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United Newsreel selections from the years 1941 - 1945, mainly concentrating on the effort of the United States in WWII, but also covering events on other fields of the War. Unfortunately, the newsreels are grouped alphabetically by subject and not by date, so there is no particular chronological order to them. Nonetheless, very interesting material. 

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Title: Allied Airmen Win New Wings [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, airmen graduate and Canadian military units parade. Part 2, prefabricated homes are manufactured, transported, and erected. Part 3, British sailors on leave harvest hay and corn in Virginia. Part 4, oil-rich sand in Alberta, Canada, is processed. Part 5, shows a Navy Day parade in New York City. Part 6, shows street tests of a 117-passenger bus. Part 7, shows an amphibious assault on the Solomon Islands. Captured equipment is tested and an airfield is repaired.


Title: America Reports On Aid To Allies [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, lend-lease shipments are prepared and shipped. Shows President Roosevelt. Part 2, shows ground and aerial views of the Canadian "Mosquito" bomber and a U.S. Army observation plane. Part 3, the cruiser San Francisco docks in the U.S. Shows Adm. King. Part 4, supplies are carried by trains and trucks in Alaska. Part 5, shows a meeting of the U.S. High Command. Personages: Gens. Arnold and Marshall, Adms. King, Land, and Leahy, Harry Hopkins, Paul V. McNutt, and Elmer Davis. Part 6, shows launchings of ships. Henry J. Kaiser assembles a model Victory ship. Part 7, the crew of an aircraft carrier swims in the ocean.

Title: Brazil At War With The Nazis [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, crowds mass the streets of Rio de Janeiro as war is declared. Presidents Roosevelt and Vargas meet. Lend-lease military equipment is unloaded from ships. Brazilian pilots fly trainer planes to Brazil from the U.S. Shows Brazilian ships and airplanes patrolling the coast. Part 2, shows various USO scenes. Part 3, U.S. troops land in India. Military equipment is unloaded. Part 4, P-40 planes take off from carriers enroute to U.S. fields in the Pacific.

Title: British Pursue Rommel IN Libya [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part l, tanks of the British 8th Army roll past the wreckage of Rommel's Afrika Corps in Libya. Shows supply bases established on the British route. Part 2, Canadian mounted police officially open the Alcan highway near Alaska and truck convoys roll northward. Part 3, allied troops advance through wet New Guinea jungles and are supplied from the air. Part 4, carrier-based planes fight Japanese planes off New Guinea. A carrier is set afire but remains afloat. Part5, two aircraft carriers and the battleship New Jersey are launched. Part 6, a mammoth parade in Sydney honors returning Australian troops.

Title: Build Model Town For Interned Japanese [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, Japanese help construct living quarters in a relocation camp. Shows Japanese-Americans training in the U.S. Army. Part 2, a wingless plane is tested. A Civil Air Patrol pilot spots a person lost in the mountains and a rescue party is dispatched to his aid. Part 3, a large, Quebec farm family celebrates a 25th wedding anniversary. Part 4, destroyers are constructed and launched. Part 5, shows Adm. Leahy as Chief of Staff. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands reviews U.S. troops in Massachusetts. Planes bomb a "battleship" in New Mexico on a practice mission. Negro troops man a radar station. Torpedo boats patrol the Atlantic coast.

Title: Chungking Bombed Again - Fights On [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, General and Madame Chiang Kai-shek observe citizens of Chungking rebuilding their rubbled homes. Part 2, Gen. Arnold decorates Air Force flyers. Part 3, a large oil tanker is launched. Part 4, Turkish newsmen lay a wreath on the Unknown Soldier's Tomb in Arlington, Virginia. Part 5, citizens of San Francisco's Chinatown view a captured Japanese submarine. Shows a dragon dance in the street. Part 6, Clark Gable is commissioned. Part 7, Brazilian troops debark at a port in Brazil. Part 8, the Dionne quintuplets sell bonds in Toronto. Part 9, Gen. MacArthur and Gen. Thomas Blamey inspect positions in the New Guinea jungle.

Title: Everybody Joins U.S. War Effort [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, shows celebrities in military service (Jackie Coogan, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Clark Gable, Joe Louis, Assoc. Justice Frank Murphy, Tyrone Power, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., James Roosevelt, and James Stewart) and film entertainers on war bond tours (including James Cagney, Ronald Colman, Bing Crosby, Irene Dunne, Greer Garson, and Heddy Lamar). Shows scenes of Hollywood and Washington, D.C. Part 2, antiaircraft guns are manufactured. Part 3, the Royal Air Force (RAF) bombs France and Germany.

Title: Huge Anti-Axis Rally Stirs Chile [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, shows a U.N. rally and parade in Santiago, Chile. Part 2, a naval battle rages off the Solomon Islands. Shows Admirals Halsey and Nimitz. Gen. MacArthur lands in New Guinea. Planes land troop reinforcements. Artillery pounds Japanese positions. Infantry advances through jungle swamps. Part 3, U.S. troops board transports bound for Africa. American and British convoysrendezvous near Gibraltar. Landing operations near Oran are unopposed. Equipment is massed on the beaches.

Title: Latest Pictures With American Troops IN North Africa [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, Gens. Eisenhower and Clark review U.S. troops in North Africa. Gen. Doolittle inspects airbases. Shows French and Sengalese troops. French Gen. Henri Giraud is met at the Washington, D.C. airport by Gen. Joseph McNarney. Part 2, P-38 airplanes are unloaded and assembled in Australia. Part 3, the British 8th Army occupies Benghazi in North Africa. Part 4, aircraft carriers and other ships withstand a Japanese aerial assault.

Title: MacArthur Blasts Japanese From New Guinea [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, transport planes carry U.S. troops across the New Guinea mountains and infantry units advance through jungle areas. Part 2, Pres. Roosevelt and Henry Wallace greet Pres. Batista of Cuba in Washington, D.C. Part 3, merchant seamen graduate and pass in review. Part 4, a farm family in the U.S. makes machine tools in their home. Chromium is mined in the Pacific Northwest. Part 5, coastal batteries fire practice salvoes. Part 6, mine sappers clear the way as tanks and infantry of the British 8th Army roll across Libya. Italian troops surrender en masse.

Title: Martyred Czech Village Lives Again IN U.S. [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, a town in Illinois is officially renamed Lidice. Part 2, the wreckage of Japanese submarines is raised from an Australian harbor. Part 3, timber is felled in Canada, floated down river, and cut in a sawmill. Part 4, cowboys ride horses and steers in a California rodeo. Part 5, Chiang Kai-shek reviews troops in China. Flashbacks show scenes of five years of war in China. Part 6, jeeps roll from an assembly line and are tested. Part 7, Generals Doolittle and Arnold decorate fliers. Shows a practice bombing mission.

