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5 DVD SET: THE EAST PRUSSIAN COLLECTION * with switchable English subtitles *

5 DVD set of the following films about East Prussia, combined into one multi-disk case to save you money on postage and at a discounted price:


With the bombing of Konigsberg by the RAF during two nights in August 1944, the War had finally come to East Prussia.  In October of that year, after more than three years of a life-and-death struggle against the Wehrmacht, Soviet forces crossed the borders of the Reich into East Prussia and the Second World War entered into its end stages.  But with the invasion of East Prussia by the Soviets, the Germans were, for the first time, to experience on their own soil what they had meted out to the peoples of the USSR for the past 39 months:  within a short time of occupying German territory, stories of atrocities against German civilians -- for once not the figment of Goebbels' imagination -- started to circulate like wildfire and refugee columns, this time German, cluttered the roads and ports of East Prussia and Pomerania, trying desperately to flee the onslaught of the Red hordes.  This 2 DVD set re-enacts the events in Ostpreussen from mid 1944 until the end of the war almost a year later, using rare films -- including excellent Soviet war newsreels -- interviews, re-enactments, etc.  It covers an area of the Second World War rarely discussed in the West and explores the claims of both sides of the conflict with compassion and historical accuracy. For anyone with an interest in East Prussia or the war on the Eastern Front in its later stages, this DVD set is a MUST for you.  (Very good quality film with some pixellization.  Approx. 200 mins.)


Interviews with former residents of East Prussia are interwoven in this moving account of East Prussia and its inhabitants right before, through and after the end of the Second World War.  A very informative film about what life in East Prussia was like in the 30s and 40s.  This film is a subtitled replacement for our East Prussia as it Once was.  Also included are two newsreels:  one about the fall of "Fortress Konigsberg" made by the Soviets; and another from Die Deutsche Wochenschau, made around a month or so earlier.  Both also subtitled; neither was included in the former, unsubtitled version of this DVD.  (APPROX. 88 MINS. + 16 MINS. OF NEWSREELS.  VERY GOOD VHS QUALITY  (i.e., some softness, but better than a VHS tape). 


We have sold books aplenty about the lost regions of Germany; especially photobooks, and especially photobooks about the former German East.  But wouldn't it be wonderful to see what these regions looked like in film; and especially in films from those periods of time before the areas were placed under the administration of other countries?  Well, now we can offer you this wonderful DVD with films showing what the region was like during the interwar period before the bombs fell and the population make-up changed forever.  For anyone with relatives from the area; for anyone with an historical interest; for anyone even planning a trip to the region these 70+ years later, these films are a rare treasure, almost never for sale in the U.S. and containing rare glimpses into the Germanic cultures and lifestyles in this part of the world, before the insanity of the Second World War changed it all forever.  (VERY GOOD QUALITY.  APPROXIMATELY 70 mins).


Once part of the greater German Reich, now split between Poland and Russia, East Prussia holds an important place in the history and culture of Germany and the Germans.  This video, almost three hours long, shows the viewer what life was like in the region prior to 1945, when it changed forever.  As the films for this video come from a number of sources, the quality varies, but it is overall very good.  For anyone with an interest in East Prussia, its culture, history and geography, this DVD is certainly for you!   (Approx. 178 minutes long)