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In this series of seven films, Germany, its culture, people and landscapes are shown as they all looked like in 1939:

Marine Report on the Battle for Danzig Bay (1939):  Interesting 22 minute film, which, while not in the best of shape qualitywise, is very uncommon in its respectful tone for Polish resistance at Westerplatte, Danzig, Hel and the other battles for the Bay of Danzig in September/October 1939.  Soft VHS quality throughout, but watchable and entertaining;

Eine Batterie geht in Stellung (1939):  this 12 minute film has no narration at all, just martial music from the period.  It concerns the maneuvers and operations of an artillery unit preparing for battle.  At times, very soft VHS quality, but enough music to make anyone happy;

Glaube und Schonheit  (1939):  15 minute film about the BDM, their training, how they spend their time at camp, how they spend their free time, how they should be an example for all good women everywhere.  For the most part, good VHS quality;

Madel im Landjahr - 1. Teil (1939):  another BDM movie, this time 23 minutes long, working on the same themes, but with some softer VHS quality film here and there.  No narration; once again, lots of period music.  Some jerkiness in the movement of the people in the film at points;

The RAD Men  (1939):  24 minute film is the counterpart work to that about the BDM:  half-naked youths grab their shovels to do public works projects, exercise, play, train, run, march ... you name it.  No narration; again, lots of period music with some VHS softness here and there;

The Day of German Art  (1939):  this 17 minute film about the German art festival in Munich is an unfortunate disappointment, in that it is very soft.  Watchable, but how sad that this rare color film suffers so horribly on quality.  Lots of uniforms and art and so on.  No narration, lots of period music;

Wagen Nr. 1 erkampft sich seinen Weg  (1939):  A 14 minute film about life in the snowed-in regions of southern Germany, where getting a doctor out to help you in times of distress is no easy matter.  Here's what you can do to help yourself instead of waiting for Doc to hire a sled and make it through the ice and snow to your cabin in the mountains.  Yodel-e-hi-ho!  Some softness.

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