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A more comprehensive Wochenschau set (85 hours, fully translated, on 40 DVDs) can be found here:


IMPORTANT:  This collection does not include any of the supplemental, non-Wochenschau newsreels found in the 40 DVD set.  Please do NOT look at the individual listings from the translated, 40 DVD set to get an idea what the film samples look like in the unsubtitled Deutsche Wochenschau series!  In a number of instances, the films are of better quality than what can be found in the unedited, unsubtitled version!


NEW AND IMPROVED:  Each part of the series now comes with menu and chapter selection, so you don't have to fast forward through each part to find a particular section! 

These DVDs are approximately 58 HOURS LONG and cover the period from June 1939 to March 1945.  






PART  1:   JUNE - NOVEMBER 1939  (160 MIN.):

The German fleet visits Scapa Flow; Navy Day in Fascicst Rome; Goebbels visits Danzig; Naval Exercises on the Danube; Poland interferes with free trade in Danzig; The creation of a home guard in Danzig; German refugees report Polish mistreatment; Polish destruction of German property in Danzig; The invasion of Poland; Polish prisoners are interviewed about their views of Germany; The Germans distribute food to the Polish population; German troops get to know Jews in conquered Poland. 

PART 2: NOVEMBER 1939 - MARCH 1940 (135 MIN.):

German Engineers Re-start Steel Mills in Silesia; German Troops Patrol West Wall Fortifications; U-Boat Captain Prien and Crew Welcomed in Berlin; New Japanese Foreign Minister Takes Office; Baltic Germans Resettled in Posen; British Navy Blockades North Sea Countries; Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Over English Coast; Evacuation of Tientsin by the British; Anti-Air Defense Exercises in Germany; Ethnic Germans From Russia Return to Germany; Goebbels Tours Western Air Defense Zone; International Winter Games in Bavaria; Luftwaffe Planes Sink British Ships in North Sea; Duce Reviews Elite Militia in Rome; German Wartime Trade Fair in Leipzig

PART 3:  APRIL - JUNE 1940 (126 MIN.):

German Army Captures First British Soldiers; Admiral Raeder Greets Returning U-Boat Crew; Germany Invades Denmark and Norway; Danish Troops Ordered to Cease Resistance; Oslo Captured by German Troops; German Troops Push Deep into Norway; British Naval Convoy Retreats From Namsos; German Invasion of West is Launched; Luxembourg and Belgian Borders Crossed; Troops Cross Albert Canal by Raft; Maastricht Bridgehead Taken by Germans; Paratroopers dropped Over Holland; Leibstandarte Link-up With Paratroopers in Rotterdam; Fort Eben Emael Captured in Belgium; Guderian's Panzers Breach the Maginot Line; Alsace-Lorraine Reclaimed by Germany; Marshal Pétain Agrees to German Armistice Terms; German Troops Parade in Paris; Franco-German Cease-fire Signed in Compiègne.

PART 4:  JULY - SEPTEMBER 1940  (132 MIN.):

Germany's Troops March Into France; NSW Aids French Civilian Refugees; Liberating German POWs; German Engineers Spearhead French Reconstruction; Back to Normal in Amsterdam and Brussels; Parisian Crowds Hear German Peace Terms; Fortifying Europe against British Attacks; Germany's Navy Prepares for War with Britain; Air Defense Drills Staged for King George VI in England; The Rhine: firmly in German Hands; Skirmishes on Alpine Front and French Rivera; Mussolini Inspects Alpine Front; Italian Navy Patrols Mediterranean; Italian Fighters in East Africa; Gibraltar; Fear Grips the British Empire: Hong Kong; German-French Cooperation in Rebuilding Occupied France; Germans Evacuees Return Home to Merzig; Joyful Berlin Crowds Greet Returning Wehrmacht Division; Goebbels and General Fromm Hail Victorious Soldiers; Sport and Exercise for the German Girls League; 1940 German National Art Show Opens in Munich; German Industry and Military Might: Manufacturing Panzers; RAF Bombing Raid on Hamburg; German Technicians Rebuild France; Everyday English Routines Resume in Channel Islands; U-Boots Return from Battle; Dönitz Awards Iron Cross; Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Missions; German Air Strikes over England; German Flak Batteries Deter Enemy Bombing Raids; Field Marshal von Brauchitsch Visits Wounded Soldiers; Italian Bombing Raids Open Campaign against British Somalia; Testing New Long-range Artillery; Luftwaffe Steps up Bombing Raids Against Britain; Total Blockade of Great Britain Begins; Labor Corps Spearheads Germanization in Eastern Territories (Wartheland); Ethnic Germans Return to Alsace-Lorraine; Clearing British Mines from Norway's Fjords; 4.3 million Tons of Enemy Shipping Sunk in First Year of War; Germany Fortifies the Channel Coast; Messerschmitt Fighter Planes Intercept RAF in Channel; RAF Bombardier Reaches Berlin; Germany's New Air Strategy; Raid on London: Inside a Ju 88 Divebomber; Luftwaffe Unloads Monumental Destruction on London.

