daughter. He wins an appointment to the Academy and begins a rivalry for her affection.




THE DOLL WITH MILLIONS  (1928): In Paris, millionaire widow Madame Collie has dies. All of her property is to go to her granddaughter, who lives in Moscow. She's also inherited shares of Tripoli Canal, worth millions, whic were hiden in a doll. Two men, who feel they were unfairly left out of the will, set off for Moscow to find the granddaughter to propose to her ... and thus get their share of the fortune.


THE MURDER OF GENERAL GRYAZNOV  (1921): Film about the revolutionary uprising of Georgian workers in 1905.


BENNIE THE HOWL  (1926): Isaac Babel's stories about the seamy Jewish underworld of Odesa is brought to life in this tale of a gangster king who uses murder and extortion to terrorize the city, until he and his gang team with the Bolsheviks and "reform" themselves by robbing enemies of the Revolution and expropriating private property and food in the name of Soviet power. Based on historical reality, the accurate depictions of Jewish criminals was a boon to creators of German propaganda against both Jews and Communists made in the decades thereafter.

THE NIGHT COACHMAN  (1928): It is almost the end of the Civil War and Odesa has been occupied by the Whites. A night coachman, 50-year old Gordi Yaroschchuk, lives with his daughter Kate, who is involved with the Bolsheviks. Nothing good is going to come from that!


HYPOCRITES  (1915): The parallel stories of a modern preacher and a medieval monk, Gabriel the Ascetic, who is killed by an ignorant mob for making a nude statue representing Truth, which is also represented by a ghostly naked girl who flits throughout the film.


THE LOST BATTALION  (1919): A battalion of the U. S. Army's 77th Division penetrates deep into France's Argonne Forest during the First World War. It's surrounded by German forces and holds out for six long days, awaiting reinforcement and rescue.



LULLABY  (1937): Documentary by Dziga Vertov made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. The film praises the women and mothers of the USSR and punctuates the whole with lullabies and folklore-like music, which had been composed specially for the film.


DRAMA ON THE VOLGA  (1913): Natalia falls in love with a young man who works for her father. Slight problem, though: daddy's promised her hand to some other ogre. This, in turn leads to suffocation, improper disposal of corpses, and blackmail. Another uplifting Russian film!






THE CHILDREN OF CAPTAIN GRANT  (1936): The children of a captain lost at sea recruit others to find him based on an incomplete note found in a bottle. In the course of their rescue journey, they'll discover adventure in Patagonia, Australia and New Zealand.


BOULE DE SUIF  (1934): Members of the French bourgeoisie travel through a country now occupied by the Prussians after the fall of France in the Franco-Prussian War. In their stagecoach is a prostitute, too. Their contempt for the woman is obvious ... that is, until they get in a spot that only she can get them out of.


 ELUSIVE AVENGERS (1966) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Four teenagers in civil war Russia find their way to heroism: Danka is the orphaned son of a Red agent, whose father was tortured and executed by the warlord Lyuty before his very eyes; his sister, Ksanka; former schoolboy Valerka; and Yashka, a Gypsy with a Devil-may-care attitude. They pledge loyalty to each other and decide to exact revenge on the bandits who bring so much suffering to peaceful villagers. That leads them on a series of daring adventures in true "Western" style.






. DER WIND (1961)

Irish fisherman Sean O'Connor's nets have been coming up empty for months. The waters have been overfished and O'Connor's dinky little boat can't handle the open sea. His only hope is his son Tim, who's set out for Dublin to buy a seagoing vessel with his last pennies. But that's a false hope: the boy's burned through his savings to buy a new wardrobe and a motorbike to impress the female owner of a yacht club. Little does Tim know that she's an accomplice of a gangster named Roger and takes advantage of Tim's now-hopeless situation to force the kid to steal jewels belonging to a certain Mrs. Collins, a yacht owner. 

Seit Monaten schon sind die Netze des irischen Fischers Sean O'Connor leer geblieben. Die k stennahen Gew sser sind berfischt, und die offene See bleibt f r O'Connor mit seinem kleinen Boot unerreichbar. Die ganze Hoffnung des Fischers ruht in seinem Sohn Tim, der nach Dublin aufgebrochen ist, um mit den letzten Ersparnissen einen hochseet chtigen Kutter zu kaufen. Doch der unerfahrene Junge hat das Geld rasch durchgebracht, um mit schicker Garderobe und einem neuen Motorrad der zwielichtigen Dinah zu imponieren, die in einem exklusiven Yacht-Klub verkehrt. Die verschlagene Komplizin des ausgekochten Gangsters Roger nutzt Tims hoffnungslose Lage aus und zwingt den naiven Jungen dazu, die Juwelen der mond nen Yacht-Besitzerin Mrs. Collins zu stehlen. 


