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40 DVD SET: GERMAN WARTIME NEWSREELS 1-40 * with switchable English subtitles * (IMPROVED!)

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40 DVD SET of our translations of Die Deutsche Wochenschau newsreels (in addition to any supplments listed in the description below) covering the events, mainly in Europe, from June 1939 to March 1945, with first hand film reports.  Each part has variable film quality based on the original films it shows.  Overall, we would say the quality would correspond to a range of well worn VHS to excellent VHS quality.  There is some sound and picture quality issues on some of the selections, but that corresponds to only a small percentage of the total.


SOME OF THE TOPICS COVERED (For the full description please refer to the product page of each part):

The German fleet visits Scapa Flow

Navy Day in Fascicst Rome

Goebbels visits Danzig
Naval Exercises on the Danube

Poland interferes with free trade in Danzig

The creation of a home guard in Danzig

German refugees report about life in Poland

Polish destruction of German property in Danzig

The invasion of Poland
Polish prisoners are interviewed about their views of Germany

The Germans distribute food to the Polish population 
German Engineers Re-start Steel Mills in Silesia
German Troops Patrol West Wall Fortifications
U-Boat Captain Prien and Crew Welcomed in Berlin
New Japanese Foreign Minister Takes Office
Baltic Germans Resettled in Posen
British Navy Blockades North Sea Countries
Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Over English Coast
Evacuation of Tientsin by the British
Anti-Air Defense Exercises in Germany

Ethnic Germans From Russia Return to Germany
Goebbels Tours Western Air Defense Zone
International Winter Games in Bavaria
Luftwaffe Planes Sink British Ships in North Sea

Duce Reviews Elite Militia in Rome
German Wartime Trade Fair in Leipzig 
German Army Captures First British Soldiers
Admiral Raeder Greets Returning U-Boat Crew
Germany Invades Denmark and Norway
Danish Troops Ordered to Cease Resistance
Oslo Captured by German Troops

Detailed contentsGerman Troops Push Deep into Norway
British Naval Convoy Retreats From Namsos
German Invasion of West is Launched
Luxembourg and Belgian Borders Crossed

Troops Cross Albert Canal by Raft
Maastricht Bridgehead Taken by Germans
Paratroopers dropped Over Holland
Paratroopers defend Narvik against Allied attacks
Leibstandarte Link-up With Paratroopers in Rotterdam
Fort Eben Emael Captured in Belgium
Guderian's Panzers Breach the Maginot Line
The defeat of the Allies in Antwerp and Leuven 
Brussels is taken 
The Luftwaffe attacks fleeing Allied troops at Dunkirk
The Germans march into Dunkirk
The Italians declare war on the Allies
Luftwaffe raids on Paris
Air attacks on La Havre
German offensive begins from Amiens toward Rouen and La Havre
Allies set oil tanks on fire in Oisemont
The Marne is crossed
Germans take the Palace of Versailles
The Germans enter Paris
Einzugsparade in Paris
Scharnhorst and Gneisenau wreak havoc in the North Sea
Sinking of HMS Glorious
Offensive against the Maginot Line
Metz and Strasbourg fall into German hands
Verdun is taken
The battle for Alsace-Lorraine is finished
France capitulates at Compiegne 
Opening of the Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung in Munich
An assembly line builds tanks for the front
French prisoners help out with the harvest
German troops occupy the Channel Islands
Opening of the Ostmesse in Konigsberg
Italians launch attacks against the English in British Somalia
German long range artillery bombards England from the Channel Coast
The Battle of Britain begins
New RAD formations are established in the Wartheland
German refugees from Alsace-Lorraine can return back home
Minesweepers clear Norwegian waters of mines left by the British
Kapitanleutnant Lemp receives the Ritterkreuz
A review of the military importance of London
Youth labor camps are set up in Norway
The Hungarians occupy Transylvania after the Vienna Award
How anti-shipping mines are manufactured
How barrage balloons work
Italians take As Sallum in Egypt
English bomber raid on Bethel
The draft is instituted in the United States
The Japanese bomb Chungking
King Christian of Denmark celebrates his 70th birthday
First meeting of the Luxembourg Nazi Party
Ration cards are distributed in the occupied western territories
The Italians launch the invasion of Egypt
The English attack the French fleet at Oran
Liverpool is bombed
Construction of the new ministry in Italian East Africa
The Spanish occupy Tangier
Bulgarian troops occupy Dobrudja
Resettlement of Volksdeutsche from Bessarabia
Bessarabian Volksdeutsche arrive in Graz
Vikdun Quisling calls for the dissolving of the Norwegian parliament
Warsaw after one year of Nazi rule
The English bomb La Havre 
Gau Danzig-Westpreussen celebrates its first anniversary
Germany occupies Rumania to protect its oil wells
Hitler meets with Laval and Petain
Hitler meets Franco on the French-Spanish border
“Day of Freedom” in Posen and Litzmannstadt
Commemoration of the founding of the Generalgouvernement
Captured French uniforms and tanks are sent off to Germany
Herms Niel conducts a RAD performance for wounded Italian troops
The Italian Army builds new roads in the Egyptian desert
Japanese bombers attack the Burma Road
Kapitanleutnant Kretschmer is awarded the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves
Construction in the capital of Manchukuo
Japanese troops receive transit rights in French Indochina
Japanese troops advance through northern Vietnam
NSB members parade in Amsterdam
Foreign Minister Molotov meets with Hitler in Berlin
Severe Earthquake in Rumania
Rumania, Hungary and Slovakia sign on to the Three-Power Pact
Air attack on Coventry
A U-Boat ride with Kapitanleutnant Kretschmer
SUPPLEMENT:  The Battle of Tournai and the surrender of Belgium
SUPPLEMENT:  The Beginning of the End in France  
Wounded soldiers recover in the High Tatras
Generalfeldmarschall visits the troops in the East
German military advisors parade in Bucharest
Construction of new roads in Norway
German recruits in Norway are sworn in
Repairing French railway lines damaged in the War
Wounded soldiers make Christmas toys
Japanese air attack on the Burma Road
Repairing the streetcar lines in Warsaw
Border patrol soldiers at work on the borders of the Genearalgouvernement and Slovakia
Professor Thorak at work sculpting
Traditional German Christmas in the Warthegau
A captured English submarine is converted for use in the Kriegsmarine
2600th Anniversary of the Royal Family in Japan
Signing of treaty in Moscow marking the German-Russian borders
German sailors tour Castle Kronborg in occupied Denmark
Hermann Goering’s 48th birthday
Lieutenant-Colonel Galland makes his 57th kill over the Channel
Norwegian workers depart for labor service in Germany
Japanese General Yamashita presents Generalfeldmarschall von Brauchitsch with a samurai sword
How steel helmets are made
The new Kondor bomber
German and Italian air raid on Malta
German U-Boats in the South Atlantic
The German occupation of Bohemia and Moravia
German troops enter Prague
Army parade on Wenceslaus Square
Large celebration in Berlin on the occasion of the occupation of Bohemia and Moravia
Adolf Hitler’s 50th birthday and celebrations
Military parades on the occasion of Hitler’s birthday
Wake for Reich’s Justice Minister Dr. Guertner
The Royal Hungarian Envoy is received at the new Reichskanzlei
FW 200 Kondors attack the coast of Scotland
A German raider causes trouble in the tropics
Funeral for the Hungarian Foreign Minister, Count Czaky
Reichsjugendfuhrer Axmann visits Oslo
Herms Niel gives a concert in Prague
Gau Silesia is divided into Upper- and Lower Silesian Gaus
Karl Hanke is made Gauleiter of Lower Silesia
Fritz Bracht is named Gauleiter of Upper Silesia
Kapitanleutnant Schepke and his crew go skiing in Oberbayern
German planes attack English positions in North Africa
Police sports’ festival in the Deutschlandhalle
Max Schmelling reports voluntarily to the paratroopers
A tour of the SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler
21st Anniversary celebration of the founding of the Nazi Party in Munich
Bulgaria signs the Three Party Pact
German pioneers build bridges on the Rumanian-Bulgarian border
German troops enter Bulgaria
Japan negotiates the settlement of border disputes between Thailand and Indochina
Vienna celebrates the 3rd anniversary of the Anschluss
Kapitanleutnant Moehle receives the Ritterkreuz for sinking 112,000 tons of shipping
German troops in Tripoli are reviewed by General Rommel
1932 – HJ Youth in the Mountains – a featurette put out before the Machtergreifung
1936 – Ewige Wache – a film about the Feldherrnhalle  (not translated)
The Yugoslavian Minister President and Foreign Minister arrive at the Berghof
Chief of the Danish Order Police arrives in Berlin
Day of the German Police in Berlin
Wehrmacht parade on  the 2nd anniversary of the founding of Protektorat Bohmen und Mahren
Slovakian soldiers on parade in Bratislava on the 2nd anniversary of the Slovakian state
Drilling for oil in the Generalgouvernement
Volksdeutsche from Bessarabia are settled onto farms
Volksdeutsche feel from Yugoslavia
The Afrika Korps is supplied in North Africa
German troops invade Yugoslavia and Greece
Advance on El Agheila
The Afrika Korps takes Bengazi
German troops take Maribor and Nis
German troops advance on Belgrade
Air attack on the Metaxas Line
Salonika falls into German hands
General Geisler decorates soldiers on the African front
Hitler receives King Boris and Admiral Horthy at his southeastern HQ
German pioneers take the Iron Gates on the Danube
March into a Bosnian city
Removal of a memorial plaque to Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo
Capitulation of the Greek Epirus and Macedonian armies
Advance into Thessaly
German troops take Athens
The Afrika Korps advances on Tobruk
The battle for Thermopyle
German troops in Athens
German troops meet their Italian comrades in western Greece
The British are pushed off the continent
General Rommel arrives at the front near Tobruk
German paratroopers and Gebirgsjager land on Crete
1942 Film – Kreta – Ein Heldenlied unserer Zeit:  
Croatia joins the Three-Power Pact
General Rommel presents General Garibaldi with the Iron Cross, 1st and 2nd Classes
German forces besiege Tobruk
Declaration of war on the USSR
Battles on the Soviet border
Attack on the Soviet Union from Finland
Taking of the fortress in Kaunas
Taking of the fortress in Brest Litovsk
The Germans take Lemberg  (Lwow)
Liberation of the GPU prison in Lemberg  (Lwow)
Soviet troops are encircled in the Bialystok region
The Germans take Kalvaria and Vilna  (Vilnius)
The Germans take Jonava
The Germans “evacuate” the Jews of Jonava
The Germans take Libau (Liepaja)
Volunteers from all over Europe sign up to fight the Bolsheviks
Rumanian and German troops advance into Bessarabia
The Germans are received with joy in the Ukraine
Advance on Kiew  (Kyiv)
Conclusion of the double battle at Bialystok and Minsk
Germans march into Riga
The Germans advance on Lake Peipus and Estonia
Advance units head for Leningrad
SUPPLEMENT:  Silent German film of the liberation of the NKVD prison in Lemberg  (Lwow) in which Germans
    and local Ukrainians forced Jews to remove 
bodies from a secret police prison.
SUPPLEMENT:  Silent films showing German prisoners and wounded executed by the Soviets.
SUPPLEMENT:  One hour film about the air war in Finland  (in English) from 1939 to 1945