Title: New Guinea [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, planes drop supplies to allied soldiers in New Guinea. Australian troops fight and natives carry wounded soldiers to field hospitals. Part 2, the allied war council meets in Washington, D.C. Shows fighting in North Africa: planes bomb supply lines, soldiers advance, and German prisoners are taken. President Roosevelt addresses the French people by radio. Shows French soldiers eating. Personages: Gen. de Gaulle and Gens. Arnold, Doolittle, Eisenhower, and Marshall, and Adms. King and Leahy.

Title: New York Hails War Heroes of United Nations [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, allied troops receive a ticker-tape parade. Part 2, army motorcycle dispatch riders take their final cross-country test. Part 3, Henry Ford and Donald Nelson inspect bomber and tank plants. Part 4, victory ships are constructed and launched. Mayor La Guardia presents awards to wounded merchant seamen. Part 5, Gen. Hugh Drum and Adm. Andrews attend an Army-Navy benefit horse race at Belmont Park. Part 6, South American military experts view U.S. land and air forces. Part 7, U.S. soldiers and nurses arrive at Australia. Planes and antiaircraft guns battle Japanese planes.

Title: Roosevelt Awards Warship To Norway [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, a ship, the Haakon VII, is presented to Princess Martha. Part 2, shows tests of Lee tanks. Part 3, President Camacho reviews a Liberty Day parade in Mexico City. Part 4, an automobile plant is converted to war production. Shows other war goods being made. Part 5, Nelson Rockefeller and President Vargas ratify a trade agreement in Rio de Janeiro. Part 6, shows a mock airborne attack.

Title: Roosevelt's War Tour of Nation [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, Pres. Roosevelt views an air show at Randolph Field, Texas. Part 2, Polish citizens parade in New York City in memory of Count Pulaski. Part 3, U.S. troops patrol New Caledonia in jeeps. Natives stage a war dance. Part 4, a flying hero is received by his home town. Part 5, anti-aircraft batteries conduct firing practice in western U.S. Part 6, Frank Knox and Pres. Vargas see Brazilian air cadets graduate in Rio de Janeiro. The cadets display aerial maneuvers. Part 7, planes, guns, tanks, and trucks are loaded on ships and the convoy sails from an Atlantic port.


Title: Soviet Commissar Molotov's Secret Visit To U.S. [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, Molotov boards a plane at the Washington, D.C. airport. Shows Sec. of State Hull. Part 2, Sec. Hull and Ambassador Litvinov sign a lend-lease agreement. Part 3, Grand Coulee dam is opened. Part 4, President and Mrs. Roosevelt greet King George II of Greece at the White House. Part 5, women war workers leave their children in nursery schools. Shows scenes at the schools and in industry. Part 6, U.S. bombers are ferried to Canada. Part 7, shows tin cans saved in scrap metal drives. Includes shots of aluminum being processed. Part 8, allied troops parade in New York City.

Title: U.S. Bombers Blast Jap Bases [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, U.S. bombers take off and land at an Australian air base. Shows Gen. Ralph Royce. Part 2, Mrs. Roosevelt attends a ceremony honoring nurses who served in the Pacific. Shows women operating a lumber mill, testing tanks, and making guns. Part 3, iron ore is dug, loaded on trains and freighters, and delivered to various steel mills. Part 4, Don Budge beats Bobby Riggs at Forest Hills, Long Island for the National Professional tennis championship. Part 5, shows a test flight of the Navy flying boat Mars. Part 6, Canadian submarine chasers drop depth charges.

Title: U.S. Bombers Raid Nazi-Held France [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, Gen. Ira C. Eaker supervises the preparation of Flying Forts for a bombing mission and flies on the mission. Part 2, a mailman is awarded an "M" award for home manufacturing of steering gear parts for cargo vessels. Part 3, U.S. troops land unopposed on the Aleutian Islands. Part 4, Pres. Roosevelt sees tanks manufactured and tested at the Chrysler Tank Arsenal in Detroit, tours the Ford bomber plant with Henry Ford and Charles E. Sorenson, and visits Army and Navy installations.

Title: U.S. Forces Guard West Indies Oil [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, planes and troops patrol the oil area. Part 2, a canvas fire escape is tested at a California hospital. Part 3 shows tank destroyer crews in training. Part 4, shows a cotton picking contest. Part 5, the aircraft carrier Lexington is launched. Part 6, New Guinea natives deliver military supplies. A midget Japanese submarine is inspected in Sydney Harbor, Australia. A naval task force bombards a Japanese-held island. Damage is surveyed by marines who also capture Japanese prisoners.

Title: U.S. Launches New Aircraft Carrier [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, the aircraft carrier Essex is launched. Part 2, Henry Ford, on his 79th birthday, inspects the first Ford automobile manufactured. Part 3, old automobiles race across the Connecticut countryside. Part 4, Americans pray in a cathedral. Part 5, tanks are manufactured and tested. Part 6, Nazi spies are tried in the Supreme Court. Shows F.B.I. agents with incendiary devices carried by the Germans who landed on the Atlantic shore from a submarine. Personages: John Edgar Hoover; Atty. General Biddle. Part 7, flyers don high altitude suits and fly in the stratosphere.

Title: U.S. Marines Battle Japanese IN Pacific! [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, Marines train in the U.S. and set up an operations post in the Pacific. Shows Adm. Byrd. Part 2, women make dirigibles; a pipe line is laid from Texas to Illinois; ships are launched in Maine; children camp in New Jersey. Part 3, Philippine soldiers train in California. Part 4, the "Flying Tigers" in China become part of the Army Air Forces. Wings and insignias are presented to the airmen. Shows Gen. Chennault.

Title: U.S. Marines On Guadalcanal Push Back Japanese Troops [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, U.S. bombers take off from a Guadalcanal airfield. A long column of Marines advances behind artillery support. Adm. Nimitz decorates Gen. Vandegrift and others. Part 2, the cruiser Boise docks and Adm. King decorates members of the crew. Part 3, President Roosevelt, Henry Wallace, and Cordell Hull greet Ecuador's President at the White House. Part 4, Gen. Patton and French officers meet in Casablanca. Gen. Eisenhower, Gen. Clark, and Adm. Cunningham establish allied headquarters in Algiers. Shows French ships docked at Toulon, France, prior to their scuttling.

Title: U.S. Pacific War Heroes Decorated [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, servicemen receive decorations at Pearl Harbor. Part 2, timber is felled in Canada. Part 3, Walt Disney draws pictures of his cartoon characters in battle dress. Part 4, barrage balloons are raised, and camouflaged antiaircraft guns are manned in a practice air raid on the Pacific Coast. Part 5, Army dogs are inspected and trained. Part 6, Gen. Stilwell speaks to Chinese troops who are then examined by U.S. doctors and instructed in artillery tactics and small arms fire by Army troops. Wendell Willkie meets Chiang Kai-shek at Chungking and inspects troops with Gens. Stilwell and Chennault.