. UNVANQUISHED (1964) * with switchable English subtitles *


Taking place during the Algerian War with France of the 1960s, Thomas is a deserter from the French Foreign Legion who is on the run from authorities. He helps a damsel in distress (Dominique) who has been taken hostage by a group of terrorists. Thomas is wounded but manages to escape after killing the guard who inflicted the injury. Dominique gives Thomas money to escape to France after he secures her freedom, but he is caught between the Foreign Legion and the terrorists seeking revenge.
 OF ECLIPSE (1988) * with switchable English subtitles *

A newly qualified doctor takes a posting to a remote and very poor part of Turkmenistan. In addition to his day job as a pediatrician, he's researching the effects of religion on human health. His research has drawn the politically incorrect conclusion that faith does indeed improve health. When he attempts to write his thesis on the subject in the very intolerant USSR, various improbable and bizarre events begin to take place. The doctor thus believes that some otherworldly force is preventing him from publishing his findings.






.. VANYA (1970) * with switchable English subtitles *

Serebryakov, a retired professor and his beautiful, much younger second wife, Yelena, visit their country estate, which funds their urban lifestyle. Vanya, brother of the Professor's first wife, who manages the farm estate, and the local Doctor Astrov, both fall under Yelena's spell, while complaining of the endless ennui of their provincial existence. Astrov is an experienced physician who performs his job conscientiously, but has lost all idealism and spends much of his time drinking. Sofya, the Professor's daughter by his first wife, who works to keep the estate going with her uncle Vanya, meanwhile suffers from lack of esteem over what she sees as her own lack of beauty, and from an unrequited love for Dr. Astrov. Matters are brought to a head when the Professor announces his intention to sell the estate, Vanya and Sofya's home, to achieve a higher income for himself and his wife.






. BRIDES (1929) * with switchable English subtitles *

During the Russian Civil War, Petliurists --- Ukrainian nationalists who fought against the Bolsheviks --- seize a Jewish shtetl . The Ukrainian commander threatens a pogrom and will slaughter everyone in the village, unless the inhabitants agree to give them five Jewish virgins in wedding dresses. Under such terrible pressure, the Jewish council of the town decides, full of sorrow and despair, to sacrifice their daughters to the officers.




 (1966) * with switchable English subtitles *

Two neighbors, Gormsen and Sandelund, have been in a dispute for years, which finally evolves into an all-out war. Sandelund is a wholesale dealer in meat, a Capitalist and has one of these modem houses with a flat roof. Gormsen is a dentist and a Communist. He has a new wife who is younger than his son, and lives in one of these old-fashioned half-timbered houses. Then, there's the merchant Krause. To begin with, he is a small-time grocer and will eventually become a big businessman. He is a deeply religious man, a good Christian, and member of the parochial church council. Their teenage children find the conflict silly and stupid.



 CE SOIR (1985) * with switchable English subtitles *

A day in a supermarket in the Brussels region. The story of this day s little events, both comic and touching, provides the general framework of the film. The situations which are conveyed through an accumulation of quick, light touches, highlight some of the ways we behave in connection with food, the repetitive element in our gestures and movements in this everyday, enclosed world which is so familiar. The film is based on the observation of a supermarket and the people who shop or work there. More and more of their various personalities emerge in the course of the day. They all have their importance: we get to know them from the outside, like people in a group photo where each has his own place. All these individuals cross each other s paths, meet each other, bump into each other again and fill in the framework of the film with a many-sided tableau.







In the middle of the 18th century, Franz Freiherr von der Trenck returns to Vienna after eight years of military service for different countries and an involuntary escape from Russia.  On request of his father, he forms a corps of pandurs and invests his portion of the inheritance.  In the War of the Austrian Succession, Trenck and his regiment serve Empress Maria Theresia and fight against France.  The fighting leads him back to Russia, where he falls in love with Natalie Alexandrowna.  But soon he has to leave Russia again because the love of beautiful Natalie seems to threaten his life.  Back in Vienna, womanizer Trenck at first flirts with Countess St. Croix, then with Princess Deinartstein who is promised to Count Solojew who, in turn, is involved in a spy affair with Countess St. Croix.


Mitte des 18. Jahrhunderts. Nach acht Jahren im milit rischen Dienst vieler L nder und einer unfreiwilligen Flucht aus Russland kehrt Franz Freiherr von der Trenck nach Wien zur ck. Auf Wunsch seines Vaters bildet er ein Pandurenkorps und gibt daf r sein Erbteil. Im sterreichischen Erbfolgekrieg stellt er sich und sein Regiment in den Dienst der Kaiserin Maria Theresia und k mpft gegen Frankreich. Sein Weg f hrt ihn auch nach Russland, wo er sich in Natalie Alexandrowna verliebt. Aber dort wird ihm der Boden bald zu hei , weil ihm die Liebe der sch nen Natalie auch den Tod zu bringen droht. Wieder in Wien b ndelt der Frauenheld mit der Gr fin St. Croix an, kurz darauf schon mit der Prinzessin Deinartstein. Letztere ist dem F rsten Solojew versprochen, und dieser scheint wiederum mit der Gr fin St. Croix in eine Spionageaff re verwickelt.




Thank you and the best to all of you,