Fallschirmjager and Gebirgsjager return from Crete

German and Finnish troops advance to the northern coast of Lake Ladoga
German and Rumanian troops take Balti
More civilian victims of the GPU turn up in Lemberg  (Lwow)
Advance on Kiew  (Kyiv)
The Germans take Smolensk
Minsk after the battle
Colonel Molders is decorated
Rest and refreshment before the attack on the Stalin Line
Advance on Ostrow and Pieskau
Goering receives pilots  awarded the Ritterkreuz for their work over Crete
German Destroyers attack Soviet ships in the Barents Sea
Overcoming Soviet resistance in Bessarabia
Hungarian and Slovakian troops advance into the Ukraine
The Germans cross the Dnepr
The Germans take Polotsk and Vitebsk
First air raids on Moscow
Transport of volunteer Dutch, Croatian and Italians to the Eastern Front
German and Rumanian troops in joint operations in Bessarabia
Balti after its liberation from the Soviets
Battle of Vinnitsa
Mogilev is almost totally destroyed by the retreating Soviets
Fighting for Smolensk
The true picture of the Soviet Paradise
A large rally of French volunteers against Bolshevism in Paris
The first Flemish volunteers leave Brussels for the Eastern Front
Danish volunteers take the oath in Hamburg
The Fuhrer visits the headquarters of Army Group Centre
German troops push towards the Gulf of Finland from Lake Paipus and Lake Ilmen

1935 – The 100th Anniversary Celebration of the German Railway  (not translated)

1935 – 20 March newsreel  (partially translated):

·         Gertrud von Hindenburg christens the Tannenberg  in Stettin

·         One million German youth take part in the Reich‘s career competition

·         Large train accident in London

·         German fashion show success in London is re-enacted in Berlin

·         A new world’s record is set for racing cars in Florida

·         Universal military service is proclaimed

·         Military march before Berlin’s Ehrendenkmal


1936 – Color film about the Reichshauptstadt in the year of the Olympic Games


Air raid on Murmansk
Air attack on the Stalin Canal
Rumanian troops advance on Odessa
German troops attack Nikolayev
German troops attack Gomel
The Germans take Narva and reach the Gulf of Finland
Novgorod falls to the Germans
German troops take Luga
Waffen SS units take Kherson
Battle for Dneprodserzhinsk
Soviet artillery shells Gomel after their withdrawal
New roads are constructed by the RAD on the former Finnish-Soviet border
Battle for Dneprropetrovsk
The administration of White Ruthenia is turned over to civilian administration
Resumption of the weekly farmers’ market in Smolensk
German troops enter Tallinn
German planes bomb Leningrad
Stukas attack retreating Soviets in the Murmansk region
Finnish troops attack and take back Viipuri
German troops advance on Leningrad
Four Soviet armies are encircled outside Kyiv
Kremenchug is taken
Chernigov (Chrernihiv) is taken
German troops take Kyiv

1936 – Echo der Heimat Nr. 3  (partially translated)

·         Construction of the highway to Rugen

·         Preparations for the 1936 Summer Olympic Games

·         New construction projects help the German economy

·         Consecration of the Haus des deutschen Handwerkes

·         Completion of the construction of the Air Ministry in Berlin

·         Germans get a look at the first television sets

·         Many workers are killed when the supports collapse in the construction of Berlin’s new subway

·         Day of Freedom rally in Nuremberg

·         March past of various paramilitary and military formations after the rally

·         German youth in a training camp

·         Demonstration of naval defensive tactics



The Germans take the Estonian islands of Oesel and Moon

Air raid on Leningrad
Generalfeldmarschall von Brauchitsch celebrates his 60th birthday
Rumanian troops push on to Odessa
Italian soldiers take a town in southern Russia
Artillery bombardment of Odessa
German troops advance into Kyiv
End of the battle of encirclement 200km east of Kyiv – 665,000 prisoners are taken
Opening of the third wartime WHW in Berlin
Germans advance on Demjansk
Pioneers blow up buildings in Kyiv to prevent the spread of fires set by the retreating Soviets
Grossadmiral Raeder visits naval crews posted to the Eastern Front
A sub journey with Kapitanleutnant Endrass and his crew
Slovakian statesmen Dr. Tiso and Dr. Tucha visit the Fuhrerhauptquartier
Finnish troops advance on past Lake Ladoga and Onega to take Petrazavodsk
Dego Island is cleared of Soviets
German troops being building winter quarters on the Eastern Front
Turkish generals view the Eastern Front
Advance on Kaluga
Battle for Borodino
The taking of Kharkov

24 Feb 1932:  Deulig Tonwoche Nr. 8:


·         Memorial service in the Reichstag for the fallen of the World War

·         Rare finds among the Zaptatecas in Oaxaca

·         Carneval begins in New Orleans

·         Sven Hedin and Gerhard Hauptmann sail for the U.S.

·         The U.S. sends 60 ships to Hawaii on maneuvers as war breaks out in East Asia

·         Unrest in Bombay after Gandhi’s arrest


1936 – Ehre der Arbeit


German troops in the Leningrad region receive winter equipment and clothing
The Germans attack Soviet positions north of Moscow
Difficult road conditions outside of Moscow hamper the Germans
A look at workers’ hovels in Kharkov
The frontline newspapers go to the front along with the advancing troops
Advance against the Crimea
Victory parade for Rumanian troops in Bucharest
Funeral for Generaloberst Ernst Udet
Alfred Rosenberg is named as Reichsminister for the occupied Eastern Territories
Conquest of Tichwin
The Germans take Simferopol and Yalta on the Crimea
The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem is received by the Fuhrer in Berlin
General Dietl at the Fuhrer’s headquarters
Meeting between Reichsmarschall Goering and Marshal Petain


This "educational" film deals directly with the subject of the mentally ill and the institutionalized.  It does not speak in the language of hate or discrimination:  on the contrary - it is logically and scientifically presented with chilling dispassion.  The "emotional" aspects of the narration appeal to the overall good and needs of society versus the care for and support of "lesser" individuals.  It is an insidious film.  The message is subtle and the conclusive decisions society needs to make are obvious.  The narration becomes especially chilling and powerful when, in hindsight, we know all too well how far the message became reality and that the overwhelming majority of those we see on the screen were eventually subjected to "mercy killing".  The comparison in costs to society to care for these people is no less offensive than the statement in the film that, "the farmer, by controlling the overgrowth of weeds, preserves what is most valuable."  When the film asks, near its end, "Are we to burden future generations with this inheritance?", you understand clearly what this film was preparing its viewers for, if  you, or they, couldn't figure it out up to that point.

