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GERMAN WARTIME NEWSREELS 26 - 35 * with switchable English subtitles *


10 DVD SET corresponds to Numbers 26 through 35 of our translations of Die Deutsche Wochenschau newsreels (in addition to any supplments listed in the description below), mainly in Europe, from May 1943 to June 1944, with first hand film reports.  Each part has variable film quality based on the original films it shows.  Overall, we would say the quality would correspond to a range of well worn VHS to excellent VHS quality.  There is some sound and picture quality issues on some of the selections, but that corresponds to only a small percentage of the total.

RAD men build fortifications on the Atlantic coast

Supplies are sent to the Leningrad front

Flooding in the Wolchow region

Defensive fighting in Tunis

Resupply of a U-Boat

State funeral for General Brockdorff-Ahlefeldt

Gebirgsjager train horses and pack mules

Improvement and reinforcement of the Atlantic Wall

SD police fight Soviet partisans

A Sunday dance in an Ukrainian village

Volunteer Cossack regiment displays its riding skills for Wehrmacht observers

Stuka attack on the Kuban bridgehead

Ukrainian volunteers join the SS Division “Galicia”

Hitler Youth members join the Waffen SS

The Viennese 44th Division is renamed, “Hoch- und Deutschmeister” Division

Artillery recruits are trained in the field

A mobile library visits the Eastern Front

Fighting on the Kuban bridgehead

A review of increased armaments production in May 1943

The Ritterkreuz to the Kriegsverdienstkreuz is awarded to nine munitions workers

City kids are sent off to the Baltic Sea on vacation

The Deutsche Oper’s orchestra plays in a tank factory

Training of female air raid auxiliaries

Training of anti-tank troops

Training in an U-Boat school

Artillery attacks on Leningrad

Home leave for the volunteer Finnish SS battalion

Fighting in the Kuban bridgehead

The 4th wartime soccer championship game between Dresden and Saarbrucken

Opening of the 7th Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung in Munich

International  journalists convention in Vienna

Anti-aircraft operations in the Rhein-Westfalen region

Help for those affected by the Anglo-American raids

Anti-partisan fighting in Montenegro

A grenadier battalion on the Eastern Front on leave in the rear




1943 – Junker der Waffen-SS:   brief film about the training and education of the elite soldier’s force filmed shortly before the turn in Germany’s wartime fortunes


1943 – Land an der Weichsel:  Shows, in color, those regions of Poland annexed by the Reich and what life was like there during the War.



The cathedral in Cologne is severely damaged by British bombers

Inspection of a tank school by Generaloberst  Guderian

A German company celebrates Solstice festivalon the Eastern Front

Battles on the Murman Front

Japanese officers visit the front between Leningrad and Lake Ilmen

A Turkish military mission visits the southern stretch of the Eastern Front

Police raid in Minsk

Streetcars are put back into action in Orel

Russian cities celebrate liberation from Soviet yoke on the 2nd anniversary of the invasion of the USSR

Anti-submarine flotilla on the French Atlantic coastline

German swimming championship in Erfurt

German wounded spending free time in Arles, France

Grossadmiral Doenitz inspects new U-Boat crews

Mass graves are discovered in Vinnitsa

The Battle of Kursk

Youth help out with the oilseed harvest

Shock troops as guests in Lubeck

A U-tanker heads out to re-supply subs on the high seas

Artillery shelling of Leningrad

Heavy tank fighting around Orel

Festival for wounded and soldiers on leave in Bayreuth

Soldiers on leave and the wounded take East Prussian boats back to the homeland from Leningrad

Marshall Rommel in Salonika

Paratroopers repulse heavy Allied assaults in Sicily

Evacuation of Orel

Me110s attack enemy columns in the East

Tuna fishing off the coast of Spain

German troops evacuate Sicily

Funeral for King Boris III of Bulgaria

The German Raider “Thor” visits Japan

The Germans pull into Italy


Flemish Labor Service men rally in Antwerp

Second Anniversary of the French Volunteer Legion in the battle against Bolshevism

Rally for the wounded in Gorlitz

German minelayers in the Arctic Sea

German reinforcements advance through northern Italy

German troops take Rome

The Allies land in Salerno

Mussolini is rescued from captivity by Otto Skorzeny

Celebration in Tallinn of the 2nd anniverary of the liberation of Estonia from Bolshevik rule

Dutch volunteers of the Waffen SS take the oath

Glieder pilot Jachtmann breaks the world record for glider flight

Orderly withdrawal over the Dnieper and blowing up of left behind war materiel and installations