Title: U.S. Reveals Armed Might For Churchill [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill meet at the White House and then view a mass parachute drop. Part 2, the Red Cross provides food as refugee children debark in New York City. Part 3, seven brothers and their father (all Navy men) pose on a cruiser. Part 4, Air Force gunners assemble and disassemble guns. Shows simulated aerial combat. Part 5, President Roosevelt and his cabinet greet King Peter of Yugoslavia at the White House. Queen Wilhelmina and Princess Juliana meet in Canada. Part 6, tanks roll off an assembly line, are loaded on trains and planes, and advance in combat.

Title: U.S. Rushes New Bases IN Pacific [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, equipment and supplies are unloaded. Part 2, Navy nurses model summer uniforms. Women join the WAC; shows the WAC Col. Oveta C. Hobby. Women dispatch carriers ride motorcycles. Part 3, shows a track meet at Madison Square Garden. Part 4, shows how V-mail is handled. Part 5, a Japanese cruiser burns during a naval fight near Midway. Adm. Nimitz presents decorations. Bombers are manufactured. Midshipmen graduate and parade at Annapolis.

Title: U.S. Troops On Alaskan Front [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, U.S. reinforcements land on Attu Island. Shows "Flying Tigers preparing for a mission. Part 2, a large crowd prays for the armed forces at Soldiers Field, Chicago. Part 3, paratroops make a practice jump over the jungles of Panama. Part 4 shows an ice carnival in Rockefeller Center, New York City. Part 5, troops board transport ships. Shows ceremonies as a ship crosses the equator and gunnery practice. Part 6, President Vargas reviews a military parade in Rio de Janeiro. U.S. troops honor Brazil in a Washington, D.C. parade.

Title: War IN The Pacific [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, Japanese planes attack a troop convoy off New Guinea. Antiaircraft guns repulse the enemy and the convoy unloads at Port Moresby. The aircraft carrier Yorktown is bombed off Midway Island. Part 2, Brazilians are inducted en masse into the army in Rio de Janeiro. U.S. and Guatemalan troops parade in Guatemala City. Part 3, shows an ice carnival in Rockefeller Center, New York City. Part 4, navigators check their courses as planes fly in a practice bombing mission. Marines learn to swim in the ocean. Part 5, U.S. troops and equipment are unloaded at a port in India. A camel caravan carries supplies into Burma as Indian troops move up through jungle terrain.

Title: West Point Sends Her Men To War.! [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, Gen. Marshall awards diplomas to and reviews graduates. Part 2 shows scenes of "Flying Tigers" in China. Shows Gen. Chennault. Part 3, men of Houston, Texas, enlist in the Navy in retribution of the sinking of the cruiser Houston. Shows the Houston. Part 4, citizens of Mexico City urge President Camacho to enter the war. He addresses the Chamber of Deputies and war is declared. Part 5, a British convoy carries tanks to Russia. Part 6 shows Gens. Ralph Royce and George Brett on flying missions in the Pacific. Part 7, President Roosevelt reviews a military parade in Washington, D.C.

Title: World Students Convene IN U.S. [etc.], 1942
Notes: Part 1, President Roosevelt addresses an international student's assembly in Washington, DC. Part 2, Eleanor Roosevelt and Mrs. Henry Wallace witness the launching of the USS Iowa. Part 3, veterinarians inspect dogs drafted into the Army. Part 4, Navy torpedo boats are tested. Part 5, President Trujillo is inaugurated in Trujillo City, Dominican Republic, and reviews a parade. Part 6, Marines land on an island in the Solomons group behind intense naval bombardment.


Title: 514 West Point Cadets Graduate Into U.S. Army [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Gen. Arnold presents "wings" to future Army Air Force officers and the Cadet Corps passes in review at West Point. Part 2, Gunder Hagg, Swedish track star, lands in the U.S. and begins training. Part 3, the British Navy captures German troops attempting to escape in small boats off the African coast. Gens. Eisenhower and Giraud review a gigantic French-American military parade in Tunis. Part 4, allied planes bomb German bases in France. Liberatorplanes strike Japanese bases in the Solomons. U.S. planes attack Japanese bases in the Aleutian Islands. Shows Eddie Rickenbacker.

Title: Allies Take Kiska [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Adm. Kinkaid directs allied troops in an unopposed landing on Kiska Island. Part 2, Chinese civilians construct an airdrome with primitive implements. Part 3, a British anti-aircraft unit parades in New York City. Shows Mayor La Guardia. Part 4, Mary Churchill visits a WAC camp and sees a life-saving demonstration. Part 5, tanks and guns are loaded on railroad flat cars and the train rolls toward an Atlantic port. Shows how railroad traffic is controlled from towers. Part 6, allied planes leave an Australian airfield and bomb New Guinea.

Title: Allies Win Sea, Air Battle IN Fight For Africa [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, an allied convoy lands reinforcements in Africa. German dive bombers are beaten off. British troops advance in Tunisia. Part 2, a portable X-ray machine is moved to the front lines and used. Part 3, President Roosevelt feeds Fala in the White House. Part 4, Princess Martha of Norway and Eleanor Roosevelt open a Red Cross drive in Madison Square Garden. Part 5, Russian pictures show bitter street fighting in Stalingrad.

Title: American Bombers Smash Axis Oil Fields IN Romania [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, 175 Liberator bombers based in Libya bomb Ploesti. Shows Gen. Lewis Brereton. Part 2, Winston Churchill and family are greeted in Quebec by Mackenzie King. Part 3, Gen. Stilwell presents the Legion of Merit to Chiang Kai-shek in Chungking. Madame Chiang is present. Part 4, shows 15 members of one family who work at the Kaiser Ship Yards. Part 5, convalescing sailors sightsee in the Yosemite Valley. Part 6, Gen. Patton is welcomed at Palermo, Sicily. Army engineers construct mountain highways. Shows captured Germans.

Title: Arabian Prince Reviews Cadets At U.S. Naval School [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, the Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia reviews a parade of midshipmen at the Naval Academy. Part 2, Red Cross girls, riding camels, sightsee in Egypt. Part 3, the allied military government in Palermo, Sicily, disarms civilians, operates a bread line, and releases Sicilians from military prisons. Part 4, Gens. de Gaulle and Giraud review French troops in North Africa. At Casablanca, the generals witness the arrival of lend-lease military equipment. Part 5, 5th Army troops enter villages north of Naples, Italy, behind tanks and artillery. Gens. Eisenhower and Clark meet.