A powerful, depressing and important documentary, if only because, like Ich Klage an, it addresses issues all contemporary societies deal with and which put into play ideas of charity, morals, self-sufficiency, and the rights of the individual in a given society.  The pictures shown are, overall, not offensive or shocking.  Sensitive viewers should take note, however, that much of what is said will shock and hurt terribly. 

1942 – Gebirgsjäger:  Biwak im Winter

Put out shortly after the Germans’ first winter experience in Soviet Russia, this film provides very useful information on how to construct protective shelters out of snow and ice on the battlefield.  While very informative and helpful, it does not appear to be very practical in wartime conditions, though it purports to be just that.  Most of the constructions seem cumbersome and time-consuming to the viewer … though, perhaps, under actual conditions shown in the film, this is just a deceptive appearance.


Drive for furs and winter clothing for troops on the Eastern Front

Finnish operations in East Karalia

German assaults on Sevetopol

At an officer’s training school

A look at Augsburg

Wounded veterans are taught new skills for future employment

A visit to a German cigarette factory

A visit to a factory which makes machine guns

Reich’s foreign minister Ribbentrop visits Budapest

General  Sepp Dietrich receives the Oak Leaves to the Ritterkreuz from the Fuhrer

Over 67,000,000 pieces of winter clothing is sent off to the Eastern Front

Street fighting in Yevpatoria

Germans and Rumanians attack the fortress at Sevastopol

Oberst Galland is awarded the Oak Leaves with Swords and Diamonds to the Ritterkreuz

With the Spanish Blue Division near Leningrad

German and Rumanian units retake Feodosia

German U-Boats attack in New York waters

German and Italian units move into Benghazi

The death of Dr. Fritz Todt

Marshal Antonescu visits the Fuhrerhauptquartier

Vikdun Quisling visits Berlin




1937 – Flieger, Funker, Kanoniere: Hermann Goering narrates this brief film about the new Luftwaffe in Germany
1937 – Alles Leben ist Kampf
Another “educational” film about euthanasia, in which the concept of the strong being
entitled to survive while the weak goes under is used to justify “removing” the mentally
and severely physically ill and handicapped from society.  Silent film with German
intertitles and optional English subtitles.niere on military exercises in the Bavarian Alps


In a U-Boat manufacturing plant

With Finnish troops near Lake Ladoga

Unloading of supplies and munitions for the Leningrad Front

Rumanians and Germans continue the advance on Sevastopol

Panzers advance to the front from Tripoli

Locals greet the Afrika Korps in Benghazi

German U-Boats sink a large number of ships off New York

Gneisenau, Scharnhorst and Prinz Eugen slip unmolested past the British in the Channel

Finnish troops move up to the Stalin Canal

NSKK transport ammunition to the front lines in the north

German films contradict Molotov’s claims that the Germans plundered Tolstoy’s estate

Germans attempt to dig trenches in the stone-hard, frozen ground southwest of Moscow

Italian troops battle the Soviets in the Donets basin

In North Africa, Axis troops retreat from the British and move to new positions

Vikdun Quisling visits the Fuhrer

The Germans advance near Lake Ilmen

Croatian sailors secure the harbor of Yalta

Fighting in the Yalta region

Rumanian officers are awarded the Iron Cross

Stukas attack coastal defences near Kerch

German and Italian troops retake Derna, Libya

A review of the war in the Pacific

The Japanese attack Midway, Wake, Guam, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore

Japanese attack Myanmar and the Burma Road

Thailand allies itself with the Japanese Empire

Attack and landing on Borneo, Celebes and New Guinea

Invasion of the Solomon Islands

Conquest of Singapore

Promotion of General Model and General Freiherr von Richthofen

Attack on Malta






Fascinating, short film about how the weekly Wochenschau broadcasts are made,
Covering the actual filming, the mixing of sound and film, editing, cutting, pasting
and copying.   For anyone interested in how filming was actually done back in those
days --- and it was very much different than it’s done today --- this short film will
not disappoint.

At a convalescent home for wounded soldiers in the Salzkammergut

Women RAD workers help out Alpine villagers

British raid on the civilian areas of Paris

Naval artillery units respond to a British attempt to pass through the Straits of Dover

At a construction wharf for U- Boats

Netherlands Legion soldiers and supplies are sent to the Eastern Front from Baltic ports

Finnish and German troops counterattack in the Lake Ladoga region

JU 52 transport planes bring the forward units ammunition, food and fuel

The Italian Navy leads a German supply convoy to the North African coast

German bombers harass British columns east of Tobruk

Memorial services for the victims of the British attack on Paris

Heroes’ Memorial Day in Berlin

Winter battles in the Donetz basin

Memorial service for Dr. Bosch, a pioneer in the automotive industry

Dr. Goebbels arrives in Graz to take part in the commemoration of the Anschluss

Anschluss-memorial celebrations in Vienna

Dynamite is used to extend trenches in frozen Russian positions near Leningrad

The Spanish Blue Division digs emplacements for their artillery

Soldiers of the Spanish Blue Division are decorated with the Iron Cross

Tanks and ammunition are brought up to the Crimea for the Sevastopol siege

Anti-partisan operations in the Crimean mountains

Italian subhunters on duty in the Aegean

Italian flak fires upon British bombers in Africa

Afrika Korps troops are plagued by sandstorms

German pioneers replace a blown up railway bridge in -35C weather on the Eastern Front

German artillery continues to pound Leningrad

Japanese officers pay a visit to a German airbase on Sicily

Transport planes bring fresh troops to the front in Africa

Generalfeldmarschall Kesselring inspects an air unit in the Libyan Desert

Stuka attack on English trucks in the desert

Germany celebrates the Day of the Wehrmacht

British air attack on Lubeck

Transport planes supply isolated frontline units in Russia

Constant Soviet attacks against the Germans in the Donets region

Bolshevik prisoners and civilians are compelled to shovel snow from the streets for supply columns

German raiders wreak havoc in the Indian Ocean

In a tank manufacturing plant

Generalfeldmarschall Milch’s 50th birthday

Hauptmann Philip is awarded the Ritterkreuz with Oak Leaves and Swords for his 100 air kills

Spring finally arrives in the Crimea

Fighting in Kerch

On an Italian battleship in the Mediterranean

The German and Italian navies take turns decorating each other’s men

British destroyers attack an Italian guarded convoy on its way to Tripoli




A partial newsreel from 17 September 1941, which can be seen in volume 12 of the series  is once again presented here, because of a superior film quality version discovered after the fact. Nevertheless, even if it is “recently” repeated material, the change in bravado and attitude from just seven months before is very apparent in the re-watching of this film.



Wilhelm Furtwangler conducts the Berlin Philhamonic Orchestra in honor of the Fuhrer’s birthday

Hitler’s minions congratulate him on his 53rd birthday

With German fliers on Sicily

German raid on Malta

Italian submarines conduct operations off the American coast

Fighting in the Gulf of Finland

German pioneers rebuild a railway bridge over the Narva

German trucks get stuck in the spring mud near Leningrad

SD and security troops look for partisan units

Ice is blown up on the Donetz to protect the railway bridge

German engineers work on repairing the Great Dnepr Dam

Large parade celebrates the 4th anniversary of Madrid’s liberation from the Bolsheviks

Thaw weather all along the Eastern Front

FW 190s repel British fighters and bombers on the Channel coast

A visit at Professor Brekker’s studio in Berlin Grunewald

Alfred Rosenberg receives a delegation of Ukrainian, Byelorussian and Russian peasants

Generaloberst von Kleist receives the Oak Leaves to the Ritterkreuz for the Iron Cross

Ukrainian militia on exercises

Work in a hospital for horses

Norwegian Legion soldiers pump water out of their foxholes on the Eastern Front

Sunday market in Kharkov

U-Boat sinkings off the American coast

Generalfeldmarschall List arrives in Bucharest for the Rumanian National Day

400 young Dutch volunteer for service in the RAD

Fighting in Lappland

Finnish soldiers use reindeers to pull their sleds

General Dietl visits his troops near Murmansk

Kerch is taken by the Germans

The Battle of Kharkov




1937 - Cavalry Day in Dusseldorf

1939 – Glaube und Schonheit – a film about the BDM



Hitler and Albert Speer inspect new weapons for the front

In an armaments work

The second battle of Kharkov

Hungarian, Croatian, Italian and Rumanian troops take part in the Kharkov encirclement actions

