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GERMAN PANORAMA # 06: 1937-42

In this series of five films, Germany, its culture, people and landscapes are shown as they all looked like from 1937-1942:
Festliches Nurnberg (1937):  this 20 minute film about the national meeting in Nuremberg in 1937 is interesting, but suffers from unforgivable defects:  jerkiness throughout the film, in some cases extreme; soft VHS quality; a greenish tint to the entire film.  Aside from that, though, this film, which has no narration, but lots of music and sounds appropriate to the scenes is an excellent documentary not only on the political happenings of the time, but gives an impressive display of Germany's military prowess as shown during military exercises and reviews;
Hande am Werk (1938):  curious to know how efficiently German industry performed in the last years of peace or how miners did their job?  Well, this 48 minute film will tell all.  Personally, I don't know how it would interest anyone, except those with an interest in such things, but the film was actually marketed for general consumption!  (must have been a lot of insomniacs in Germany at the time hoping films like these would provide a much-needed cure).  Soft VHS quality;
Ernst Udet, Ein Fliegerleben - Ein Heldenleben  (1941):  15 minutes isn't too much time to dedicate to a national hero, now dead in battle, is it?  Hopefully not, because that's how much time you're going to spend watching this film.  Soft VHS quality, but watchable;
Flieger am Feind  (1941):  It's 1941 and you're inbetween invasions, with the war against Russia still to start and England being very uncooperative in the west by not surrendering.  What do you do?  Why, you make a film telling everybody how your air force with the grossly obese commander-in-chief is going to make England come to its senses, so you can all finally sit down to a gemutlich Viennese coffee with Schlag and some blueberry-topped Torte.  Unfortunately, while Fatso Goring can eat cake, he can't bomb the British into submission.  No narration for this 12 minute film, but lots of music to distract you from the soft VHS quality of the film.  By the way, in the opening scene, don't be concerned that the bomber pilot looks like Putin ... it ain't him!;
Gebirgsjager und Biwak im Winter  (1942):  Finally!  The ultimate instruction video for all those times you've been stranded out in 6 feet of snow and don't know how to build a snow cave to sleep in.  This 32-minute film might have been practical for the elite German ski troops who had the energy, time and expertise to build three-man snow homes using their skis for roof supports and snuggling together with their buddies under wool blankets to stay warm at night, but I doubt the average soldier had either the time or inclination to expend such energy.  But what do I know:  it's only 96F in Phoenix today!  Very good VHS quality film
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