Title: Australia and America Drive Japanese From Lae!, 1943
Notes: Part 1, planes bomb Lae; ships bombard the city; Australian soldiers go ashore in landing craft. Gen. MacArthur confers with officers and then flies in an airborne operation. Paratroops prepare for a mission, man planes, jump over Lae, and join Australian troops in making a landing strip. Part 2, shows the landing at Salerno, Italy. The invasion convoy crosses the Mediterranean. Troops go ashore at night. Navy guns blast enemy positions and down German planes. Shows damaged ships. Gen. Clark comes ashore and confers with Gen. Alexander. Troops dig in and then advance. Shows nurses treating wounded soldiers. German prisoners are moved to the rear.

Title: Avance Des Allies En Italie, 1943
Notes: Part 1, U.S. soldiers and equipment move along roads and through woods in Italy. French troops advance and fire artillery. Also shows bombing operations and groups of Italian and German prisoners. Part 2, Churchill and Gen. Eisenhower meet at a railroad station and confer, with others, at no. 10 Downing Street. Part 3, U.S. soldiers convert large shipping crates into quarters, a barbershop, and a mess hall. Part 4, King George boards a British battleship, inspects sailors, and watches demonstrations of deep sea diving and a small submarine.

Title: Bombers Raid War Plants IN Nazi Europe [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, allied planes bomb Abbeville and Rennes, France. Part 2, Gens. Eisenhower, Patton, and Montgomery confer in the field. Shows Italian prisoners of war. Part 3, college women plant potatoes in Maine. Volunteers pick string beans and tomatoes. Part 4, Gen. Chennault receives gifts from the people of Yunnan Province, China. Part 5, shows the biggest motor bus, carrying 250 soldiers. Part 6, shows the amphibious assault on Munda in the Solomon Islands.

Title: Brazil Marks 121st Year of Independence [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Press Vargas reviews a military parade in Rio de Janeiro. Part 2, Canadian women work in shipyards and WACs repair an airplane. Part 3, 1,600 naval cadets race cross country. Part 4, movie stars James Cagney, Judy Garland, Greer Garson, Harpo Marx, and Mickey Rooney arrive at Washington, D.C., and attend a war bond rally at the Washington Monument. Part 5, Mrs. Roosevelt visits hospitals in the South Pacific. Part 6, shows the invasion convoy and the amphibious landing by the 5th Army at Salerno, Italy. Shows Gens. Eisenhower and Clark and Adms. Cunningham and Hewitt.
Subjects: Army. 5th Army; Brazil--Rio de Janeiro--Parades; Cagney, James; Canada; Garson, Greer; Marx, Harpo; Parades; Rooney, Mickey; Running; Shipyards--Canada; Vargas, Getulio Dornelles; World War, 1939-1945;

Title: British-U.S. Air Mission Inspects Far East Bases [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Gens. Wavell, Arnold, Stilwell, and Somervell pose by a plane. Arnold and Chennault confer in China. The mission inspects Chinese troops with Chiang Kai-shek, and is met by Gen. Marshall in Washington. Part 2, U.S. troops and nurses parade in Australia. Part 3, PBY rescues fliers drifting in the Pacific. Part 4, shows the Texas-to-Illinois pipeline. Part 5, gliders are manufactured, loaded, and flown. Part 6, Madame Chiang Kai-shek visits Mt. Vernon and (with the Roosevelts) decorates Washington's tomb, speaks in New York City at City Hall, and is welcomed in parades in New York City and Chinatown. Part 7, Allied planes strafe equipment in Tunisia and ship in Mediterranean Sea.

Title: Canada's Military Might Reviewed [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Mackenzie King reviews Canadian troops in England. Part 2 shows the manufacture and assembly of prefabricated houses. Part 3, allied bombers leave England to strike inside Germany. Part 4, allied troops occupy Cassino, Italy. Generals de Gaulle and Clark meet. Part 5, the 5th and 8th Armies meet in Italy.

Title: Chief Executives of U.S. Hailed IN Latin America [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, shows brief scenes of Henry Wallace riding in many parades in Latin American cities. President and Mrs. Roosevelt and President Camacho review a parade in Monterrey, Mexico. Part 2, Greek volunteers, French Foreign Legion troops, and French colonial troops are assembled on the docks of Algiers. Shows allied troops advancing through mud in Tunisia. Part 3, B-25 planes take off from the carrier Hornet to bomb Japan. Gen. Doolittle directs the operation. In Chungking Chiang Kai-shek greets Doolittle.

Title: Chinese Envoy Inspects Canada's War Industries [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, China's Ambassador to Canada sees small arms ammunition and tanks being manufactured. Shows tanks being tested in the snow. Part 2 shows scenes in Ottawa where Princess Juliana of the Netherlands has given birth to a baby. Part 3, President Roosevelt and Churchill meet in Casablanca. They ride in a jeep and review allied troops. F.D.R. inspects U.S. troops in Liberia and meets President Vargas in Rio de Janeiro. Other personages: Adm. King; Gen. Marshall; Gen. Arnold; British Gen. Alan Brooke; Adm. Alfred Dudley Pound; Gen. Giraud; Gen. de Gaulle.


Title: First U.S. Army Women Arrive IN England [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Col. Oveta Culp Hobby, reviews a Women's Army Corps (WAC) parade in the U.S. WACs arrive in England and tour the countryside. Part 2, commercial movies are converted to 16mm in Hollywood for showing at Army posts. Personages: Ann Miller, Greer Garson, Linda Darnell, John Garfield, Judy Garland, Betty Grable, Heddy Lamar. Part 3, trout are sorted and graded at a Canadian fish hatchery and lakes are restocked from seaplanes. Part 4, Filipino troops in the U.S. Army are issued bolo knives. Part 5, Naval air cadets practice landings on a modified freighter on one of the Great Lakes. Part 7, Gen. Patton enters Palermo, Sicily, with elements of the 7th Army.

Title: Flying Forts Battle Nazies Over Germany [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Flying Forts bomb industrial cities in Germany and battle German interceptor planes. Part 2, Gens. Stilwell and Somervell and Lord Mountbatten arrive in India for a conference. Part 3, shows scenes in Naples after the German retreat. A delayed action bomb explodes in a post office building killing several civilians. Part 4, the liner Normandie, recently salvaged, is moved from her pier in New York to be refitted. Part 5, Americans vote in several cities. Personages: Thomas Dewey, Wendell Willkie, Pres. Roosevelt. Part 6, Australian troops advance in New Guinea across wet, jungle terrain.


Title: French Sailors Win Ovation IN First U.S. Parade [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, the French battleship Richelieu passes New York City's skyline. The French cruiser Montcalm docks. French sailors parade in New York City. Shows Mayor La Guardia. Part 2, Madame Chiang Kai-shek is welcomed by President and Mrs. Roosevelt at the Washington, D.C. airport. Mme. Chiang speaks to members in the House of Representatives. Part 3, allied tank destroyers blast German tanks in Tunisia. Gen. Montgomery receives the surrender of city officials in Tripoli, Libya. Part 4, an armored division is aligned on the California desert.