Reichsfuhrer-SS Himmler visits Den Haag

Young Dutch SS take the oath to the Fuhrer

Hitler visits the Eastern Front and then flies off to see Mannerheim in Finland

Alfred Rosenberg visits Reichskommissariat Ostland

Review of the Battle of Kharkov

The Sultan of Morocco visits Franco in Spain

Prague bids farewell to the assassinated Reichsprotektor, Reinhard Heydrich

Oberst Galland makes an inspection of an airbase in North Africa

Generaloberst Rommel is awarded the highest Italian military order

German and Italian troops take Bir Hacheim

Marshal Antonescu visits the front at Sevastopol

German and Rumanian troops take the northern part of the Sevastopol fortress

Field Marshal Rommel decides on a surprise attack against the British 8th Army in Libya

The British 8th Army is thrown back towards the Libyan-Egyptian borders

Siege of the fortress at Tobruk

The British surrender Tobruk

Sevastopol is taken on 01 July 1942

Waffen-SS Obergruppenfuhrer Eicke is awarded the Oak Leaves to the Ritterkreuz for the Iron Cross

Oberleutnant Marseille receives the Oak Leaves with Swords for his 101st kill

Marshal Manneheim of Finland visits the Fuhrerhauptquartier

Attacking Soviets are encircled and wiped out near Wolchow

The Afrika Korps takes Marsa Matrouh




1941 – Leuchtendes Hellas:  A color, silent film by a German officer made shortly after the conquest of Greece in the spring of that year.



Bohemia and Moravia’s president, Dr. Emil Hacha, celebrates his 70th birthday

Student days of German Art in Salzburg

Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung 1942 in Munich

The discovery and destruction of an Anglo-American convoy to Murmansk

Minesweepers in action in the Gulf of Finland

Operation Blue proceeds with the Germans and Rumanians crossing the Don River

Voronezh is taken by the Germans

JU52 transport planes from Crete carry supplies to the North African front

Civilians are put to work clearing the rubble in Voronezh

The Germans take Voroshilovgrad (Lugansk)

A review of the Atlantic and Channel fortifications

General Munoz Grandes visits the Fuhrerhauptquartier

The battle for Chersones on the most western part of the Crimea

Crossing of the Don

Rostov is taken

Failed Allied landing attempt at Dieppe

Germans take Yaiesk

Rumanian troops enter Tichoretsk

Advance into the Caucasus






A UfA, Bavaria Fox Wochenschau about the 4th Winter Olympic Games which took place in Garmisch-Partenkirchen


Funeral  for Admiral Horthy’s son in Budapest, killed in action in Russia

The Germans and Italians take the Siwa Oasis in the Libyan Desert in Egypt

The Germans begin the battle for Stalingrad

The Germans advance to the Elbrus and place their flag at the peak of Mt. Elbrus

German U-Boat activity in the St. Lawrence River in Canada

German and Rumanian troops cross from Kerch to the Taman Peninsula

The Germans take Novorossiysk

Artillery and bombers pound Stalingrad

Wounded soldiers are taken on a tour of Carinthia

A British landing attempt at Tobruk is beaten off

Street fighting in Stalingrad

Hauptmann Marseille gets his 158th kill over Africa

Night attack on Alexandria

A Japanese submarine visits a German naval base in France

Air attack on Murmansk

Battles in Stalingrad’s suburbs

Gebirgsjager duel with the Soviets in the Elbrus mountain range

“Krieg und Kunst” exhibition in Vienna

Traditional royal regatta in Venice

Tenth International Film Exhibition in Venice

Sweden defeats Germany in a soccer championship in Berlin, 3 to 2

Berlin Philharmonic celebrates the 10th anniversary of the founding of Manchukuo

Funeral service for the fallen in the Legion Tricolore in Paris




1939 – Madel im Landjahr – A film about BDM in the countryside learning how to live proper lives and be productive to society.  Silent film accompanied by rousing pre-War martial music


1939 – Reichsarbeitdienst – A film about the RAD in pre-War service in a training camp in the country.  Silent film accompanied by rousing pre-War martial music.



Celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the signing of the Three Power Pact in Berlin

Marshall Rommel explains the situation in North Africa to the domestic and foreign press corps

Results of the 1941/42 Winterhilfswerk collections

Battles around Lake Ladoga

On a German collective farm in Russia

The southern part of Stalingrad is firmly in German hands

Arrival of trains filled with food from the occupied East

Gebirgsjager duel with the Soviets on Elbrus

Heavy tank battles around Stalingrad

Infantry and Waffen SS take on the Soviets south of Lake Ilmen

Battles in the Leningrad region and south of Lake Ladoga

Air attack on the oil fields of Grozny

The Japanese delegation lays a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Bucharest

European Postal Congress in Vienna

Harvest of sunflowers in the occupied East

Female Auxiliaries in the Wehrmacht visit the Acropolis

Leave for the Freikorps Danmark

A Japanese naval unit underway in the south pacific

20th anniversary of the March on Rome

The NSKK transports supplies on the Eastern Front

Attack on Fort Etak in North Africa

The Germans go over to the defensive at El Alamein




1938 – Schiff Ohne Klassen – This film is about the maiden Atlantic voyage of the Wilhelm Gustloff, a KdF ship where passengers and crew alike shared the same style cabins.  KdF was the Party section which handled vacations and tours for Germany’s workers at great subsidy – and thus, at very low cost for the vacationer.


Commemoration of the Party Fallen on the anniversary of the Putsch

Practice alarm on the Norwegian coast

Finnish soldiers build new homes for needy families of fallen comrades in Karelia

Artillery assault on the Kronstadt Fortress in the bay of Leningrad

German and Croatian air units bomb Leningrad

Italians beat back Soviet attacks on the Don front

The Germans occupy Vichy in response to the Anglo-American invasion of French North Africa

Factory workers man anti-aircraft guns during an air raid

German soldiers meet Spanish border guards in southern France

Rumanian and German ships lay mines in the Black Sea

Gebirgsjager repulse Soviet attacks at the Dombai Ulgen Pass in the Caucasus

Convention of continental mayors in Munich

80th birthday of the poet Gerhart Hauptmann

A new world record in glider flying in Vienna

The Japanese land on the Aleutian Islands

The occupation of Toulon

At a U-Boat training school

A Grenadier battalion on the march to Marseilles

Italian cavalry in Nice

A German and Italian convoy brings supplies to the Afrika Korps in Tunesia

Italian artillery fights off Soviet assaults on the upper Don

Defensive fighting in the central sector of the Eastern Front

The Duce speaks before the Fascist Chamber in Rome

The Battle of Singapore

Japanese paratroopers take Celebus

RAD men on the Eastern Front are absorbed into the Wehrmacht

The first snow fall in the central sector of the Eastern Front

Another winter begins on the Eastern Front

British and American prisoners are taken at Tebourba in Tunesia

Transport of Christmas trees and gifts to a U-Boat south of the Equator

Christmas celebrations in soldiers’ hospitals and convalescent homes

The International Film Guild meets in Budapest

International Chess tournament in Prague

Opening of the Islamic Central Institute in Berlin by the Grand Mufti

Opening of a typhus research center in Lwow

Croatian fliers return home from the Eastern Front

Rescue of the raider crew “Atlantis”, sunk after 655 days at sea




1942 – SOLDATEN IN EIS UND SCHNEE:  Made about a year previous to the events in these Wochenschauen,  „Soldaten in Eis und Schnee“ is a short review of the difficulties faced by the German Army in its first winter operations on the Eastern Front in 1941/42.


1937 – DIE SCHLACHT UM MIGGERSHAUSEN:  In the film “The battle over Miggershausen”,  an animated Volksempfanger wanders to the town Miggershausen, where the knowledge for modern technology in agriculture has failed to take place.The Volksempfanger’s

mission is to advertise the broadcast, especially transmissions over agricultural

themes.  After the farmers kick him out, he calls for reinforcements and a whole

army of Volksempfangers march off to attack the place. The victory of the

informative propaganda is celebrated and the educated farmers transform

Miggershausen into an exemplary town that is ultimately renamed

“Frohenhausen” (happy home).  IN GERMAN WITH NO SUBTITLES.



