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GERMAN WARTIME NEWSREELS 16-25 * with switchable English subtitles *

10 DVD SET corresponds to Numbers 16 through 25 of our translations of Die Deutsche Wochenschau newsreels (in addition to any supplments listed in the description below) covering the events, mainly in Europe, from January 1942 to April 1943, with first hand film reports.  Each part has variable film quality based on the original films it shows.  Overall, we would say the quality would correspond to a range of well worn VHS to excellent VHS quality.  There is some sound and picture quality issues on some of the selections, but that corresponds to only a small percentage of the total.
SOME OF THE TOPICS COVERED (For the full description please refer to the product page of each part):

Drive for furs and winter clothing for troops on the Eastern Front

Finnish operations in East Karalia

German assaults on Sevetopol

At an officer’s training school

A look at Augsburg

Wounded veterans are taught new skills for future employment

A visit to a German cigarette factory

A visit to a factory which makes machine guns

Reich’s foreign minister Ribbentrop visits Budapest

General  Sepp Dietrich receives the Oak Leaves to the Ritterkreuz from the Fuhrer

Over 67,000,000 pieces of winter clothing is sent off to the Eastern Front

Street fighting in Yevpatoria

Germans and Rumanians attack the fortress at Sevastopol

Oberst Galland is awarded the Oak Leaves with Swords and Diamonds to the Ritterkreuz

With the Spanish Blue Division near Leningrad

German and Rumanian units retake Feodosia

German U-Boats attack in New York waters

German and Italian units move into Benghazi

The death of Dr. Fritz Todt

Marshal Antonescu visits the Fuhrerhauptquartier

Vikdun Quisling visits Berlin




1937 – Flieger, Funker, Kanoniere: Hermann Goering narrates this brief film about the new Luftwaffe in Germany
1937 – Alles Leben ist Kampf
Another “educational” film about euthanasia, in which the concept of the strong being
entitled to survive while the weak goes under is used to justify “removing” the mentally
and severely physically ill and handicapped from society.  Silent film with German
intertitles and optional English subtitles.niere on military exercises in the Bavarian Alps


In a U-Boat manufacturing plant

With Finnish troops near Lake Ladoga

Unloading of supplies and munitions for the Leningrad Front

Rumanians and Germans continue the advance on Sevastopol

Panzers advance to the front from Tripoli

Locals greet the Afrika Korps in Benghazi

German U-Boats sink a large number of ships off New York

Gneisenau, Scharnhorst and Prinz Eugen slip unmolested past the British in the Channel

Finnish troops move up to the Stalin Canal

NSKK transport ammunition to the front lines in the north

German films contradict Molotov’s claims that the Germans plundered Tolstoy’s estate

Germans attempt to dig trenches in the stone-hard, frozen ground southwest of Moscow

Italian troops battle the Soviets in the Donets basin

In North Africa, Axis troops retreat from the British and move to new positions

Vikdun Quisling visits the Fuhrer

The Germans advance near Lake Ilmen

Croatian sailors secure the harbor of Yalta

Fighting in the Yalta region

Rumanian officers are awarded the Iron Cross

Stukas attack coastal defences near Kerch

German and Italian troops retake Derna, Libya

A review of the war in the Pacific

The Japanese attack Midway, Wake, Guam, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore

Japanese attack Myanmar and the Burma Road

Thailand allies itself with the Japanese Empire

Attack and landing on Borneo, Celebes and New Guinea

Invasion of the Solomon Islands

Conquest of Singapore

Promotion of General Model and General Freiherr von Richthofen

Attack on Malta






Fascinating, short film about how the weekly Wochenschau broadcasts are made,
Covering the actual filming, the mixing of sound and film, editing, cutting, pasting
and copying.   For anyone interested in how filming was actually done back in those
days --- and it was very much different than it’s done today --- this short film will
not disappoint.