Title: Gen. MacArthur's Forces Win New Bases IN Pacific [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Australian troops capture Madang, New Guinea. Part 2, a Navy dirigible patrols for German submarines and drops bombs. Part 3 shows the Shah of Iran, Mohammed Riza Pahlavi, and his family. Part 4, a 75 mm cannon is fired from a B-25 bomber. Bombs are dropped with parachutes. Shows a mass artillery barrage. Part 5, animals are rescued from an irrigation viaduct. Part 6, fighters of the 8th Air Force down German planes and strafe railroads. Part 7, President Roosevelt inspects the 7th Army in Sicily and decorates Gen. Mark Clark. Shows Winston Churchill and Gen. Eisenhower.

Title: Hamburg, Nazi War Center, Blasted By Bombs [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, 8th Air Force planes bomb Hamburg by day and fight off German fighters on their return to England. Royal Air Force (RAF) planes prepare for a night mission. Part 2, the aircraft carrier Wasp is launched. Part 3, "Volo Song" wins the Hambletonian trotting race at Goshen, New York. Part 4, shows scenes at the Quebec Conference. Personages: Roosevelt, Churchill, Adms. King and Mountbatten, Gens. Marshall, Arnold, and Portal, T.V. Soong, Mackenzie King. Part 5, U.S. planes bomb New Britain (Bismarck Islands), and destroyers shell New Georgia (Solomon Islands).

Title: Italian Islands First To Fall As Invasion Begins [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, allied planes bomb Pantelleria Island. Part 2, Gens. de Gaulle and Giraud inspect French troops in North Africa. Giraud decorates Gen. Eisenhower. Part 3, U.S. farmers sow potatoes. Part 4, Hindus gather for a religious ceremony in India. Part 5, shows work on the "Big Inch" pipe line. Part 6, Greece receives a lend-lease destroyer in Washington, D.C. Shows President Roosevelt. Part 7 shows the world's largest synthetic rubber plant in the U.S. Part 8, Madame Chiang Kai-shek reviews WAVES, SPARS, and women Marines. Part 9, Argentine President Castillo is overthrown by revolution in Buenos Aires.

Title: Italy Surrenders, 1943
Notes: Italians in New York City celebrate Italy's surrender. U.S. troops land in North Africa. President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill meet at Casablanca. Allied planes bomb islands off Italy. Sicily is invaded by allied troops. Messina is occupied. The 7th Army and Britain's 8th Army land on Italy's mainland behind a naval bombardment. Italian warships speed to allied ports and are surrendered. President Roosevelt announces Italy's surrender. Other personages: Gen. Eisenhower, Gen. Clark, Mussolini, Adm. Cunningham.

Title: Japanese Routed From Buna Stronghold! [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part l, U.S. and Australian troops fight in New Guinea. Part 2, shows the parade and celebration in Santiago as Chile joins the United Nations. Part 3, shows part of a record catch of herring in British Columbia. Part 4, shows a track meet at Madison Square Garden. Part 5, the Navy's largest battleship is tested prior to joining a fleet. Part 6, a "lost battalion" of Australian soldiers on Timor Island receives supplies and equipment by air and attack Japanese positions.

Title: Japanese Ships Smashed At Guadalcanal [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, shows burning and sunken ships. Shows Marine Gens. Alexander Vandegrift and Clayton Vogel. Part 2, Navaho women make gifts for Red Cross packages. Part 3, shows tests of a Constellation cargo plane. Part 4, Henry J. Kaiser ignites a blast furnace at a new steel mill. Part 5, motorcycle dispatch carriers ride a training course. Part 6, shows an amphibious landing in North Africa. German prisoners board ships en route to prison camps. Part 7, Cordell Hull signs a treaty with China. Chinese troops are carried by U.S. transport planes. Part 8, President Roosevelt addresses Congress. Shows views of the Capitol.

Title: King George Reviews American Troops IN Africa [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, King George VI of Great Britain and Gen. Clark review 5th Army units in Africa. Gen. Patton joins them for lunch. Part 2, the cruiser Houston is constructed and launched. Part 3, sheep dogs assist in rounding up sheep on an Alberta, Canada, ranch. Part 4, U.S. troops climb snow-covered slopes on Attu Island and capture or kill the remaining Japanese troops in the Aleutians.

Title: Latest Films From General MacArthur IN New Guinea [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Gen. MacArthur is driven to the New Guinea front. Shows native bearers carrying equipment on jungle trails. A B-24 plane sinks a Japanese ship off the island. Part 2, Coast Guard dogs pass in review. Coast Guard horsemen patrol the Atlantic coast. Part 3, Chiang Kai-shek reviews a United Nations parade in Chungking. Gen. Stilwell arrives in Washington, D.C. Mule trains cross Tibet with supplies for China. Part 4, Australians test U.S. jeeps. Part 5, tanks are given final tests and then loaded on ships. Shows shipyard activity.

Title: Latest Films of Allied Drive IN North Africa [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, the British 8th Army advances through mud in Tunisia. Shows Gens. Eisenhower and Henri Giraud. Part 2, Chinese air cadets train and graduate in the U.S. Part 3, Marines return from a raid on a Japanese outpost. Shows Adm. Nimitz and Lt. Col. James Roosevelt. Part 4, ammunition and tank destroyers are manufactured; amphibious equipment is tested; and trucks transport food and equipment. Part 5, shows tests of a 240mm howitzer.


Title: Latest Films of The War IN Italy [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, 5th Army units occupy villages north of Naples. Gens. Montgomery and Clark meet. Part 2, planes drop food and medical supplies to U.S. airmen in a Burma jungle. Shows airmen being cared for by Burmese natives. Part 3, Polish patriots parade in New York City in honor of Count Pulaski. Part 4, Gen. Arnold lands in England and inspects air units. Shows Capt. Clark Gable. Igor Sikorsky lands a helicopter on the grounds of the Ford museum in Detroit and is greeted by Henry Ford. Part 5, Princess Martha of Norway decorates Norwegian soldiers in New York City. Part 6, President Roosevelt addresses Yugoslav airmen in Washington, D.C.

Title: Latest News Films From The Tunisian Battle Front! [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, soldiers attend a religious service and go swimming. Tanks and artillery bombard German positions. Part 2, shows construction on a Central American highway between Panama and Mexico City. Part 3, shows air defenses of Washington, DC. Part 4, shows cows and sheep in Australia. Part 5, a Coast Guard cutter fires guns and depth charges at a German submarine damaged in ramming the sub, the cutter is towed to port by a Polish destroyer. Part 6, Flying Fortresses bomb a German submarine base and return to England.

