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GERMAN PANORAMA # 01: 1932-1937

In this series of six films, Germany, its culture, people and landscapes are shown as they all looked like from 1932-1937:

Wahlkampf in Eberwalde am See  (1932):  the struggle to win the upcoming elections is shown in this 13 minute film.  Unfortunately, the quality of the film is only fair, with dark green tones and a logo in the upper left corner.  lots of talking and speeches (yawn! :-);

Berlin im Olypmiajahr in Farbe  (1936):  in my opinion, the jewel of this DVD, this (unfortunately only) 9 minute color film about Berlin in the year of the 1936 summer olympics not only has excellent quality, but the Agfa color is simply outstanding.  Were it not for the period idiosyncrasies and the old cars, one might think the film was recently made.  NOT TO BE MISSED!!!;

Echo der Heimat #4  (1936):  a montage of reports about Germany:  guests get to tour a new German farm (with new German cows?); Bavarian loggers at work; expanding the Reichsbahn; new construction in Berlin. including the olympic stadium; a new Zeppelin is tested; the burial of Wilhelm Gustloff; the march into the Rhineland  (25 minutes);

Ewige Wache - Feldherrnhalle  (1936):  soft quality film about the Feldherrnhalle in Munich.  Lots of talk; blah, blah, blah  (thankfully, only 9 minutes);

Echo der Heimat #5 and #5b  (1937):  the national get-together for 1937 (and in case you missed it the first time, it's shown again in the follow-up film); a celebration of the University of Heidelberg's 550th anniversary (now that's old!); the opening of the 1936 summer games in Berlin; 34 gold medals for Germany's youth in the Olympic games; a review of the events and their winners; The Rugen Dam is opened in Stralsund; the opening of the Winterhilfswerk for 1937  (35 minutes, soft quality throughout);

Echo der Heimat #6  (1937):  36 minute film of reports about Germany in 1937 with soft quality throughout:  strikes and unrest plague the world; KdF brings relaxation and joy to Germany's workers; a visit with Mussolini; a return trip to Berchtesgaden for Il Duce; the trial of Wilhelm Gustloff's murderer in Switzerland; the RAD labor corps at work.

REGION FREE (will play in any DVD player).