At a convalescent home for wounded soldiers in the Salzkammergut

Women RAD workers help out Alpine villagers

British raid on the civilian areas of Paris

Naval artillery units respond to a British attempt to pass through the Straits of Dover

At a construction wharf for U- Boats

Netherlands Legion soldiers and supplies are sent to the Eastern Front from Baltic ports

Finnish and German troops counterattack in the Lake Ladoga region

JU 52 transport planes bring the forward units ammunition, food and fuel

The Italian Navy leads a German supply convoy to the North African coast

German bombers harass British columns east of Tobruk

Memorial services for the victims of the British attack on Paris

Heroes’ Memorial Day in Berlin

Winter battles in the Donetz basin

Memorial service for Dr. Bosch, a pioneer in the automotive industry

Dr. Goebbels arrives in Graz to take part in the commemoration of the Anschluss

Anschluss-memorial celebrations in Vienna

Dynamite is used to extend trenches in frozen Russian positions near Leningrad

The Spanish Blue Division digs emplacements for their artillery

Soldiers of the Spanish Blue Division are decorated with the Iron Cross

Tanks and ammunition are brought up to the Crimea for the Sevastopol siege

Anti-partisan operations in the Crimean mountains

Italian subhunters on duty in the Aegean

Italian flak fires upon British bombers in Africa

Afrika Korps troops are plagued by sandstorms

German pioneers replace a blown up railway bridge in -35C weather on the Eastern Front

German artillery continues to pound Leningrad

Japanese officers pay a visit to a German airbase on Sicily

Transport planes bring fresh troops to the front in Africa

Generalfeldmarschall Kesselring inspects an air unit in the Libyan Desert

Stuka attack on English trucks in the desert

Germany celebrates the Day of the Wehrmacht

British air attack on Lubeck

Transport planes supply isolated frontline units in Russia

Constant Soviet attacks against the Germans in the Donets region

Bolshevik prisoners and civilians are compelled to shovel snow from the streets for supply columns

German raiders wreak havoc in the Indian Ocean

In a tank manufacturing plant

Generalfeldmarschall Milch’s 50th birthday

Hauptmann Philip is awarded the Ritterkreuz with Oak Leaves and Swords for his 100 air kills

Spring finally arrives in the Crimea

Fighting in Kerch

On an Italian battleship in the Mediterranean

The German and Italian navies take turns decorating each other’s men

British destroyers attack an Italian guarded convoy on its way to Tripoli




A partial newsreel from 17 September 1941, which can be seen in volume 12 of the series  is once again presented here, because of a superior film quality version discovered after the fact. Nevertheless, even if it is “recently” repeated material, the change in bravado and attitude from just seven months before is very apparent in the re-watching of this film.



Wilhelm Furtwangler conducts the Berlin Philhamonic Orchestra in honor of the Fuhrer’s birthday

Hitler’s minions congratulate him on his 53rd birthday

With German fliers on Sicily

German raid on Malta

Italian submarines conduct operations off the American coast

Fighting in the Gulf of Finland

German pioneers rebuild a railway bridge over the Narva

German trucks get stuck in the spring mud near Leningrad

SD and security troops look for partisan units

Ice is blown up on the Donetz to protect the railway bridge

German engineers work on repairing the Great Dnepr Dam

Large parade celebrates the 4th anniversary of Madrid’s liberation from the Bolsheviks

Thaw weather all along the Eastern Front

FW 190s repel British fighters and bombers on the Channel coast

A visit at Professor Brekker’s studio in Berlin Grunewald

Alfred Rosenberg receives a delegation of Ukrainian, Byelorussian and Russian peasants

Generaloberst von Kleist receives the Oak Leaves to the Ritterkreuz for the Iron Cross

Ukrainian militia on exercises

Work in a hospital for horses

Norwegian Legion soldiers pump water out of their foxholes on the Eastern Front

Sunday market in Kharkov

U-Boat sinkings off the American coast

Generalfeldmarschall List arrives in Bucharest for the Rumanian National Day

400 young Dutch volunteer for service in the RAD

Fighting in Lappland

Finnish soldiers use reindeers to pull their sleds

General Dietl visits his troops near Murmansk

Kerch is taken by the Germans

The Battle of Kharkov




1937 - Cavalry Day in Dusseldorf

1939 – Glaube und Schonheit – a film about the BDM



Hitler and Albert Speer inspect new weapons for the front

In an armaments work

The second battle of Kharkov

Hungarian, Croatian, Italian and Rumanian troops take part in the Kharkov encirclement actions