A view of Eisenach

Ten years of rule by the NSDAP

Night fighters battle enemy bombers

A British torpedo attack on a convoy is fended off

French troops are defeated in an attack in southern Tunisia

Breakout of German soldiers from Velikiye Luki

The Diplomatic corps wishes the Cadillo a Happy New Year

The Spanish party minister Arrese visits Berlin

Celebration of the 478th anniversary of the founding of the Maximilian University in Munich

Dr. Sven Hedin receives an honorary doctorate from Maximilian University

Skiing in Oslo

China declares war against the U.S . and England

Sinking of an American luxury yacht

German soldiers hob nob with locals in Tunisia

Clearing the Arctic Sea Street in the high north of the Eastern Front

Review march of the Spanish Blue Division near Leningrad

Signing of an economic pact between Germany and Japan

Dr. Goebbels speaks at the Berliner Sportspalast

Sinking of an American luxury yacht

The construction of new armament factories

Grossadmiral Doenitz is named as head of the Kriegsmarine

Supplies for the front in Tunisia

Defensive night fighting in the East

Goebbels’ TOTAL WAR speech

Germans report for assignment in the war industries

Loading of supplies in Italy for the Tunisian front

The Wehrmacht pulls back from the advancing enemy in the south of Russia

Bulgarian and German troops celebrate King Boris III’s birthday

Germany and Croatia complete the construction of a long-distance line between both countries

Tino Rossi concert in Brussels

New volunteers with the Dutch SS take their oath

Units of the SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler counterattack between the Donets and Dnieper


1940 – DEUTSCHE PANZER – short film about the production of tanks during wartime.



Albert Speer increases weapons’ production in the Reich

Training in Reserve Officers’ schools

Construction of new armament plants

Construction of the Atlantic Wall

Repair of airplanes on the Eastern Front

Fighting in the region south of Lake Ladoga

SS Sturmmann Mooyman, a 19 year old Dutch volunteer, is the first Dutchman to get the Ritterkreuz

Winter battles between the Dnieper and the Donetz

Sepp Dietrich awards his men the Iron Cross

Heroes’ memorial day in Berlin

U-Boat attack on a convoy in the North Atlantic

Reinforcements move into Crete and the Greek Islands

The Second Battle of Kharkov

Elections to the Danish Folketing

Children from occupied territories vacation in the Reich

Reconstruction of the University of Madrid, destroyed in the Spanish Civil War

Construction of a new bridge in Hungarian occupied Slovakia

Large rally of the Flemish National Union in Brussels

Rally in Prague

Japanese units battle Chinese resistance troops throughout China

Japanese troops land on New Guinea

Japanese bombers attack Port Darwin in Australia

Spring cleaning on the Eastern Front after the thaw sets in

Supply issues on the Lappland front

Wounded soldiers are transported from Norwegian fjords back to the homeland

The Fuhrer meets with Il Duce

Grossadmiral Doenitz is awarded the Oak Leaves by the Fuhrer

German U-Boats in action in the Caribbean Sea

Dr. Goebbels speaks at the Berlin Philharmonic on the eve of the Fuhrer’s birthday

Wounded German soldiers take a tour of Vienna and Graz

Training of artillery officer candidates

Artillery duel at Leningrad

German and Rumanian units secure the traffic on the Black Sea

Stuka attacks on Soviet tanks in the Kuban

Croatia celebrates the 2nd anniversary of its independence

Bulgaria marks it’s second anniversary of the joining to the Three-Power-Pact

Dutch, Danish, Flemish and Walloon representatives meet for the Greater Germanic Youth Groups

Introduction of conscription in Serbia for Work Service Units

4th anniversary of the Falangist victory in the Spanish Civil War

Latvian farmers get their land back which was taken by the Bolsheviks

Construction of the Atlantic Wall


1943 – IN THE FOREST OF KATYN :  German made film about the discovery of the mass graves of Polish soldiers discovered by the Germans in the Katyn Forest in April 1943


RAD men build fortifications on the Atlantic coast

Supplies are sent to the Leningrad front

Flooding in the Wolchow region

Defensive fighting in Tunis

Resupply of a U-Boat

State funeral for General Brockdorff-Ahlefeldt

Gebirgsjager train horses and pack mules

Improvement and reinforcement of the Atlantic Wall

SD police fight Soviet partisans

A Sunday dance in an Ukrainian village

Volunteer Cossack regiment displays its riding skills for Wehrmacht observers

Stuka attack on the Kuban bridgehead

Ukrainian volunteers join the SS Division “Galicia”

Hitler Youth members join the Waffen SS

The Viennese 44th Division is renamed, “Hoch- und Deutschmeister” Division

Artillery recruits are trained in the field

A mobile library visits the Eastern Front

Fighting on the Kuban bridgehead

A review of increased armaments production in May 1943

The Ritterkreuz to the Kriegsverdienstkreuz is awarded to nine munitions workers

City kids are sent off to the Baltic Sea on vacation

The Deutsche Oper’s orchestra plays in a tank factory

Training of female air raid auxiliaries

Training of anti-tank troops

Training in an U-Boat school

Artillery attacks on Leningrad

Home leave for the volunteer Finnish SS battalion

Fighting in the Kuban bridgehead

The 4th wartime soccer championship game between Dresden and Saarbrucken

Opening of the 7th Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung in Munich

International  journalists convention in Vienna

Anti-aircraft operations in the Rhein-Westfalen region

Help for those affected by the Anglo-American raids

Anti-partisan fighting in Montenegro

A grenadier battalion on the Eastern Front on leave in the rear




1943 – Junker der Waffen-SS:   brief film about the training and education of the elite soldier’s force filmed shortly before the turn in Germany’s wartime fortunes


1943 – Land an der Weichsel:  Shows, in color, those regions of Poland annexed by the Reich and what life was like there during the War.



The cathedral in Cologne is severely damaged by British bombers

Inspection of a tank school by Generaloberst  Guderian

A German company celebrates Solstice festivalon the Eastern Front

Battles on the Murman Front

Japanese officers visit the front between Leningrad and Lake Ilmen

A Turkish military mission visits the southern stretch of the Eastern Front

Police raid in Minsk

Streetcars are put back into action in Orel

Russian cities celebrate liberation from Soviet yoke on the 2nd anniversary of the invasion of the USSR

Anti-submarine flotilla on the French Atlantic coastline

German swimming championship in Erfurt

German wounded spending free time in Arles, France

Grossadmiral Doenitz inspects new U-Boat crews

Mass graves are discovered in Vinnitsa

The Battle of Kursk

Youth help out with the oilseed harvest

Shock troops as guests in Lubeck

A U-tanker heads out to re-supply subs on the high seas

Artillery shelling of Leningrad

Heavy tank fighting around Orel

Festival for wounded and soldiers on leave in Bayreuth

Soldiers on leave and the wounded take East Prussian boats back to the homeland from Leningrad

Marshall Rommel in Salonika

Paratroopers repulse heavy Allied assaults in Sicily

Evacuation of Orel

Me110s attack enemy columns in the East

Tuna fishing off the coast of Spain

German troops evacuate Sicily

Funeral for King Boris III of Bulgaria

The German Raider “Thor” visits Japan

The Germans pull into Italy


Flemish Labor Service men rally in Antwerp

Second Anniversary of the French Volunteer Legion in the battle against Bolshevism

Rally for the wounded in Gorlitz

German minelayers in the Arctic Sea

German reinforcements advance through northern Italy

German troops take Rome

The Allies land in Salerno

Mussolini is rescued from captivity by Otto Skorzeny

Celebration in Tallinn of the 2nd anniverary of the liberation of Estonia from Bolshevik rule

Dutch volunteers of the Waffen SS take the oath

Glieder pilot Jachtmann breaks the world record for glider flight

Orderly withdrawal over the Dnieper and blowing up of left behind war materiel and installations

Evacuation of the Kuban bridgehead

German and Rumanian Stukas attack advancing Soviet units

Dr. Sauerbruch receives the Ritterkreuz to the Kriegsverdienstkreuz with Swords

A school for training female leaders in the RAD

Instruction at a motor sports’ school of the NSKK

Shock troop operations by Luftwaffe soldiers near Leningrad

An armored train and Panzerspahwagen in the battle against partisans

Securing the coastline of the Sea of Azov

Hauptmann Rudel’s unit celebrates his 1500th Stuka mission

Evacuation of Corsica

Occupation of Corfu and Albania


Reception of Reichsprotektor Frick in Prague

Reception of a Bulgarian ministerial council at the Fuhrerhauptquartier

A visit to a naval HJ unit in southern Germany

Reichsmarschall Goering takes a tour of inspection of air defense crews

A ship full of wounded soldiers lands in Stettin after a prisoner-of-war exchange with the British

The Germans invade and take the island of Kos

RAD men exercise in a Corinthian training camp

Speer addresses workers in a Berlin armaments plant

4th Anniversary celebration of Posen’s return to the Reich

Tank repair on the Eastern Front

The Albanian National Assembly meets in Tirana after the Germans grant them independence

