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David Tomlinson as Basil Topham Petula Clark as Julie Topham Sonja Ziemann as Marta A. E. Matthews as Hillary Topham (Grandpa) Charles Victor as Aubrey Topham Sophie Stewart as Marjorie Topham Philip Stainton as Stanley Grimes Richard Wattis as Hayworth Honeycroft, the Vicar Michael Brennan as Sergeant Marne Alfie Bass as Bert Jenkins Dora Bryan as Ethel Jenkins Ferdy Mayne as István Athene Seyler as Miss Rosabelle Honeycroft (the Vicar's sister) Harold Kasket as The Fat Man George Bishop as The Bishop Margot Lister as Bishop's Wife John Warren as Keeper of the Wheel Ronnie Stevens as TV Announcer Gilbert Davis as TV Gent Stuart Latham as Porter Vernon Morris as Dick Vincent Ball as Man at Party

Been married for a year? Do you still not regret having tied the knot? If you can prove it to the town of Dunmow Flitch, you just might win a side of bacon in their rather bizarre contest. But wait! Don't start frying those leftover lend-lease, powdered eggs just yet: an attractive new housemaid's arrived and she has a full set of straight teeth! Will the marriage hold out? Will the leading couple win their bacon? Does anyone care?

The film's been priced accordingly, as the picture is rather soft and fuzzy (the better not to get a close look at British dentistry!).

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 76 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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