Reichsfuhrer-SS Himmler visits Den Haag

Young Dutch SS take the oath to the Fuhrer

Hitler visits the Eastern Front and then flies off to see Mannerheim in Finland

Alfred Rosenberg visits Reichskommissariat Ostland

Review of the Battle of Kharkov

The Sultan of Morocco visits Franco in Spain

Prague bids farewell to the assassinated Reichsprotektor, Reinhard Heydrich

Oberst Galland makes an inspection of an airbase in North Africa

Generaloberst Rommel is awarded the highest Italian military order

German and Italian troops take Bir Hacheim

Marshal Antonescu visits the front at Sevastopol

German and Rumanian troops take the northern part of the Sevastopol fortress

Field Marshal Rommel decides on a surprise attack against the British 8th Army in Libya

The British 8th Army is thrown back towards the Libyan-Egyptian borders

Siege of the fortress at Tobruk

The British surrender Tobruk

Sevastopol is taken on 01 July 1942

Waffen-SS Obergruppenfuhrer Eicke is awarded the Oak Leaves to the Ritterkreuz for the Iron Cross

Oberleutnant Marseille receives the Oak Leaves with Swords for his 101st kill

Marshal Manneheim of Finland visits the Fuhrerhauptquartier

Attacking Soviets are encircled and wiped out near Wolchow

The Afrika Korps takes Marsa Matrouh




1941 – Leuchtendes Hellas:  A color, silent film by a German officer made shortly after the conquest of Greece in the spring of that year.



Bohemia and Moravia’s president, Dr. Emil Hacha, celebrates his 70th birthday

Student days of German Art in Salzburg

Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung 1942 in Munich

The discovery and destruction of an Anglo-American convoy to Murmansk

Minesweepers in action in the Gulf of Finland

Operation Blue proceeds with the Germans and Rumanians crossing the Don River

Voronezh is taken by the Germans

JU52 transport planes from Crete carry supplies to the North African front

Civilians are put to work clearing the rubble in Voronezh

The Germans take Voroshilovgrad (Lugansk)

A review of the Atlantic and Channel fortifications

General Munoz Grandes visits the Fuhrerhauptquartier

The battle for Chersones on the most western part of the Crimea

Crossing of the Don

Rostov is taken

Failed Allied landing attempt at Dieppe

Germans take Yaiesk

Rumanian troops enter Tichoretsk

Advance into the Caucasus






A UfA, Bavaria Fox Wochenschau about the 4th Winter Olympic Games which took place in Garmisch-Partenkirchen


Funeral  for Admiral Horthy’s son in Budapest, killed in action in Russia

The Germans and Italians take the Siwa Oasis in the Libyan Desert in Egypt

The Germans begin the battle for Stalingrad

The Germans advance to the Elbrus and place their flag at the peak of Mt. Elbrus

German U-Boat activity in the St. Lawrence River in Canada

German and Rumanian troops cross from Kerch to the Taman Peninsula

The Germans take Novorossiysk

Artillery and bombers pound Stalingrad

Wounded soldiers are taken on a tour of Carinthia

A British landing attempt at Tobruk is beaten off

Street fighting in Stalingrad

Hauptmann Marseille gets his 158th kill over Africa

Night attack on Alexandria

A Japanese submarine visits a German naval base in France

Air attack on Murmansk

Battles in Stalingrad’s suburbs

Gebirgsjager duel with the Soviets in the Elbrus mountain range

“Krieg und Kunst” exhibition in Vienna

Traditional royal regatta in Venice

Tenth International Film Exhibition in Venice

Sweden defeats Germany in a soccer championship in Berlin, 3 to 2

Berlin Philharmonic celebrates the 10th anniversary of the founding of Manchukuo

Funeral service for the fallen in the Legion Tricolore in Paris




1939 – Madel im Landjahr – A film about BDM in the countryside learning how to live proper lives and be productive to society.  Silent film accompanied by rousing pre-War martial music


1939 – Reichsarbeitdienst – A film about the RAD in pre-War service in a training camp in the country.  Silent film accompanied by rousing pre-War martial music.