PART 5:  OCTOBER - DECEMBER 1940  (131 MIN.):


Bountiful Vegetable Harvest in Germany; Autobahn Construction in Austria; Japanese Bombers Attack Burma Road; Victorious U-boats Return to Bases; Japan Takes Over Formerly French Indochina.; German Housing Settlements in Wartha Region; Berlin and Hamburg Children relocated to Safe Havens in Countryside; Flak Batteries Duel English Night Bombers; Memorial Services Honor Fallen Soldiers in Flanders; Coastal Batteries and Luftwaffe Planes Attack British Convoys in the Channel; Romanian earthquake Prompts German Aid; Italian Front Lines in North Africa; Ethnic Germans Depart Bessarabia for Germany; Romania's Antonescu and Slovakia's Tuka also sign Tripartite Pact; Victory in the West Exhibit Opens in Vienna; Luftwaffe stages a Massive Raid on Coventry; Daring Exploits of U-boat Lieutenant Kretschmer; Mountain Troop Artillery Exercise In Austrian Alps; Birmingham in Flames; Admiral Raeder Launches Battleship Bismarck; Surface Battle with an Armed British Steamer; Field Marshal Von Brauchitsch Visits Troops in the East; King Michael of Romania Reviews a Parade of German Troops in Bucharest; The completion of Oslo-Bergen Highway in Norway; Wounded Soldiers make Christmas Toys for Children; Japanese Planes Bomb Chiang Kai-shek's Supply Lines on Burma Road; Abducted Spanish Civil War Children Return Home from France; Life in Warsaw is back to Normal Again; Captured British Submarine is Converted to a U-boat;German Soldiers on Guard Duty in Stormy Weather

PART 6:  DECEMBER 1940 - FEBRUARY 1941  (133 MIN.):

Heavy Bombers Raid Scottish Coastal Shipping; Funeral of Hungary's Foreign Minister Csáky; Youth Leader Axmann Visits Oslo; Submariners on a Skiing Holiday; Minesweepers Patrol the English Channel; Bombing Raids of British Positions in North Africa; Meeting of Mussolini and Franco in Bordighera, Italy; Police Sports Festival in Berlin; World Champ Boxer Max Schmeling Volunteers for Airborne Duty; General Sepp Dietrich Inspects the Leibstandarte AH; An Auxiliary Cruiser on the Prowl in the Atlantic; Marshal Petain Warmly Received by a Large Crowd in Lyons; Former Luxury Hotel in Zakopane now Shelters Berlin Children; German People Celebrate their Second Wartime Christmas; Japan Celebrates the 26th Centenary of its Imperial Dynasty; Germany and Soviet Union sign Four New Agreements in Moscow; Motorcycle Riflemen on Maneuvers in Occupied Southern France; Norwegian Workers Depart to Germany; Reconstruction Projects in Occupied Poland

PART 7:  MARCH - MAY 1941  (135 MIN.):