Title: Latest War Films From U.S. Forces IN South Pacific [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Liberator bombers strike Japanese installations on a Pacific island and U.S. troops land with little opposition. Steam shovels and tractors clear jungle foliage for an airstrip. Part 2, Chinese work in a California shipyard. Part 3, the Swedish track star, Gunder Hagg, sees a baseball game in Boston and runs a record mile in the Harvard University stadium. Part 4, 7th Army troops advance through Sicilian villages. Wounded are loaded on planes for evacuation. Part 5, railroad yards in Rome are bombed with pinpoint precision. Part 6, Pres. Roosevelt speaks of the Fascist decline in Italy.

Title: Mexico Marks 33rd Anniversary of New Social Order [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, President Camacho of Mexico reviews a parade in Mexico City. Shows a mass gymnastic drill. Part 2, U.S. and Australian troops compete in a steer riding contest in Brisbane. Part 3, C-47's tow gliders in an exercise. Parachute troops and the gliders land. Shows Gen. Arnold. Part 4, Eleanor Roosevelt reviews SPARS parading past the White House. Part 5, Australian tennis stars play for servicemen in Sydney. Part 6, ships and planes bombard Japanese positions on New Guinea and the Marshall and Gilbert Islands. Admirals Halsey and Wilkinson chart operations. Marines land on Bougainville.


Title: Moscow Pact A Triumph For United Nations [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Sec. Hull, Molotov, Eden, Averell Harriman, and T.V. Soong sign the Moscow Pact. Hull is greeted by Pres. Roosevelt in Wash., D.C. Part 2, Marines parade past the U.S. Capitol celebrating their 168th anniversary. Part 3, Gen. Clark receives an honorary degree from Naples University. Part 4, General and Madame Chiang Kai-shek, Adm. Mountbatten, and Gens. Stilwell and Somervell meet in Chungking. Part 5, Army nurses take combat training and wade ashore in Italy. Part 6, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Gromyko, and Lord Halifax sign an UNRRA agreement at the White House.

Title: Motor Torpedo Boats Maneuver Off Panama Canal [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, torpedo boats and fighter planes engage in a mock battle. Part 2, Gen. Spaatz and Gen. Doolittle present U.S. planes to French fliers in North Africa. Part 3, college men practice rowing in Washington State. Part 4, a submarine crew refurbishes its vessel. Adm. Halsey decorates Navy fliers aboard an aircraft carrier. Part 5, Prince Olav and Princess Martha of Norway open a U.S. home for Norwegian refugees. Part 6, the French battleship Richelieu docks in the U.S. Part 7, Polish refugees reach Iran on foot, receive Red Cross aid, and establish a village.

Title: Nazi War Plants Blasted By R.A.F. In Night Raids [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Royal Air Force (RAF) Lancaster bombers strike Essen, Germany. Part 2, the destroyer Sullivan and two destroyer escorts are launched. Part 3, tanks are tested over a tank obstacle course. Part 4, Madame Chiang Kai-shek speaks in the Hollywood Bowl. Shows Mary Pickford and Norma Shearer. Part 5, an army rescue squad uses a life boat to rescue downed airmen. Part 6, paratroopers jump in a practice mission carrying their mascots (Boxer pups). Part 7, Canadian artillery units practice firing in snowy terrain. Troops and tanks are loaded on ships and the convoy sails.

Title: New Reservists Swell Ranks of American Navy [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, sailors train, eat, and parade. Part 2 shows surf riding in Australia. Part 3, the 2nd Army and the British 8th Army capture Bizerte and are welcomed by its citizens. Hordes of German prisoners are captured. Shows Gens. Eisenhower and Montgomery. Part 4, Gen. Marshall attends a meeting of the allied war council. Shows the council on the White House lawn.

Title: News From North Africa [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Gen. Eisenhower and British Admiral Cunningham review allied troops in North Africa. Part 2, Sec. of State Hull lands in Cairo en route to Moscow. Part 3, Russian planes bomb a German convoy in the Arctic Ocean and Russian sailors beat off a German aerial assault. Part 4, Canadian fishing vessels leave a village on the Gaspe Peninsula and return laden with cod. Part 5, 5th Army units occupy Naples and advance through mud north of the city. Gen. Clark leaves for the front. Refugees return to Naples.

Title: News of The War In Italy [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Italians apply for jobs and U.S. engineers repair water facilities in Naples. Gen. Clark arrives and 5th Army units march northward. Part 2, Douglas fir is felled in Canada and floated down river to mills. Part 3, Italian fliers land their planes at an allied airfield and join the allies. Part 4, Gen. Stilwell inspects Chinese and U.S. troops who swim a river in Burma to take up new positions. The 14th Air Force covers the advance. Part 5, carrier-based planes carry out low level bombing attacks on Wake Island.

Title: Princess Juliana Makes First Visit To Dutch Guiana [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Princess Juliana rides through the streets of Paramaribo, Dutch Guiana, and reviews Dutch and U.S. troops. Chieftains of the bush tribes pay their respects. Part 2, a volcano erupts on the Pacific island of Niuafoo. Part 3, a sheep herd is moved across Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State. Part 4, shows activities on a Canadian farm. Part 5, Adm. Wilkinson and Gen. Vandegrift direct operations as Marines pour ashore on Bougainville beneath intense naval bombardment and establish a beach head.

Title: Rommel's Defeat In Africa [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, allied planes and the British 8th Army attack German positions in Africa. German prisoners are massed. Shows Gen. Montgomery and Adm. Cunningham. Part 2, U.S. troops capture Oran, Algeria, are greeted by the citizens, and take French prisoners. Shows the occupation forces at work.

Title: Roosevelt Inspects U.S. Army Camps [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, shows Pres. Roosevelt at camps and air fields. Part 2, aircraft carriers are used to transport army planes. Part 3, allied troops bomb and capture land in Tunisia. U.S. and German tanks battle. German planes attack U.S. positions. Army nurses evacuate wounded soldiers. Personages: Gens. Eisenhower and Patton, Gens. Montgomery and Harold Alexander, and Gen. Henri Giraud.

Title: Roosevelt Reviews U.S. Troops In Iran [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, President Roosevelt reviews U.S. troops in Iran. Part 2, tanks, guns, and other war material is unloaded at the port of Naples. Part 3, the Queen Mary docks in Sydney with U.S. troops. Part 4, college girls in the U.S. make dolls. Part 5, British sailors test U.S. torpedo boats off the Atlantic coast. Part 6, Marines inch forward on Tarawa. Wounded are carried to the coast and loaded on landing craft. Army units relieve the Marines.

Title: Soviet Army Hurls Back Nazis On 2,000 Mile Front [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Russian troops advance through villages behind artillery and tanks. A Russian ship in the Black Sea is bombed by German planes. A German submarine is hit by a depth bomb. Part 2, a Canadian soldier is furloughed to mine coal. Shows scenes in the coal mine, in steel plants, and in factories. Part 3, elephants, native bearers and planes haul supplies for U.S. troops in India. Part 4, Australian veterans parade in Sydney. Part 5, civilians in North Africa receive food, medicine, and clothing. Part 6, Liberators bomb New Guinea airfields. Fighter planes patrol over mountains.