Celebration of the 2nd anniversary of the signing of the Three Power Pact in Berlin

Marshall Rommel explains the situation in North Africa to the domestic and foreign press corps

Results of the 1941/42 Winterhilfswerk collections

Battles around Lake Ladoga

On a German collective farm in Russia

The southern part of Stalingrad is firmly in German hands

Arrival of trains filled with food from the occupied East

Gebirgsjager duel with the Soviets on Elbrus

Heavy tank battles around Stalingrad

Infantry and Waffen SS take on the Soviets south of Lake Ilmen

Battles in the Leningrad region and south of Lake Ladoga

Air attack on the oil fields of Grozny

The Japanese delegation lays a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Bucharest

European Postal Congress in Vienna

Harvest of sunflowers in the occupied East

Female Auxiliaries in the Wehrmacht visit the Acropolis

Leave for the Freikorps Danmark

A Japanese naval unit underway in the south pacific

20th anniversary of the March on Rome

The NSKK transports supplies on the Eastern Front

Attack on Fort Etak in North Africa

The Germans go over to the defensive at El Alamein




1938 – Schiff Ohne Klassen – This film is about the maiden Atlantic voyage of the Wilhelm Gustloff, a KdF ship where passengers and crew alike shared the same style cabins.  KdF was the Party section which handled vacations and tours for Germany’s workers at great subsidy – and thus, at very low cost for the vacationer.


Commemoration of the Party Fallen on the anniversary of the Putsch

Practice alarm on the Norwegian coast

Finnish soldiers build new homes for needy families of fallen comrades in Karelia

Artillery assault on the Kronstadt Fortress in the bay of Leningrad

German and Croatian air units bomb Leningrad

Italians beat back Soviet attacks on the Don front

The Germans occupy Vichy in response to the Anglo-American invasion of French North Africa

Factory workers man anti-aircraft guns during an air raid

German soldiers meet Spanish border guards in southern France

Rumanian and German ships lay mines in the Black Sea

Gebirgsjager repulse Soviet attacks at the Dombai Ulgen Pass in the Caucasus

Convention of continental mayors in Munich

80th birthday of the poet Gerhart Hauptmann

A new world record in glider flying in Vienna

The Japanese land on the Aleutian Islands

The occupation of Toulon

At a U-Boat training school

A Grenadier battalion on the march to Marseilles

Italian cavalry in Nice

A German and Italian convoy brings supplies to the Afrika Korps in Tunesia

Italian artillery fights off Soviet assaults on the upper Don

Defensive fighting in the central sector of the Eastern Front

The Duce speaks before the Fascist Chamber in Rome

The Battle of Singapore

Japanese paratroopers take Celebus

RAD men on the Eastern Front are absorbed into the Wehrmacht

The first snow fall in the central sector of the Eastern Front

Another winter begins on the Eastern Front

British and American prisoners are taken at Tebourba in Tunesia

Transport of Christmas trees and gifts to a U-Boat south of the Equator

Christmas celebrations in soldiers’ hospitals and convalescent homes

The International Film Guild meets in Budapest

International Chess tournament in Prague

Opening of the Islamic Central Institute in Berlin by the Grand Mufti

Opening of a typhus research center in Lwow

Croatian fliers return home from the Eastern Front

Rescue of the raider crew “Atlantis”, sunk after 655 days at sea




1942 – SOLDATEN IN EIS UND SCHNEE:  Made about a year previous to the events in these Wochenschauen,  „Soldaten in Eis und Schnee“ is a short review of the difficulties faced by the German Army in its first winter operations on the Eastern Front in 1941/42.


1937 – DIE SCHLACHT UM MIGGERSHAUSEN:  In the film “The battle over Miggershausen”,  an animated Volksempfanger wanders to the town Miggershausen, where the knowledge for modern technology in agriculture has failed to take place. The Volksempfanger’s

mission is to advertise the broadcast, especially transmissions over agricultural

themes.  After the farmers kick him out, he calls for reinforcements and a whole

army of Volksempfangers march off to attack the place. The victory of the

informative propaganda is celebrated and the educated farmers transform

Miggershausen into an exemplary town that is ultimately renamed

“Frohenhausen” (happy home).  IN GERMAN WITH NO SUBTITLES.