Bulgaria Signs the Tripartite Pact in Vienna; German Troops are Allowed in Bulgaria; Infantry Units on Winter Maneuvers; German Air Defense Exercises; Sports Events in Berlin and Stuttgart; U-boat Crew is Decorated; Japanese Foreign Minister Matsuoka Welcomed in Berlin; Second Anniversary of Bohemia and Moravia Celebrated in Prague; President Tiso Reviews Slovak Army Parade; First Enlisted Man Decorated with a Knight's Cross; Afrika Korps on the Offensive in North Africa; German Shipyards Launch New Submarines; Germany Attacks Yugoslavia and Greece; Afrika Korps Units Capture Agheila and Benghazi; Combat in Croatia and Slovenia; German Units Approach Belgrade; Metaxas Line Breached in Greece; Salonica Taken by German Troops; Afrika Korps Advance to Sollum; Yugoslavia Capitulates; German Troops in Historic Sarajevo; Greek Islands Thasos and Lemnos Captured; Greece's Epirus and Macedonia Armies Capitulate; Rudolf Hess Presents Awards at a Messerschmitt Factory; Afrika Korps Units Converge on Tobruk; Thermopylae in German Hands; Occupation Troops in Athens; Crossing the Gulf of Patras into Peloponnesu

PART 8:  JUNE - JULY 1941  (118 MIN.):

German Africa Korps in Libya; The Germans take many British prisoners in Africa ; The Germans invade Yugoslavia and Greece ;The Germans in Athens; Sepp Dietrich meets up with the Italians in western Greece; Paratroopers take Crete; Rommel on the offensive in Libya; Stukas attack Tobruk; Croatia's Pavlic visits Berchtesgaden; The Germans invade the USSR; Grodno and Bialystok fall to the Germans; The liberation of GPU prisons in the Baltic States; German troops take Vilna; Germans conquer Lithuania and Latvia

PART 9:  JULY - OCTOBER 1941  (189 MIN.):

Europe's Volunteers in the war in the East; The Rumanian and Hungarian Armies march to the Front; The Battles for Bialystok and Minsk; The Taking of Riga & Russian Prisons there; Goring visits the Eastern Front; Danish Volunteers fight in the East for Europe; The Finns beat back the Soviets in the North; The Crossing of the Dniester; Hungarian and Slovak Troops move into the Ukraine.

PART 10:  OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 1941  (146 MIN.):

German troops are re-supplied in northern Finland; The battle for Soviet naval bases in Estonia; Germans march into Estonia; The drive to Leningrad; Italian troops take on the Bolsheviks; Romanian soldiers attack Odessa; The Germans take 665,000 prisoners at Kiev; Air attack on Soviet railroads; German pioneers clear Soviet landmines in Kiev; Grossadmiral Raeder visits German sailors in the East; A U-Boat attack on a convoy; The battles for East Karelia ; The drive on Moscow

PART 11:  DECEMBER 1941 - MARCH 1942  (173 MIN.):

A German attack to drive Soviet troops from a forest; Pioniere clear and blow up Soviet mines ; Goering visits Vichy France ; Germans surrender skis and furs for the Eastern Front ; German troops show off their winter clothing from the Home Front; Christmas in the trenches before Moscow; German ministers visit Budapest; Rumanian artillery in a dual with the Bolsheviks ;The Germans take Feodosia ;A U-Boot attack on a British convoy ;Rommel takes Benghazi ;The War in the Pacific; Defensive battles on the Central Front in Russia.

PART 12:  APRIL - MAY 1942  (111 MIN.):

A visit to a Luftwaffe squadron in the East ;U-Boats sink a British freighter; The British bombing of Lubeck; Fighting mud on the Central Front in Russia; Rommel gets re-supplied by sea; Birthday wishes for Germany's leader; Parade in Madrid to commemorate the 4th anniversary of Spain's liberation; Mussolini comes to Berlin for a visit

PART 13:  MAY - JUNE 1942  (111 MIN.):

