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THE BATTLE FOR STALINGRAD *in English or German*


Engrossing film about the battle for Stalingrad and the aftermath of the German defeat.  Using old movie clips, as well as film of Stalingrad from today; the testimonies of both the soldiers who went through it on both sides, as well as the civilians in both Germany and the USSR who had their own personal trials to deal with at the time; and objectively reporting the views, feelings and attitudes of everyone involved, this film presents a side of Stalingrad rarely talked about in the West.  Some of the films have never been seen before; some of the facts are just coming out now, like the fact that the last German soldier surrendered in Stalingrad in March 1943, more than a month after the official end of the battle.  Or that some of the German prisoners who survived the brutal conditions in the Siberian coal mines and managed to survive til their release some 12 years later found their deaths when the trains taking them home crossed into East Germany, where they were butchered by Soviet soldiers seeking revenge for the War more than a decade after its end.   This film does not glorify:  it tells of the senseless slaughter on both sides; it tells of those who had to give up their lives -- more than 500 000 Soviet soldiers, tens of thousands of Soviet civilians who Stalin refused to allow to be evacuated, and more than 100,000 German soldiers and their allies -- because two dictators decided that the name of a city meant more to ideological strategy than the masses they drove to their deaths.  The film is, as the Germans would say, deprimierend.

REGION FREE.  Excellent quality film. 


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