A view of Eisenach

Ten years of rule by the NSDAP

Night fighters battle enemy bombers

A British torpedo attack on a convoy is fended off

French troops are defeated in an attack in southern Tunisia

Breakout of German soldiers from Velikiye Luki

The Diplomatic corps wishes the Cadillo a Happy New Year

The Spanish party minister Arrese visits Berlin

Celebration of the 478th anniversary of the founding of the Maximilian University in Munich

Dr. Sven Hedin receives an honorary doctorate from Maximilian University

Skiing in Oslo

China declares war against the U.S . and England

Sinking of an American luxury yacht

German soldiers hob nob with locals in Tunisia

Clearing the Arctic Sea Street in the high north of the Eastern Front

Review march of the Spanish Blue Division near Leningrad

Signing of an economic pact between Germany and Japan

Dr. Goebbels speaks at the Berliner Sportspalast

Sinking of an American luxury yacht

The construction of new armament factories

Grossadmiral Doenitz is named as head of the Kriegsmarine

Supplies for the front in Tunisia

Defensive night fighting in the East

Goebbels’ TOTAL WAR speech

Germans report for assignment in the war industries

Loading of supplies in Italy for the Tunisian front

The Wehrmacht pulls back from the advancing enemy in the south of Russia

Bulgarian and German troops celebrate King Boris III’s birthday

Germany and Croatia complete the construction of a long-distance line between both countries

Tino Rossi concert in Brussels

New volunteers with the Dutch SS take their oath

Units of the SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler counterattack between the Donets and Dnieper


1940 – DEUTSCHE PANZER – short film about the production of tanks during wartime.



Albert Speer increases weapons’ production in the Reich

Training in Reserve Officers’ schools

Construction of new armament plants

Construction of the Atlantic Wall

Repair of airplanes on the Eastern Front

Fighting in the region south of Lake Ladoga

SS Sturmmann Mooyman, a 19 year old Dutch volunteer, is the first Dutchman to get the Ritterkreuz

Winter battles between the Dnieper and the Donetz

Sepp Dietrich awards his men the Iron Cross

Heroes’ memorial day in Berlin

U-Boat attack on a convoy in the North Atlantic

Reinforcements move into Crete and the Greek Islands

The Second Battle of Kharkov

Elections to the Danish Folketing

Children from occupied territories vacation in the Reich

Reconstruction of the University of Madrid, destroyed in the Spanish Civil War

Construction of a new bridge in Hungarian occupied Slovakia

Large rally of the Flemish National Union in Brussels

Rally in Prague

Japanese units battle Chinese resistance troops throughout China

Japanese troops land on New Guinea

Japanese bombers attack Port Darwin in Australia

Spring cleaning on the Eastern Front after the thaw sets in

Supply issues on the Lappland front

Wounded soldiers are transported from Norwegian fjords back to the homeland

The Fuhrer meets with Il Duce

Grossadmiral Doenitz is awarded the Oak Leaves by the Fuhrer

German U-Boats in action in the Caribbean Sea

Dr. Goebbels speaks at the Berlin Philharmonic on the eve of the Fuhrer’s birthday

Wounded German soldiers take a tour of Vienna and Graz

Training of artillery officer candidates

Artillery duel at Leningrad

German and Rumanian units secure the traffic on the Black Sea

Stuka attacks on Soviet tanks in the Kuban

Croatia celebrates the 2nd anniversary of its independence

Bulgaria marks it’s second anniversary of the joining to the Three-Power-Pact

Dutch, Danish, Flemish and Walloon representatives meet for the Greater Germanic Youth Groups

Introduction of conscription in Serbia for Work Service Units

4th anniversary of the Falangist victory in the Spanish Civil War

Latvian farmers get their land back which was taken by the Bolsheviks

Construction of the Atlantic Wall


1943 – IN THE FOREST OF KATYN :  German made film about the discovery of the mass graves of Polish soldiers discovered by the Germans in the Katyn Forest in April 1943




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