Alfred Rosenberg receives Farmers from Ukraine, Belorussia, and Russia; Fight against Soviet Partisans in the Crimea; JU 52 Cargo Planes Ferry Supplies to Forward Units on the Eastern Front; U-boat Action in the Atlantic; Romanian Troops Parade in Bucharest; German and Finnish Troops in Action on the Murmansk Front; Kerch in the Crimea Captured by German Troops; Soviet Tanks Attack German Positions near Kharkov; German, Italian, Romanian and Hungarian Troops Counterattack; Nearly a Quarter of Million Soviet Soldiers Surrender; Funeral Services for Assassinated General Reinhard Heydrich in Prague and Berlin

PART 14:  JULY - SEPTEMBER 1942  (119 MIN.):

Mannerheim visits the headquarters in the East; Failed Soviet attempt to relieve Leningrad; The final battles for Sevastopol; Rumanian soldiers clear a minefield; The Afrika Korps pushes the British back in Egypt; The president of Bohemia & Moravia celebrates his 70th birthday; The Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung in Munich for 1942; U-Boats wreak havoc off the United States' East coast; The commander of Spain's Blue Division visits; The last battles for the Crimea; Slovak and German troops take Rostov; Germans reach the Don; The Germans dig in on the west bank of the Volga at Stalingrad

PART 15:  SEPTEMBER - NOVEMBER 1942  (187 MIN.):

In the suburbs of Stalingrad; The Luftwaffe makes a heavy bombing raid on Stalingrad; The Luftwaffe makes a night raid on Alexandria; Japanese U-Boats in joint exercises off the French coast; Murmansk is bombed; Mountain troops raid the USSR from bases in Finland; The Germans drive into the Caucasus; Female Wehrmachthelferinnen see Europe; Heavy fighting in Stalingrad; Rumanians smash a Soviet supply column into Stalingrad; Vichy France is occupied; Italians and Rumanians beat back Soviet flank attacks on the Volga; Japanese troops march into Burma and land on the Aleutians; Christmas in Lappland

PART 16:  NOVEMBER 1942 - FEBRUARY 1943 (179 MIN.):

Night Fighting Operations; Tanks and Infantry Attack French Troops in Tunisia; Winter Battles in Leningrad Area; U-Boat Action in the South Atlantic; German Tanks Take on US and British in Tunisia; German Troops Retreat on the Eastern Front; German Units Battle Soviet Partisans; German Defenses on Crete; Battle of Kharkov; Spring Combat on the Eastern Front; U-Boats in the Caribbean; Katyn Forest

PART 17:  FEBRUARY - JULY 1943  (171 MIN.):

In a paramilitary training school for European youth; Improving the fortifications of Festung Europa; Cossack units in occupied Ukraine parade for the Germans; Stuka attack on the Kuban bridgehead; Galician volunteers against Bolshevism; German artillery shell Leningrad harbor; Relief-efforts for bombed out civilians; Fighting partisans in the mountains of Montenegro; A Turkish military mission observes the Wehrmacht in southern Russia; Parade of the Russian Liberation Army on the second anniversary of Barbarossa; The tank fight at Kursk

PART 18:  JULY - NOVEMBER 1943  (164 MIN.):

The German withdrawal from Sicily; The death of King Boris of Bulgaria; A German U-Boat crew visits Japan; A video on how to combat incendiary bombs; French volunteers against Bolshevism parade in Paris; Heavy defensive fighting on the Eastern Front; The Germans occupy northern Italy; Il Duce is rescued; Estonians celebrate the 2nd anniversary of liberation from Bolshevism; The Germans pull back over the Dnepr; The Germans withdraw from the Kuban; A Luftwaffe raid on Soviet supply lines near Gomel

PART 19:  NOVEMBER 1943 - MARCH 1944  (164 MIN.):