Evacuation of the Kuban bridgehead

German and Rumanian Stukas attack advancing Soviet units

Dr. Sauerbruch receives the Ritterkreuz to the Kriegsverdienstkreuz with Swords

A school for training female leaders in the RAD

Instruction at a motor sports’ school of the NSKK

Shock troop operations by Luftwaffe soldiers near Leningrad

An armored train and Panzerspahwagen in the battle against partisans

Securing the coastline of the Sea of Azov

Hauptmann Rudel’s unit celebrates his 1500th Stuka mission

Evacuation of Corsica

Occupation of Corfu and Albania


Reception of Reichsprotektor Frick in Prague

Reception of a Bulgarian ministerial council at the Fuhrerhauptquartier

A visit to a naval HJ unit in southern Germany

Reichsmarschall Goering takes a tour of inspection of air defense crews

A ship full of wounded soldiers lands in Stettin after a prisoner-of-war exchange with the British

The Germans invade and take the island of Kos

RAD men exercise in a Corinthian training camp

Speer addresses workers in a Berlin armaments plant

4th Anniversary celebration of Posen’s return to the Reich

Tank repair on the Eastern Front

The Albanian National Assembly meets in Tirana after the Germans grant them independence

Germans combat partisans in Bosnia

Rommel inspects defensive structures in northern Italy

Heavy defensive fighting on the Dnieper

Battles in the Krivoi Rog region

Storing dry vegetables in Antwerp

Men are taught how to function in the kitchen by themselves

Hermann Goering inspects the Hermann Goering Tank Division

A visit to an ensign school for the Navy

Observation of the 20th Anniversary of the Beer Hall Putsch

Fighter planes attack allied bombers

Swearing- in oath of French volunteer legions

Ice hockey championships in Berlin

Japanese ambassador Oshima tours the Atlantic Wall

Supplies for the Arctic front

General Dietl inspects his troops in the Lapland

German reinforcements move into southern Italy

Reinforcements and supplies for a new base in the Aegean

The largest plane in the world, the Me 321, in action

Grossadmiral Doenitz and Reichsminister Speer at naval maneuvers

The Reichsmarschall visits Germany’s mining region

Himmler inspects a Muslim volunteer unit

Red Cross sisters pack bundles for the Eastern Front

Soldiers make Christmas toys

Dr. Goebbels organizes rapid response to Anglo-American bomb attacks on Berlin

German tanks counterattack in the Dnieper bend

Stuka attack against advancing Soviets near Nevel

Occupation of Leros and Samos

Transylvanian Germans volunteer for the Waffen SS

Christmas on the frontlines, 1943

Rommel inspects the coastal defenses in Denmark

At a seaplane base in northern Norway


Silent film for foreign audiences with music accompaniment:

Can-Can performance;  A hockey game; The building of highways; Pictures from Rumania

and Italy; A Youth rally in Hungary; 600 men from a Polish division put themselves at the

service of the Wehrmacht; Use of the transport plant “Giant” on the Eastern Front;

heavy fighting on the Eastern Front; Nebelwerfer action on the battlefield

Political Rally against Bolshevism in Paris

Partisan fighting in Bosnia

Generaloberst Dietl visits his men on the Arctic Front

Defensive fighting near Kivorograd

Submarine activity in the Indian Ocean

Emil Nikolaus von Reznicek conducts his opera “Donna Diana”

German artist soldiers

Generalmajor Schulz is the 9th soldier to be awarded the Diamonds to the Ritterkreuz

The life of soldiers on the islands in the Aegean Sea

Supplying the bridgehead at Nikopol

Air battle against American bombers on 11 January, who lose 1/3 of their attacking bombers

Interrogation of American bombers crews

Tenth anniversary of the death of Dr. Paulus Victros, the Fuhrer’s architect

The German merchant marine in the War

Young Dutchmen report to the NSKK headquarters in the Netherlands for volunteer service

Rommel attends a situational conference about the western front

Life with the night fighters

99 Bombers shot down in only two nights in January

An inspection of the defensive installations in Italy

Life at an observation post in the Abruzzo

Heavy defensive fighting near Vitebsk

Silent film for foreign audiences with music accompaniment:

25 years of German civil aviation

Ustasha Congress

A look at a dammed river in Spanish Morocco

Swimming lessons in Hilversum

Carnival in the Tirolean mountains

At a stud farm in Russia

A visit to a fashion show in Paris

A home for bombed-out artists in Steiermark

German soldiers learn to ski in Norway

Ju88 and Me110 over England

The Painter, Professor Herrmann, receives the Goethe Medal

The women’s RAD at work

Anglo-American landing attempts at Nettuno

Allied troops are marched through Rome as prisoners

Night fighting outside of Vitebsk

Silent film for foreign audiences with music accompaniment:

The new president of the German Academy takes his office

A saw mill operated by water power

Herding of reindeer in Lappland

German troops defend the bridgehead at Kerch


In a sanatorium for wounded fliers

German destroyers secure the waters for French fishermen

Supply trains for the southern Italian front

The cloisters at Monte Cassino are bombed into rubble

Castel Gandolfo is destroyed by Allied bombing raids

German troops pull back on the Leningrad front

A Panzer division counterattacks in Kirovograd

German and Rumanian troops in defensive battles near Kerch

The Greif Squadron prepares for an air attack on London

A German boys’ choir performs in Budapest

German troops use sled dogs in Lappland

A Rumanian general inspects soldiers

S-Boats in action in the Atlantic

Social unrest in India

Spanish artists at work

Exhibition of new diving equipment

Dr. Goebbels receives soldiers who fought at Cherkassy

Rally with Leon Degrelle

Rommel on an inspection tour

Wrestling championship for sportsmen from Germany, Norway and Slovakia

Settlers return from Russia

Dr. Goebbels receives heroes from the Battle of Cherkassy

Rommel inspects coastal defences

German troops withdraw from Narva

German counterattacks at Anzio

Fifth anniversary of Slovakia’s independence

Fashion show in Brussles

Diamond traders in Amsterdam

German crafts exhibition in Croatia

A Diver visits a shipwreck in the Mediterranean

Civil internees and POWs return from the United States

Oath of French volunteers in the fight against Bolshevism

Introduction of the “Goliath” anti-tank weapon

Air attack on Berlin

Estonians and German soldiers battle the Soviets near Narva

Ceremonial state funeral for a high-ranking personality in Tirana

Evangelical service in Germany

RAD work camp for members of foreign labor organizations in Germany

Spanish military ski competition

German soldiers and Norwegian civilians at a variety show in Norway

Peasant wedding in the Carpatho-Ukraine

U-Boat training

A German chemist invents synthetic fiber

Heinrich Georg leads the rebuilding of the Schiller Theater

Dr. Goebbels receives fighters from Monte Cassino

German troops arrive in Hungary

Training of U-Boat men

Fighting on the Finnish front

Generalfeldmarschall Busch celebrates hi 40th anniversary in the army

Fighting in the Pripyet Marshes


Daily life in a home for evacuated children from war zones

Alpine school for ski troops

German withdrawals in the southern sectors of the Eastern Front

Fierce defensive fighting in Monte Cassino

Further fighting at Monte Cassino

The “Giant” transport plane on the Eastern Front

Supplies for the fighting troops on the Crimea

Liberation of surrounded troops at Kovel

Hitler’s birthday is celebrated in the Reichshauptstadt

Withdrawals on the Eastern Front and counterattacks with Tigers in Bessarabia

German cities are attacked by American bombers

Funeral services for Gauleiter Adolf Wagner in Munich

Generaloberst Hube is buried in Berlin

Celebrations for the fifth anniversary of Barcelona’s liberation

SS Volunteer Brigade “Wallonia” returns to Brussels

Naval personnel learn about anti-shipping mines

Training sharpshooters

With Hungarian troops in Ivano-Frankivsk

Preparations for the allied landings in the west

Fashion show on how to make new dresses from old rags

The Immelmann Squadron celebrates its 100,000th mission against the enemy

Defensive fighting by the Latvian SS near Narva

Sowing potatoes in the Netherlands

Young officers are sworn in and parade in Bulgaria

Rommel inspects coastal defences


What everyone needs to know about the transport of goods on Reich roads and railways

Quick sorting of mail thanks to the new zip code system

Strikes and lockouts in the U.S.  and England

A French rally for volunteers in the fight against Bolshevism

German and Rumanian troops evacuate the Crimea

Withdrawal from Sevastopol

Defensive battles between the Prut River and Moldavia

Dr. Tiso visits the Fuhrer in his main headquarters

A performance by the Busch Circus

De-fusing sea mines

Fighting in the jungles of Burma

Members of the Legion “Free India” during military exercises on the Channel coast

Japanese officers visit their German counterparts on the Atlantic Wall

Mother’s Day In Oberbayern and the Steiermark

Wounded Wehrmacht soldiers arrive in southern France after their internment in the U.S.

Ukrainian and Rumanian civilians flee from the Bolsheviks

Police units in battle with partisans on the Eastern Front

German subhunters at work

Celebrations for the “Day of Bravery” in Bulgaria

An international trade show is put on in Valencia, Spain

Anti-Bolshevik rally in the Reichsprotektorat

Wake for the murdered metropolitan in Sofia

Hungarian officers receive the German Cross

Adolf Hitler personally decorates a Rumanian general

Heavy fighting in the Alban mountains

German firefighters help the French save the Rouen cathedral from fires caused by enemy bombs

Reichsminister Speer gives a pep talk at a munitions factory

The Battle for Rome

Air battles against American bombing raids

D-Day, 06 June 1944

Anglo-American air raid on Caen 



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