Germans combat partisans in Bosnia

Rommel inspects defensive structures in northern Italy

Heavy defensive fighting on the Dnieper

Battles in the Krivoi Rog region

Storing dry vegetables in Antwerp

Men are taught how to function in the kitchen by themselves

Hermann Goering inspects the Hermann Goering Tank Division

A visit to an ensign school for the Navy

Observation of the 20th Anniversary of the Beer Hall Putsch

Fighter planes attack allied bombers

Swearing- in oath of French volunteer legions

Ice hockey championships in Berlin

Japanese ambassador Oshima tours the Atlantic Wall

Supplies for the Arctic front

General Dietl inspects his troops in the Lapland

German reinforcements move into southern Italy

Reinforcements and supplies for a new base in the Aegean

The largest plane in the world, the Me 321, in action

Grossadmiral Doenitz and Reichsminister Speer at naval maneuvers

The Reichsmarschall visits Germany’s mining region

Himmler inspects a Muslim volunteer unit

Red Cross sisters pack bundles for the Eastern Front

Soldiers make Christmas toys

Dr. Goebbels organizes rapid response to Anglo-American bomb attacks on Berlin

German tanks counterattack in the Dnieper bend

Stuka attack against advancing Soviets near Nevel

Occupation of Leros and Samos

Transylvanian Germans volunteer for the Waffen SS

Christmas on the frontlines, 1943

Rommel inspects the coastal defenses in Denmark

At a seaplane base in northern Norway


Silent film for foreign audiences with music accompaniment:

Can-Can performance;  A hockey game; The building of highways; Pictures from Rumania

and Italy; A Youth rally in Hungary; 600 men from a Polish division put themselves at the

service of the Wehrmacht; Use of the transport plant “Giant” on the Eastern Front;

heavy fighting on the Eastern Front; Nebelwerfer action on the battlefield

Political Rally against Bolshevism in Paris

Partisan fighting in Bosnia

Generaloberst Dietl visits his men on the Arctic Front

Defensive fighting near Kivorograd

Submarine activity in the Indian Ocean

Emil Nikolaus von Reznicek conducts his opera “Donna Diana”

German artist soldiers

Generalmajor Schulz is the 9th soldier to be awarded the Diamonds to the Ritterkreuz

The life of soldiers on the islands in the Aegean Sea

Supplying the bridgehead at Nikopol

Air battle against American bombers on 11 January, who lose 1/3 of their attacking bombers

Interrogation of American bombers crews

Tenth anniversary of the death of Dr. Paulus Victros, the Fuhrer’s architect

The German merchant marine in the War

Young Dutchmen report to the NSKK headquarters in the Netherlands for volunteer service

Rommel attends a situational conference about the western front

Life with the night fighters

99 Bombers shot down in only two nights in January

An inspection of the defensive installations in Italy

Life at an observation post in the Abruzzo

Heavy defensive fighting near Vitebsk

Silent film for foreign audiences with music accompaniment:

25 years of German civil aviation

Ustasha Congress

A look at a dammed river in Spanish Morocco

Swimming lessons in Hilversum

Carnival in the Tirolean mountains

At a stud farm in Russia

A visit to a fashion show in Paris

A home for bombed-out artists in Steiermark

German soldiers learn to ski in Norway

Ju88 and Me110 over England

The Painter, Professor Herrmann, receives the Goethe Medal

The women’s RAD at work

Anglo-American landing attempts at Nettuno

Allied troops are marched through Rome as prisoners

Night fighting outside of Vitebsk

Silent film for foreign audiences with music accompaniment:

The new president of the German Academy takes his office

A saw mill operated by water power

Herding of reindeer in Lappland

German troops defend the bridgehead at Kerch


In a sanatorium for wounded fliers

German destroyers secure the waters for French fishermen

Supply trains for the southern Italian front

The cloisters at Monte Cassino are bombed into rubble

Castel Gandolfo is destroyed by Allied bombing raids

German troops pull back on the Leningrad front

A Panzer division counterattacks in Kirovograd

German and Rumanian troops in defensive battles near Kerch

The Greif Squadron prepares for an air attack on London

A German boys’ choir performs in Budapest

German troops use sled dogs in Lappland

A Rumanian general inspects soldiers

S-Boats in action in the Atlantic

Social unrest in India

Spanish artists at work

Exhibition of new diving equipment

Dr. Goebbels receives soldiers who fought at Cherkassy

Rally with Leon Degrelle

Rommel on an inspection tour

Wrestling championship for sportsmen from Germany, Norway and Slovakia

Settlers return from Russia

Dr. Goebbels receives heroes from the Battle of Cherkassy

Rommel inspects coastal defences

German troops withdraw from Narva

German counterattacks at Anzio

Fifth anniversary of Slovakia’s independence

Fashion show in Brussles

Diamond traders in Amsterdam

German crafts exhibition in Croatia

A Diver visits a shipwreck in the Mediterranean

Civil internees and POWs return from the United States

Oath of French volunteers in the fight against Bolshevism

Introduction of the “Goliath” anti-tank weapon

Air attack on Berlin

Estonians and German soldiers battle the Soviets near Narva

Ceremonial state funeral for a high-ranking personality in Tirana

Evangelical service in Germany

RAD work camp for members of foreign labor organizations in Germany

Spanish military ski competition

German soldiers and Norwegian civilians at a variety show in Norway

Peasant wedding in the Carpatho-Ukraine

U-Boat training

A German chemist invents synthetic fiber

Heinrich Georg leads the rebuilding of the Schiller Theater

Dr. Goebbels receives fighters from Monte Cassino

German troops arrive in Hungary

Training of U-Boat men

Fighting on the Finnish front

Generalfeldmarschall Busch celebrates hi 40th anniversary in the army

Fighting in the Pripyet Marshes


Daily life in a home for evacuated children from war zones

Alpine school for ski troops

German withdrawals in the southern sectors of the Eastern Front

Fierce defensive fighting in Monte Cassino

Further fighting at Monte Cassino

The “Giant” transport plane on the Eastern Front

Supplies for the fighting troops on the Crimea

Liberation of surrounded troops at Kovel

Hitler’s birthday is celebrated in the Reichshauptstadt

Withdrawals on the Eastern Front and counterattacks with Tigers in Bessarabia

German cities are attacked by American bombers

Funeral services for Gauleiter Adolf Wagner in Munich

Generaloberst Hube is buried in Berlin

Celebrations for the fifth anniversary of Barcelona’s liberation

SS Volunteer Brigade “Wallonia” returns to Brussels

Naval personnel learn about anti-shipping mines

Training sharpshooters

With Hungarian troops in Ivano-Frankivsk

Preparations for the allied landings in the west

Fashion show on how to make new dresses from old rags

The Immelmann Squadron celebrates its 100,000th mission against the enemy

Defensive fighting by the Latvian SS near Narva

Sowing potatoes in the Netherlands

Young officers are sworn in and parade in Bulgaria

Rommel inspects coastal defences


What everyone needs to know about the transport of goods on Reich roads and railways

Quick sorting of mail thanks to the new zip code system

Strikes and lockouts in the U.S.  and England

A French rally for volunteers in the fight against Bolshevism

German and Rumanian troops evacuate the Crimea

Withdrawal from Sevastopol

Defensive battles between the Prut River and Moldavia

Dr. Tiso visits the Fuhrer in his main headquarters

A performance by the Busch Circus

De-fusing sea mines

Fighting in the jungles of Burma

Members of the Legion “Free India” during military exercises on the Channel coast

Japanese officers visit their German counterparts on the Atlantic Wall

Mother’s Day In Oberbayern and the Steiermark

Wounded Wehrmacht soldiers arrive in southern France after their internment in the U.S.