Albert Speer Speaks at Berlin Plant; Cossack Brigade Attacks Bosnian Partisans; Kesselring Reviews German Troops in Italy; Soviet Advance in Krivoi Rog Repelled; German-Soviet Clash on Eastern Front; Supplies Delivered to Arctic Front; Tanks and Flak Repel Allies on Italian Front; Dönitz, Speer View Naval Exercises; Response to Allied Bombing of Berlin; Germans Counterattack at Dnieper Bend; Occupation of Leros and Samos Islands; Axis Defenses on Danish Coast; JU-52 Supply Drop on Eastern Front; Paratroopers Blow Up Bridge in Italy; Submarine Nets in Finland Gulf; Rumanian Troops in the Crimea; Germans Reinforce Nikopol Bridgehead; Rocket Fire Reverberates on Eastern Front; Bosnian Partisan Band Captured; Panther Tanks Support Infantry in Nevel Area; U-Boat Patrols Indian Ocean; German Troops Visit Greek Monks; Infantry, Assault Guns Oppose Soviet Tanks; Allied Bombers Over Germany; Artillery Duels at Nettuno Beachhead; American Prisoners March Into Rome; Seyss-Inquart New President of German Academy; Allies Bombard Monte Cassino; Wounded in Ruins of Castel Gandolfo; Street Fighting in Port of Kerch

PART 20:  MARCH - MAY 1944  (172 MIN.):

Léon Degrelle Reviews the Battle at Cherkassy; German Withdrawal Through Narva; Naval Action off the Coast of Norway; Luftwaffe Duels USAAF Bombers; Exchange Prisoners Return From the US; The Goliath Remote-Controlled Miniature Tank; Air Battle Over Berlin; German Troops Arrive in Budapest; Soldiers Dig Positions in Snow on Finnish Front; Soviet Attack Repulsed in Pripet Marshes; German Paratroopers Fight in Cassino Area; Close Combat in Ruins of Cassino; Street Fighting in the Kovel; Knight's Cross Awarded to a German Pilot; Allied Bombers Shot Down Over the Alps; General Hube's Funeral in Berlin; Brigade Wallonia Returns to Brussels; Hungarian and German Troops on the Eastern Front; Floodgates Opened in Flanders and Holland; Rommel Speaks to Troops at the Atlantic Wall; German and Rumanian Troops Withdraw in Crimea; Flak Action Against Soviet Planes; Grossdeutschland Division in Action

PART 21:  MAY - AUGUST 1944  (92 MIN.):

General Dietl's Funeral in Berlin; Léon Degrelle Speaks to Wallonian Troops; Coastal and Naval Guns Duel Near Cherbourg; German Tank Counterattack in Bayeux Area; German Mountain Troops in Finland; Combat Action on Western Front; Heavy Fighting in Outskirts of Caen; V-1 Missile Deployment Against England; Colonel Remer Speaks to Berlin Guard Battalion; Germans Retreat on Eastern Front; Allied Prisoner Column in Paris

PART 22:  SEPTEMBER 1944 - JANUARY 1945  (127 MIN.):

All German women must now work in the factories; Heavy fighting in Brittany; East Prussians dig trenches against the Bolsheviks; Tanks stabilize the front in the Courland; V-1s strike terror in the hearts of Londoners; Fighting the British on the Dutch-German borders; Panzerfaust and Nebelwerfer rockets against American tanks; Finland surrenders; Finnish refugees swarm into Sweden; Sturmgeschutze fight Soviet tanks in Latvia; Rumania switches sides; Panzerschreke against Soviet T-34s; British parachutists land at Arnhem; Even generals dig anti-tank trenches in the Generalgouvernement; Estonian refugees flee on German transport ships; Rommel's funeral; Soviet breakthrough in Rumania; The end of the Warsaw Revolt; The Russians invade Hungary

PART 23:  JANUARY - MARCH 1945  (164 MIN.):

Grossadmiral Donitz inspects a naval training school; Fighting in Alsace-Lorraine; 88s against American tanks; Fighting in Debrecen; Germans liberate a town in Siebenburgen from the Soviets; Fighting in Memel; Danzig organizes its Volkssturm; Oath-ceremony of the Berliner Volkssturm; German troops defend Budapest; Fighting on the Swiss border; Nebelwerfer in action in Courland; Fighting against the Allies in northern Italy; The Battle of the Bulge; Defensive battles in eastern German cities; The fight for Stettin. 






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