Title: The Capture of Tarawa From Japan! [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, the invasion fleet moves toward Tarawa. Marines land and fight after a naval bombardment. Shows the effect of the attack on Japanese emplacements. Part 2, President Roosevelt meets with Churchill and Chiang Kai-shek in Cairo, and with Churchill and Joseph Stalin at Teheran. Shows Madame Chiang and Sara Churchill.


Title: The Fall of Pantelleria [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, landing operations on Pantelleria, following an intense aerial assault, are unopposed. The Italian garrison surrenders en masse. Part 2, a battle-scarred Flying Fortress leaves England and lands in Washington, D.C. Part 3, Gunder Hagg defeats Greg Rice in a 5,000 meter foot race. Part 4, amphibious "ducks" are tested and used in combat to ferry supplies from ships to shore. Part 5, nurses in several hospitals are capped upon graduation. Shows scenes in hospital trains. Part 6, Chinese troops in Burma dynamite the Burma Road. Casualties are treated at field hospitals. Part 7, P-47 Thunderbolt fighter planes are tested.

Title: The Invasion of Sicily!, 1943
Notes: An invasion fleet of over 3,000 ships forms and crosses the Mediterranean Sea. Gen. Patton receives a new battle flag. Shows the amphibious assault on Gela, Sicily. Land mines are cleared and troops advance. Shows Gen. Lucian Truscott.


Title: Two New Cruisers Join U.S. Navy [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, the Biloxi and the Astoria are launched. Part 2, shows work on a dam and power plant on Canada's Saguenay River. Part 3, Red Cross boxes for U.S. prisoners of war are packed and shipped. Part 4, Academy Awards are presented to James Cagney and Greer Garson by Gary Cooper and Joan Fontaine in Hollywood. Part 5, burned fir trees are felled and transported. Part 6, Royal Air Force (RAF) ground crews take commando training. Part 7, Italian women and children board ships in East Africa for return to Italy. Part 8, Madame Chiang Kai-shek visits Wellesley College. Part 9, allied troops advance in New Guinea. Surgeons sterilize equipment and treat soldiers.

Title: U.S. Air Forces Battle Japanese For Pacific Bases [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Liberators bomb the Solomon Islands. Navy construction battalions build an airstrip in the Gilbert Islands. Part 2, oversized locomotives for use in India are constructed in a Canadian factory. Part 3, the hospital ship Acadia docks and wounded are unloaded. Part 4, U.S. servicemen stage an Army-Navy football game in Sydney, Australia. Part 5, Gen. Eisenhower and Gen. Clark survey the Italian front south of Cassino. 5th Army troops enter the town of Lagone. Part 6, allied planes bomb Occupied France.

Title: U.S. and Canada Push Strategic Alaska Highway [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, tractors and bulldozers clear forest lands in Canada for the Alcan Highway. Part 2, speed boats race in California. Part 3, a transport plane carrying troops and supplies is tested. Part 4, Dutch Marines man coastal guns at Paramaribo, Dutch Guiana, where bauxite is shipped on United Nations ships. A sub chaser is presented to Queen Wilhelmina by President Roosevelt at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard. Part 5, U.S. troops present a sham battle in a Detroit arena. Part 6, aerial gunners demonstrate their skill in an air show. Part 7, Australian pilots test Kittyhawk planes in New Guinea.

Title: U.S. Army Prepares For Invasion of Europe [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, U.S. troops storm a beach in a practice landing assault. Part 2, Anthony Eden and Lord Halifax converse with Sec. of State Hull. Part 3, a steel life raft is tested and demonstrated by merchant seamen. Part 4, snowplows clear roads and railroads in eastern Canada. Part 5, Army men attempt to unload mules from boxcars. Part 6, destroyer escorts and tankers are constructed and launched. Part 7, mounted Coast Guardsmen patrol beaches. Part 8, lend-lease tanks are used in maneuvers in Australia. Part 9, a volcano erupts in Mexico and buries a town.

Title: U.S. Bombs Japanese From New Base IN The Aleutians [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, U.S. troops land on one of the Aleutian Islands and battle winds to put up tents. Airplanes take off from an island airfield. Shows Gen. Lloyd E. Jones. Part 2, the Dionne quintuplets are present as 5 cargo vessels are launched at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Part 3, tanks of the British 8th Army roll forward in Tunisia. Gen. Montgomery and Gen. Eisenhower meet. Allied planes patrol the Mediterranean. Allied artillery blasts Nazi positions by night. Germans surrender by the thousands.


Title: U.S. Fliers Bomb Two Japanese Bases [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, bombers leave airfields in Washington State and strike Japanese bases in the Aleutians. Gen. Chennault directs the "Flying Tigers" in a bombing mission on Hong Kong. Part 2, Coast Guardsmen man a Danish windjammer to be used for training purposes. Part 3, citizens donate blood to a blood bank. Part 4, Canadian women manufacture small arms ammunition. Shows the product being tested. Part 5, ships are constructed in a Brazilian shipyard. Shows a mine layer laying an anti-submarine net. Part 6, British planes bomb a German factory in the Netherlands.

Title: U.S. Forces Blast Japanese From Attu [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1 shows an amphibious landing in the Aleutian Islands. Part 2, depth charges are dropped and a German submarine which tried to attack a convoy surfaces. Part 3, shows clean-up operations in Tunis. Hordes of German soldiers are captured. British, troops are warmly greeted by citizens. Gen. Giraud reviews French troops.

Title: U.S. Opens A New Drive On Japanese IN The South Pacific [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, ships bombard the Solomon Islands. Marines land and store supplies. Part 2, shows the training and graduation of a paratroop chaplin. Part 3, the daughter of Princess Juliana (now Queen) of the Netherlands and Prince Bernhard is christened, Queen Wilhelmina attending. Part 4, a glider carrying war supplies is towed from Canada to Britain. Part 5, Gen. Giraud is met at the Washington, D.C. airport by Gen. Marshall and Adm. Leahy. He meets President Roosevelt at the White House and lays wreaths at Mt. Vernon and Arlington Cemetery.

Title: U.S. Vice-President Cheered On Tour of South America [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, Henry Wallace is greeted in Santiago, Chile, by President Rios. Part 2, American bombers patrol the Aleutian Islands. Shows a litter of husky pups. Part 3, torpedoes are manufactured in a naval arsenal. Henry Kaiser and Eleanor Roosevelt witness the launching of an aircraft carrier at a Pacific coast shipyard. Part 4, military supplies for Alaskan bases are portaged around rapids in northern Canada. Part 5, allied planes obliterate a Japanese convoy off New Guinea.