Ukrainian and Rumanian civilians flee from the Bolsheviks

Police units in battle with partisans on the Eastern Front

German subhunters at work

Celebrations for the “Day of Bravery” in Bulgaria

An international trade show is put on in Valencia, Spain

Anti-Bolshevik rally in the Reichsprotektorat

Wake for the murdered metropolitan in Sofia

Hungarian officers receive the German Cross

Adolf Hitler personally decorates a Rumanian general

Heavy fighting in the Alban mountains

German firefighters help the French save the Rouen cathedral from fires caused by enemy bombs

Reichsminister Speer gives a pep talk at a munitions factory

The Battle for Rome

Air battles against American bombing raids

D-Day, 06 June 1944

Anglo-American air raid on Caen  

  • The actor Werner Krauss‘ birthday
  • War widows attend special classes at Marburg University
  • The German hospital ship “Erlangen” is attacked by Anglo-American bombers on 15 June
  • Wounded French civilians after Anglo-American bomber raids
  • Fighting in the St. Lo region
  • Pictures from the Adriatic and Italian Alps
  • A Norwegian village burns after a Soviet air attack
  • Net laying units of the Kriegsmarine at work
  • Memorial service for Generaloberst Dietl
  • Leon Degrelle makes a speech in Berlin
  • Defensive fighting against Anglo-American ships at Cherbourg
  • The Battle of Bayeux
  • Nebelwerfer in action
  • Funeral services for Generaloberst Dietl
  • LLeon Degrelle, head of the Belgian Rexists, speaks in Berlin
  • Infantry training
  • Repulsing Anglo-American naval units at Cherbourg
  • Battle at Bayeux
  • National book fair in Spain
  • Exhibition of masks from around the world
  • Leisure wear fashion show in Paris
  • Berlin firemen at a large practice drill
  • Fighting on the Finnish front
  • Women work at sawmills and riding schools
  • Opening of the RAD art exhibit in Prague
  • Goebbels addresses a rally in Breslau
  • Goebbels confirms first use of the V-1
  • Supplies for Wehrmacht units in Finland
  • Review of the battle situation on the Normandy front
  • In a paramilitary camp of the Hitler Youth
  • The training of dogpacks
  • A German convoy in the North Sea
  • The “One Man Torpedo”
  • The use of fighters against heavy American bomber attacks in Central Germany
  • Fighting on the Invasion Front
  • Assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler
  • The Fuhrer receives the Duce
  • The Day of German Armaments
  • New tanks are tested in the field
  • Elastic battle tactics on the Eastern Front
  • American air attacks against Caen
  • The Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck in action
  • A Goliath takes out an American tank
  • Use of the V-1 against England
  • State funeral for Generaloberst Kortner
  • Hitler visits officers wounded in the July 20 assassination attempt
  • Oberst Remer speaks to the Berlin Guard Regiment
  • Call-up of men in the cities of the South Hannover and Braunschweig Gaue
  • The 85-year old Norwegian poet, Knut Hamsun, visits a U-Boat crew
  • Withdrawal of German troops on the Eastern Front
  • Destruction of all militarily important buildings and installations in the East
  • Battles in the Normandy region
  • American prisoners are paraded through the streets of Paris and attacked by the populace
  • German fighters attack the supply roads at the bridgeheads of the enemy
  • Defensive fighting outside of Caen
  • Construction of anti-tank trenches in the Baltic East
  • Defensive fighting between the Baltic and the Carpathians
  • Defensive measures against American bombers in northern Italy
  • French militia hunts down partisans
  • A German U-Boat on a mission against the enemy in the North Sea
  • Medical treatment in wartime Hungary
  • Gymnastics exhibition in Dresden
  • SA men demonstrate their athletic and military prowess in the Protektorat Bohmen and Mahren
  • Horse racing in Copenhagen
  • German women at a health spa
  • Japanese and foreign officers inspect Wehrmacht units
  • Battles in the Ravenna – Florence region
  • Women are fully engaged in armaments’ production, the police and fire battalions
  • Use of decoys for anti-aircraft defense in the Normandy
  • Suppression of the revolt in Warsaw
  • Counterattacks on the Eastern Front
  • New regiments of fighters and materiel take off for the Eastern Front
  • Orthodox field services in Serbia
  • The transport of commercial goods by horse and wagon and the S-Bahn
  • Celebratory begin of the harvest in the Balkans
  • Medical research and practices in Turkey
  • The civilian population in the Balkans are given weapons for anti-partisan combat
  • Croatian volunteers on the Eastern Front are decorated for bravery
  • Russian volunteers in the Wehrmacht are trained in Germany
  • The civilian population of East Prussia digs trenches on the border
  • V-1 in action in France
  • Restrictions on cultural life in the Reich
  • Women doing war production in munitions plants
  • Stabilizing of the front lines in the East
  • Battle reports from Courland
  • Use of the V-1 against London and southern England
  • Anglo-American air attacks on the invasion front
  • HJ youth help out in the countryside
  • In the “Castle Village” Strobeck in the Harz Mountains
  • Morning exercises at the gymnastics school Medau
  • Norwegian volunteer units leave for service on the frontlines
  • State funeral for the Spanish foreign minister, Francisco Gomez
  • Islamic dignitaries are received in Croatia
  • Market day in an Albanian city
  • Hay and corn harvest time in Germany
  • Interned Italian soldiers are set free
  • Wood is culled from the mountains of Norway
  • Military decorations go to German marines
  • The Warsaw Uprising comes to an end
  • Mountain farming families at work
  • RAD men and women help with the harvest
  • Women in the armaments industry
  • Experienced naval troops are awarded high decorations
  • Organized withdrawals on the Invasion Front
  • Oberleutnant Erich Hartmann is awarded the Ritterkreuz with Diamonds for his 301st air kill
  • Construction of trenches and bunkers on the Narva Front
  • Collapse of the uprising in Warsaw
  • German youth show themselves ready to defend the Fatherland
  • The Rumanians change sides
  • The Golden Close Quarter Fighting Pin is awarded to those who survived close quarter fighting 50 times
  • The use of one-man torpedoes
  • A German youth choir performs at church
  • Hitler Youth doing farm labor
  • Japanese youth at a mass-gymnastics demonstration
  • Training of Luftwaffe helpers
  • Rowing championship in Spain
  • Swimming competition in Denmark
  • German ladies show their gymnastic skills
  • Recovering German soldiers wounded in battle learn how to carve wood
  • Work in a tire re-treading plant
  • Tenth anniversary of the Land Service
  • Older citizens at work in the munitions factories
  • Women work as barbers
  • Practical use of raw materials, such as corn husks, for making consumer products
  • Volunteers stream into the barracks for military training
  • Organized withdrawal on the Western Front
  • German divisions pull back from Kandalashka after the collapse of the Finnish government
  • Refugees flee towards Sweden
  • Heavy Nebelwerfer batteries stop an attack on the Eastern Front
  • T-34s are repulsed by Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck
  • The Rhine wine harvest of 1944
  • Taking the cattle down from the Bavarian Alps
  • The last German troops leave Finland
  • A German flak battery in Norway beats off a Soviet air attack
  • The German Red Cross cares for the wounded
  • German pilots train on gliders
  • The 1944 harvest in Croatia
  • Hitler Youth help out with the harvest in Germany
  • Canoe racing in Geneva
  • International Sports Competition in Germany
  • Grand Admiral Donitz gives a speech in Weser-Ems
  • Arthur Axmann visits the 12th SS Tank Division “Hitler Jugend”
  • Kriegsmarine heroes visit Berlin
  • An eastern Carpathian village is cleared by a Sturmgeschutze battalion
  • Artillery duels on the Adriatic Front
  • Reichsjugendfuhrer Axmann visits the 12th SS Hitler Jugend tank division
  • The Allies are smashed at Arnheim
  • Professor Martin Moebius oversees the breeding of cacti
  • Tobacco growing in Denmark
  • Women from the Ostmark working at home
  • Fishing on the high seas off Norway
  • The manufacture and printing of sheet music
  • A concert in a munitions plant
  • Battles near Luneville
  • Estonians flee the Bolsheviks on German steamships
  • Young Latvians volunteer as flak helpers
  • The FW 190 on the Eastern Front
  • Attack against a Soviet bridgehead in Courland
  • The final mopping up of the Warsaw Uprising
  • Dr. Goebbels visits Field Marshal Model at his headquarters
  • The King Tiger makes its appearanceState funeral for Oberstleutnant Helmut Lent
  • Use of a special x-ray machine in an operation
  • Harvesting wine grapes in Croatia
  • Market day in an Albanian city
  • Ceramics school in Germany
  • A Hitler Youth communications corps in action
  • Bicycle and field and track competitions in Berlin
  • General de Gaulle arrives in Paris
  • Warsaw surrenders
  • The populace and military on the Eastern Front withdraw
  • Chaos in Paris
  • Fortifications building in the West
  • The V-1 continues to pound London
  • The battle for Aachen
