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3 DVD SET: NEWSREELS FROM ALLIED OCCUPIED GERMANY (2013) * with switchable English subtitles *

The guns have fallen silent in Europe; the Western Allies have consolidated control in their zones. The Wochenschau reports with their introductory music from Liszt's Les Preludes are no longer broadcast. But a new propaganda has replaced the Deutsche Wochenschau; it's the newsreels of the Allied conquerors: Welt im Film.
Discounted 3 DVD subtitled set of Europe in Ruins, long available in our webstore (and still available for those who don’t need subtitles).  The set opens with the last Wochenschau newsreel of March 1945, which is then followed by a Red Cross appeal of children looking for their missing parents.  Finally, the remainder of the set consists of newsreels put out by western Allies in their sectors of occupied Germany in 1945  (from May till October). 


May - June 1945  

The unconditional surrender of Germany ** the UN conference in San Francisco ** the formation of the military government in Germany ** Europe at War's end ** the Channel Islands are liberated ** the military government at work in Germany ** laying telephone and electric cables under the English Channel ** a tour of Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber ** The battle for Okinawa ** the Allies celebrate their victory in Europe ** the German concentration camps ** Flensburg ** Lord Haw Haw is brought back to England ** Crown Prince Olaf returns to Norway ** Belsen ** Rangoon liberated ** rebuilding German industry ** food for Holland ** use of all force against Japan ** Milan celebrates its liberation ** Mussolini's end ** uprising in Prague ** Americans discover looted art at Berchtesgaden ** defogging Germany's airports ** water rationing in the American zone ** the new German police force ** the War Crimes Commission ** carrier war in the Pacific



July - August 1945  

King Haakon returns to Norway ** U-Boats surrender at Cape May, NJ ** London welcomes Eisenhower ** rebuilding railroads in Germany ** Soviet DPs ** the Allied Control Commission meets in Berlin ** Nuremberg ** USAF enroute to Japan ** battles in the Philippines ** Okinawa ** victory parade in Moscow ** war secrets demonstrated ** the 1 millionth prisoner repatriated ** malnutrition in Holland ** Oradour sur Glane ** Rebuilding the war damage ** the Beethoven collection restored ** civilian transport is confiscated ** the advance on Okinawa ** Lidice ** German troops leave Holland ** Canada builds Superfortresses for America ** Venice ** bridge-carrying tanks ** clearing mine fields ** the military government fights epidemics ** Australians land on Borneo ** spies are executed ** Filipinos take Japanese troops prisoner ** the battle for Okinawa ends ** America honors Eisenhower ** Bremerhaven's ports repaired *8 England's defences against invasion ** UNRRA's help in Europe ** remembering the GESTAPO's victims ** German coal mines go back into operation ** American parade in Plzen **Canadians march in London ** in flooded Holland ** the Allies in Berlin ** new tasks for the Hungarian navy ** America's newest fighter bomber ** France helps Algeria ** Stuttgart ** Kamikazes at work ** Paris on Bastille Day ** Japanese surrender on Okinawa ** War Orphans ** Churchill reviews British troops in Berlin ** the Potsdam Conference begins ** the British fleet in the Pacific ** Marshal Petain on trial ** elections in the U.K. ** the sentencing of a war criminal in Norway ** Ulm ** the children of Okinawa ** draining swamps in Italy ** Fremdarbeiter in Norway return to the USSR ** a portable drydock ** the end of the Potsdam Conference ** battling a typhoon ** firewood for the winter ** a bomber crashes into the Empire State Building ** a solar eclipse ** German POWs work at the harvest ** Japan surrenders ** French refugees in German hands



August - October 1945  

Petain sentenced ** the Rhine is made navigable again ** preparing forthe Nruemberg trials ** German POWs return from Norway to rebuild Germany ** repairing French railways ** economic aid for Norway ** Prince Bernhard's 43rd birthday celebrated in Holland ** the last battle scenes from the Pacific ** large explosion in Oslo's harbor ** memorial service in Malmedy ** the fastest plane in the world - the Shooting Star **  Italian forced laborers return home from Germany ** penicillin ** sport's festival in Nuremberg ** Stutgart ** America celebrates Japan's surrender ** Berlin four months after War's end ** curfew in Germany ** France's industry rebuilds ** the atom bomb ** rebuilding Germany's schools ** soldiers become farmers ** Quisling sentenced to death ** Montgomery in Oldenburg ** river journey in China ** Essen ** allied soldiers on leave in Switzerland ** Heidelberg ** DeGaulle in America ** the powerful atom ** a bridge in Marseilles is blown up ** the last Spitfire ** Max Schmelling before an Allied court of commission ** Japan's declaration of surrender ** Goring visits a fighter unit on the Canal coast




TOTAL DURATION:  338 MINUTES  (more than 5 1/2 hours!)

FILM QUALITY:  variable, but mostly soft quality.

IN GERMAN WITH SWITCHABLE ENGLISH SUBTITLES (except for two newsreels from Disc 2, which are in English and have hard-encoded, German subtitles)