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Excellent quality source materials make up our documentary about the war in Europe from 1939 - 1945.  For those of us familiar with our other series,  DIE DEUTSCHE WOCHENSCHAU, some of the materials used in this documentary come from the same or similar sources.  Where there is duplication of material, we list it below (the information can be found on the reverse of the DVD covers from the other series).
Region Free  (can be watched on ANY DVD player).  FILM QUALITY:  Either very good or excellent. SOUND QUALITY:  Very good to excellent





Miltary drills at the Westwall

Von Ribbentrop receives foreign delegates before attending an official function

Reinforcements are sent to Norway

Repairing bridges destroyed by retreating Norwegians

Battles with the Norwegian army

U-Boats in Norwegian waters

The invasion of Luxembourg

The invasion of Belgium and Holland

Wehrmacht troops are greeted in Eupen-Malmedy

Freiburg is bombed by the English

German paratroopers land at Rotterdam

The battles for Holland

The taking of Liege

The battle for Narvik

The battle for Antwerp

The conquest of Leuven

German troops march into Brussels

TOTAL TIME:  approximately 120 minutes



The battle for Tournai

Belgium surrenders

The taking of Oostende

The attack on Dunkirk

Italy declares war on France

The battle for LeHavre

The taking of Versailles and Paris

Gneisenau and Scharnhorst

An attack on the Maginot Line

TOTAL TIME:  approximately 114 minutes



French refugees in German hands

German POWs are liberated

Amsterdam and Brussels under German occupation

Paris occupied

Germany's leader tours Paris

Italy invades France

German soldiers return to Germany from the front

Victory parade in Berlin

The braves soldiers are awarded the Iron Cross First Class in front of the Arc de Triomphe

