Conditions of use

All purchases are subject to availability.  Prices are guaranteed at the time your order is placed (even if you are sending payment by mail).  Items will not be sent without pre-payment.  Final prices for items purchased include the item prices and shipping and handling. We  accept payment via credit card  (American Express; Discover; Visa; Mastercard) and PayPal. Any and all personal or bank checks  -- or money orders -- sent for payment should be denominated in U.S. Dollars and have a U.S. address for the bank issuing the check showing on the check's face.  Money orders are accepted from U.S. and Canadian customers only.  Canadian customers sending money orders are restricted to the use of postal money orders denominated in U.S. funds only.  We also accept Western Union money orders or transfers.  The information you will need for Western Union to execute such a money order or transfer is as follows:

ADDRESSEE:  Alex T Hyams

ADDRESS:  PO Box 366; Avondale AZ 85323  USA

Cash sent by mail is strictly the responsibility of the sender.  We are not liable for any cash payments lost in transit.  The sending of foreign currency is contingent upon our acceptance prior to sending it and we determine the exact exchange rate.  Where differences in the amount exist  (for example, extra paper money sent to round off a coin-amount), change will be returned, where possible, in U.S. Dollars  (also rounded off downward, if the difference is a portion of a dollar amount).