  • The Soviet fall offensive
  • Warsaw surrenders
  • Fighting around Oradea
  • The death of Marshal Rommel
  • The Hitler Youth Class of 1928 volunteers to fight at the front
  • Creation of the Volkssturm
  • Professor Bergius, inventor of synthetic fuel, celebrates his 60th birthday
  • Juice from the fruit of mountain ash
  • A new infants’ home in Salamanca
  • Learning how to rollerskate
  • Bicycle race in Vienna
  • Mountain sports festival in the Salzburg Gau
  • Circus Knee in Zurich
  • Female workers at exercise
  • Health care in Croatia
  • German Alpine Rescue Corps in action
  • Fighting around Debrecen and Oradea
  • German troops take back a village in Siebenburgen (Transylvania)
  • Grossadmiral Doenitz visits the training sites for the new Kriegsmarine weaponry
  • Explosive boats and one-man torpedoes in action
  • Belfort, Metz and Trier become frontline cities
  • Defense of Geilenkirchen and the taking of American prisoners
  • Fighting around Goldap and Gumbinnen
  • Soviet atrocities in Nemmersdorf
  • Tobacco harvest in Denmark
  • Wine harvest in Bohmen und Mahren
  • Carp farming in Lake Moritzburg near Dresden
  • National swimming championships in Madrid
  • Frontline fighter school in Telemark, Norway
  • Cossack bands in the Wehrmacht
  • Training of women RAD units as flak helpers
  • Training of Volkssturm
  • German youth work in the mines
  • Concert for Czechs working in the Reich
  • Swimming competition in Barcelona’s harbor
  • Soccer game in Oslo between a German and Norwegian team
  • Plowing competition in central Sweden
  • Construction of defensive installations in the Po Valley
  • Wehrmacht units crush the Slovakian uprising
  • Battles outside of Budapest
  • Memorial at the Feldherrnhalle in Munich
  • Swearing in of the Volkssturm in East Prussia, Danzig and Berlin
  • Dr. Goebbels addresses the Volkssturm men in Berlin
  • Battles on the Vosges Front
  • Battles outside of Budapest
  • Liberation of Goldap
  • State funeral for Major Walter Nowotny in Vienna
  • All Saints’ Day in Zagreb
  • Chess championships in Prague
  • The Wine Harvest in Spain
  • The making of horse feed in Germany
  • A Cossack stud farm in Germany
  • Railway helpers make winter clothing
  • German soldiers in the surrounded Atlantic base at Lorient
  • General Vlasov arrives in Prague for the founding of the Committee of Liberation of Russia’s Peoples
  • Mopping up of the Slovakian Uprising
  • Marine Battle Swimmers blow up a bridge near Nijmegen
  • Major offensive in the West by the Anglo-Americans
  • Defensive fighting in East Prussia
  • Construction of a dam in Spain
  • Circus Busch performs
  • Members of the “Magic Circle” meet at a convention
  • Conversion of trucks to book gas from charcoal
  • A wounded NCO works in a munitions plant
  • RAD men undergo military training
  • Fighting on the Danube
  • Supplying German units on the Courland Front by sea
  • Morning exercises at the Spanish Riders’ School in Vienna
  • Mowing hay in the German Alps
  • Market day in Albania
  • Training replacements for the Navy
  • Excerpts from the film “Grosse Freiheit Nr. 7”
  • German soldiers run an obstacle course behind the front lines
  • Evacuation of a pass in the Carpathians
  • Enemy low-level fighter attacks on the Western and Italian fronts
  • A convoy in the North Sea
  • Stukas at work on the Eastern Front
  • The painter, Professor Franz Eichenhorst at work
  • Generalfeldmarschall Freiherr von Weichs is received in Zagreb
  • Sportsmen train indoors for the winter
  • Drying potatoes
  • Apprentices learn to handle locomotives
  • Treaded motorcycles are tested out in mountainous terrain
  • German troops pull back from the Sworbe Peninsula in Estonia
  • Girls in the Protektorat make puppets for the children of laborers in the Reich
  • Bavarian folk dancing
  • A Kindergarten in Zagreb
  • Spanish youth take part in a model plane competition
  • Cross country run in the Protektorat Bohmen und Mahren
  • Day of the German Railroad Men
  • Generalfeldmarschall von Mackensen’s 95th birthday
  • The Fuhrer receives the Hungarian head-of-state Szalasy
  • The Danube Flotilla of the Kriegsmarine in action in Budapest
  • Defense against Bolshevik attacks in Courland and East Prussia
  • The Waal Dam near Arnheim is blown up
  • The sculptor Professor Tuerke’s 60th birthday
  • An excerpt from the film “Solistin Anna Alt”
  • Hitler Youth and BDM make toys for children of men fallen in war
  • Christmas presents for Norwegian volunteers at the front
  • Housewives receive technical training
  • Circus Sarrasani
  • Street race in Barcelona
  • Dr. Weber at work on cardiac research
  • The making of prosthetics for war amputees
  • Muslim volunteer units are set up for combat at the front
  • Dr. Goebbels addresses workers in a western German city destroyed in bombing raids
  • Formation of Women’s Auxiliary Corps of the Wehrmacht
  • Awarding of the Close Combat Pin in Gold to 81 soldiers by Himmler
  • Use of the MG-42 machine gun
  • Withdrawal from the Balkans
  • A ski patrol on the French-Italian border
  • Anglo-American offensive near Roermund
  • Children ice skating
  • Ice skating championships in Berlin
  • Gymanstics tournament
  • Girls help open a children’s home
  • New leather goods are produced
  • Children receive Christmas gifts
  • A soldier’s choir performs
  • New anti-tank weapons in action
  • Hitler Youth celebrate the Winter Solstice
  • Gebirgsjager training
  • Oberst Rudel in action against Soviet tanks
  • Heavy fighting between Lake Balaton and the Danube in Hungary
  • The Ardennes Offensive opens up with V-1s, Nebelwerfer and artillery
  • German paratroopers and tanks take villages held by the Americans
  • American prisoners and the German advance through the Ardennes
  • Swearing in ceremony of young People’s Grenadiers
  • Weapons are handed out to munitions plants’ workers
  • Defense against another large offensive by the Soviets against Courland
  • Exchange of American and German prisoners of war
  • Efforts of soldiers in bases cut off on the Atlantic coast
  • Large numbers of American and British planes are wiped out on New Year’s Day in Holland and Belgium
  • Karl Benz’s 100th birthday
  • New personal and express cars for the Reichsbahn
  • The German people donate goods for the newly formed Volksgrenadier divisions
  • Flooding on the Waal in Holland
  • First pictures of the V-2 in flight towards England
  • Swearing in of Volkssturm units in the Protektorat Bohmen und Mahren
  • Wounded soldiers learning to ski
  • The use of women in the airplane industry
  • Processing of sugar beets
  • Training of Norwegian labor battalions
  • New workers’ apartments in Spain
  • Russian Orthodox service for Vlasov’s soldiers in Oslo
  • Training from Volkssturm soldiers
  • The life of the German people underground
  • Soviet Grand Offensive on 13 January 1945
  • Heavily wounded soldiers return to Germany on a prisoner exchange
  • Nebelwerfer and artillery are used in the Ardennes
  • German refugees flee their homes in the East
  • Defending East Prussia against a Soviet offensive
  • Snowstorms on Courland’s coast
  • Defense of Budapest
  • German tanks break the lines between Lake Balaton and Budapest
  • German tanks re-take Szekesfehervar
  • Textile factories make blankets and uniforms for the Volkssturm and Wehrmacht
  • Defensive fighting between the lower Rhine and the Maas
  • Naval assault on Soviet positions on the Curonian Spit
  • Fortress Breslau
  • Gauleiter Hanke inspects Breslau’s defensive preparations
  • Frontline at Frankfurt an der Oder and Kustrin
  • Volkssturm units receive Sturmgewehr 44s and Goliath tanks
  • Fighting on the Oder River
  • Sven Hedin’s 80th birthday
  • RAD leader Konstantin Hierl receives the highest German order
  • Oberst Rudel in a field hospital
  • Berlin’s Volkssturm build barricades in the streets of the capital
  • The snorkel allows U-Boats to stay submerged longer and have more success
  • Battles on the Roer and at Julich
  • The fighters of Budapest return to German lines
  • Battles in Silesia
  • Atrocities committed by Soviet soldiers in Silesian villages
  • Dr. Goebbels visits the battlefront at Frankfurt an der Oder
  • Strikes and unrest in England and the USA
  • General Vlasov reviews Russian volunteer units
  • Fifth attempt of the Soviets to take Courland
  • Wounded are transported on sleds with sails
  • The populace of the East flee over the ice to safety in the Reich
  • Defense of the Marienburg (Malbork)
  • Obersturmbannfuhrer Skorzeny decorates soldiers with the Tank Destroyer Badge
  • Liberation of Guben
  • Liberation of Lauban (Luban)
  • Fighting around Gorlitz
  • The 16 year old Wilhelm Hubner receives the Iron Cross
  • The Fuhrer visits a division headquarters in the East
  • Hauptmann Aghta has defused 1016 bombs and is awarded with the Oak Leaves to the Iron Cross
  • Civilians are trained in the use of the Panzerfaust
  • The Fuhrer receives Reichsjugendfuhrer Axmann and twenty Hitler Youth at his headquarters
  • Exemplary service by the Kriegsmarine in evacuating civilians from West and East Prussia
  • Battlefront Stettin
  • Red Cross video of children looking for their parents lost while fleeing the Soviets



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