German march into Paris

Armistice negotiations in Compiegne

The 1940 harvest

Construction of the Autobahn

One year celebration of the Generalgouvernement

War booty is sent to Germany

Herms Niel gives a concert to wounded Italian troops in Rome

Italian troops build new roads after their victories in Libya

Victorious U-Boats return to base

TOTAL TIME:  approximately 120 minutes



Goring visits a fighter unit on the Canal coast

Economic agreements are signed in Moscow

Heavy winter weather in Europe

Goering's birthday

Troop exercises in southern France

Hungarian and Japanese delegations are received at the new chancellery

Hitler receives the Yugoslavian president at Obersalzberg

A new commander of the Ordensburg is sworn in

Tag der Polizei in Berlin

Bomber attack on England

U-Boats attack a convoy

Rommel arrives in Africa

DAK attacks British munitions ships

Germany declares war on the USSR

Border fortifications on the East Prussian-Lithuanian borders are removed

On the road to Kaunas

German bombers in action against the Russians

TOTAL TIME:  approximately 120 minutes



Wreath layig at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

German troops march into Bulgaria

DAK in Tripoli

Sturmpioniere maneuvers in occupied France

Riga in German hands

Jonava liberated from Soviet rule

Latvians welcome the Germans

Battle for Libau

Volunteers from all over Europe join in the fight against Bolshevism

Incursions into the USSR from Finland

Rumanian soldiers march into Bessarabia

German troops push into the Ukraine

Paratroopers return from Crete

Spanish Blue and Italian divisions leave for Russia

Finns retake lands taken from them by the Russians

Battles in Bessarabia

Slovakian units in the Ukraine

GPU prisons in Lwow are liberated

Luftwaffe attack on Smolensk

At a POW collection point near Minsk

Attacks on the Stalin Line

On the road to Leningrad

Attacking Vitebsk and Dorpat

TOTAL TIME:  approximately 110 minutes



A visit to the Eastern Front

Dutch and Croat volunteers leave for the Russian front

Rumanians cross the Dniestr

Ruined Balti

Hungarians advance to the Bug

The battle for Vinnitsa

The attack on Mogilev

Battles for Smolensk

Meeting of French volunteers against Bolshevism in Paris

Flemis volunteers leave Brussels for Russia

Danish volunteers against the USSR depart from Hamburg

Antonescu visits his troops at Izmail

German and Rumanian engineers build bridges over the Dniestr

A visit to the troops in Minsk

Battle for Rsolavl

Battles in Estonia

Luftwaffe aces are decorated by Goering

DaGrelle and his Wallonian volunteers leave for Russia

Rumanians approach Odessa

German and Hungarian attack in the western Ukraine

Sturmgeschutze support troops attacking a bunker near Uman

Attack on Murmansk

Rumanian troops on the march to Odessa

German and Hungarian troops take Nikolaev

The attack on Gomel

Germans attack Narva

The battle for Novgorod

TOTAL TIME:  approximately 150 minutes



New U-Boats are set off to war

Attack on Luga

Battle for Sudowo

The Duce visits the Eastern Front

Attack on Kherson

Fighting for Dniepropetrovsk

A former GPU prison is converted into a field hospital

Von Brauchtisch visits the Ostfront

Attacks on Viipuri

S-Boats battle a Soviet submarine near Leningrad

The battle for Kiev

Battles for Kremenchug

The Germans enter Chernigov

German and British planes duel over the English Channel

Finnish troops continue their advance on Leningrad

Contending with Russia's bad roads outside of Leningrad

The battle for Kharkov

Collection centre for war booty on the southern front in Russia

Dr. Tiso visits the Eastern Front

Finnish troops in battle between Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega

Petroskoye in Finnish hands

The battle for Dago Island

Goering awards the Ritterkreuze

Finnish troops clear East Karalia

Soviet POWs load winter clothing for the Wehrmacht onto trucks

Battles in the snow before Leningrad

The funeral of Werner Molders

Meeting of the Anti-Comintern members in Berlin

TOTAL TIME:  approximately 120 minutes



State funeral for a former Austro-Hungarian general in Wien

Mussert visits the new chancellery

A visit with Finnish troops on the Eastern Front

Finnish ski troops in action

Germans before Moscow use picks and shovels to dig out frozen trucks

The Grand Mufti visits Berlin

General Dietl at the Haputquatiere

A disccusion between Goring and Petain

A home visit with Germany's youngest Ritterkreuztrager

Battles on the Crimea

Germans in Kerch

Artillery fire on Sevastopol

Supply ships for the DAK in Libya leave Italy

Rommel directs the defensive battles west of Tobruk

Life on board a U-Boat

King Boris visits the Hauptquartier

Sturmpioniere in action

Doenitz inspects submarine crews

Finnish troops in the battle for Karalia

German troops receive fur from the home front

At an airfield in Ostkaralien

Heavy fighting outside of Leningrad

Benghazi is taken by the Afrika Korps

TOTAL TIME:  approximately 102 minutes



U-Boats in action off the coast of New York

Galland gets decorated after his 94th kill;

A visit to the headquarters of the Spanish Blue Division in Russia

Battles for Sevastopol

Bombers attack Feodosia

More tanks are sent to Africa

Rommel takes Benghazi

A visit to Augsburg

Training wounded veterans a new skill

Collection of winter clothing from all over Germany

Finnish troops attack the Stalin Canal

Ammunition is delivered to the Leningrad front

Defensive battles before Moscow

Italians attack in the Donets basin

English air attack on a German airfield in Libya

German build up on Lake Ilmen

Tank repairs outside of Leningrad

Sturmgeschutze on the counterattack

A railway made from ice blocks

Croatian sailors secure the harbor to Yalta

Croat, Rumanian and German soldiers repel a Soviet attack on Yalta

Stukas attack Kerch

DAK takes Dirna

A visit to an officer's school

On a supply road in East Karalia

The death of Dr. Todt

Marshal Antonescu visits the Hauptquartier

Quisling in Berlin

TOTAL TIME:  approximately 150 minutes



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