Shipping & Returns

Most orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours of it being received  (quite often, almost immediately after receipt).  International orders take, on average, one to three weeks to arrive (though this can sometimes be faster or take longer). RAREFILMSANDMORE.COM will do its best to work with customers and, if applicable, will either re-send packages, which have been delayed beyond a "reasonable" period of time (determined by us alone) or refund payment after said period of time.

In the event an item is damaged or doesn't work properly, we reserve the right to replace the item or refund at our discretion.  Any request for the return of an item should be made within a reasonable time of receipt of said item  (usually no longer than a week after receipt).  If a return is authorized due to a fault of our own  --- or if we authorize a refund without sending the item back -- the total funds remitted to us, including the postage paid to send the item(s) to you, will be refunded.  Should the return be due to no fault of our own, no postage paid to send the item to you will be refunded nor will we pay the costs of sending the item(s) back to us.

available when you buy 10 DVDs or more