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Long consigned to use solely in historical documentaries --- and even then, only in small snatches of glorious color print --- the private films of Eva Braun are now available to the layman, amateur historian and the serious researcher alike; and we are proud to offer the almost 4-hours of color films to you here.  Filmed entirely in Agfa color and by the famous Eva Braun herself, these silent films show the splendour of the Bavarian Alps and the leading personalities of the day as they all behaved and lived away from the public eye and the news camera.  Just think:  almost 4 hours of color films, with a musical background, showing such exciting events as sunbathing; swimming; petting the dogs; receiving visitors at Berchtesgaden ... maybe even washing the dishes!  WOW!  Just when you thought you wouldn't have to see another home movie showing kids on swings and playing in the lake, because the grandkids finally grew up and mom and dad stopped doing the home movie thing, comes this little gem to fill the empty void.  Give this as a present to the historical enthusiast and watch him/her exclaim with dubious pleasure, "No, really:  what DID I do to deserve getting this?!?"

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DVD-Rs have no dialogue, just musical background; APPROX. 233 mins. See film samples for audio and video quality.

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