Title: United Nations Leaders Confer With Roosevelt [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, President Roosevelt, Cordell Hull, Winston Churchill, and Eduard Benes meet at the White House. Part 2, spruce is felled in Canada. Timber is processed in a lumber mill. Part 3, Woodrow Wilson sees the take off of the first air mail plane. A helicopter picks up mail at the U.S. Capitol in a celebration of the 25th year of air mail service. Shows Igor Sikorsky. Part 4, Henry Kaiser inspects a Kaiser steel mill in California. Tanks roll from an assembly line. Part 5, U.S. troops land on Attu Island. Australian planes bomb Japanese bases in New Guinea. Gen. Chennault inspects the 14th Air Force in China. Flying Forts bomb Crete and Sardinia.

Title: War News From The South Pacific [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, nurses arrive at Port Moresby, New Guinea, and seriously wounded soldiers are evacuated. Marines count 100,000 yen captured when Japanese troops attempted an invasion of the Solomon Islands. The defenses of Guadalcanal are inspected by the general staff. Part 2, shows air force cadets at Yale University. College women take physical training. Part 3, dirigible pilot trainees in California learn balloon navigation. Part 4, Clark Gable receives aerial gunner's wings and shoots on a firing course. Part 5, allied paratroops capture a Tunisian airfield.


Title: West Point Sends 409 New Officers Into U.S. Army [etc.], 1943
Notes: Part 1, cadets receive diplomas and pass in review. Part 2, Mrs. Roosevelt christens the aircraft carrier Yorktown. Part 3, shows the physical training of artillerymen. Part 4, British planes bomb Tripoli and soldiers uncover and collect German land mines in Libya. Shows Gen. Montgomery. Part 5, Royal Canadian Air Force cadets graduate.

Title: Western Front [etc.]. United News
Notes: Part 1, the 3rd and 9th Armies advance in France. Part 2, labor leaders meet in London to plan a labor conference. Shows Sidney Hillman. Part 3, Gen. Eisenhower visits Canadian and Polish troops and an army hospital. Flamethrowers are demonstrated. Shows Gen. Montgomery. Part 4, allied troops fight in Antwerp and take German prisoners. The first allied convoy to the port brings military supplies.

Title: Allied Armies IN Burma Battle Japanese On Wide Front [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, U.S., British, and Chinese troops advance against Japanese positions in Burma. Personages: Gen. Stilwell and British Gens. Wingate and Mountbatten. Part 2, men and women of the Canadian Navy stage a musical show. Part 3, Yugoslav troops in Italy board ships to return to liberated areas of their homeland. Part 4, the Allied Control Commission issues clothes and food to Italians in Naples. Part 5, war material is stockpiled on the Atlantic shore awaiting loading. A Navy seaplane tender sinks a German U-boat in the Atlantic.

Title: Allied Drive On IN Italy--Planes Smash Foe IN Air [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, U.S. planes bomb German cities. Gens. Clark and Alexander meet in Italy. Artillery pounds Nazi positions in Italy and tanks and infantry advance. Part 2, Mustang fighter planes fly from California to New York in 6-1/2 hours. Part 3, nurses are sworn into the Army. Part 4, a newly-formed infantry division parades in the U.S. Part 5, airplanes spray farm lands with insecticide. Part 6, U.S. troops land at Hollandia, New Guinea, supported by aerial and naval barrages. Tanks and infantry advance through wet jungle terrain. Shows Gen. MacArthur and Gen. Walter Krueger.

Title: Allied Forces IN Action On India-Burma Fronts [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, native laborers help to construct airstrips in India. Gens. MacArthur, Krueger, and Rupertus inspect newly won positions on New Guinea. British and Indian troops advance in Burma. Part 2, women stage a gymnastics drill in Sydney, Australia. Part 3, quadruplets celebrate a birthday in Texas. Part 4, U.S. planes bomb railroad yards in Rome. 5th Army troops advance from the Anzio beachhead. Part 5, Yugoslav refugees debark in Italy. Part 6, Gen. Eisenhower, Gen. Montgomery, and Gen. Arthur Tedder meet in London. Shows stockpiles of war material.

Title: Allied Guns Blast Nazis IN Italy [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, artillery blasts German positions in Italy. Part 2, Italian prisoners of war are trained as U.S. army engineers. Part 3, new citizens take the oath of allegiance in Central Park, New York City. Shows Mayor La Guardia. Part 4, U.S. troops in England construct homes from discarded crates. Part 5, shows the testing of bombs, mortar shells, and flame throwers. Part 6, Gen. Eisenhower inspects the 9th Air Force base in England. Marauder bombers blast German railroad yards by day and R.A.F. Lancaster bombers return by night.

Title: Allied Patrols IN Action On Anzio Beach [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, troops fight at Anzio. Part 2, Under Sec. of State Stettinius returns from London. Part 3, SPARS, WAVES, and WACS model uniforms. Shows Navy nurses on Guadalcanal. Part 4, shows a baby contest in California. Part 5, the Forest Service uses a snow plow to clear Montana roads. Part 6, Adm. John Beardall is decorated at the Naval Academy. Midshipmen pass in review. Part 7 shows the Kentucky Derby. Part 8 shows surf riding in Australia.

Title: Allies Break Nazi Grip On Holland [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, British troops advance in Holland, using tanks, infantry, and flamethrowers. Dutch citizens are rescued from debris. Part 2, allied aerial operations in Burma, Germany, and the Indian Ocean are shown. Part 3, Athens is liberated by British troops. Crowds cheer arriving soldiers. Shows Prime Minister Papandreow, the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and Greek guerrillas.

Title: Allies Clear Scheldt Islands [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, allied troops invade the Scheldt Islands. Part 2, Gen. Eisenhower honors Gen. Spaatz and British Gens. Arthur Harris and Leigh-Mallory. Part 3, citizens of Bucharest cheer liberating Russian troops. Part 4, Yugoslav patriots receive supplies by air. They drill and are reviewed by Marshall Tito. Wounded patriots are evacuated.

Title: Allies Dig IN On Anzio Front [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, troops wounded in Italy are treated on hospital trains, at base hospitals, and aboard hospital ships. Part 2, Brazilian troops parade in Sao Paulo. Part 3, new jeeps are tested on beaches. Part 4, Purple Hearts are presented to parents of Japanese who died serving in the U.S. Army. Part 5, shows salt mining operations in a Nova Scotia mine 1,200 feet under ground. Part 6, girl lifeguards man a boat on an Australian beach. Part 7, carrier-based planes bomb Japanese positions on Truk and Saipan and return to the aircraft carriers.

Title: Allies Liberate Island of Elba [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, Elba is invaded after a naval bombardment. Part, 2 shows Marshall Tito and Yugoslav patriots. Part 3, shows Gens. Marshall and Clark in Italy. Gen. Alphonse Juin is decorated by Gen. Clark. Part 4, shows an amphibious assault on Saipan. Marines fight on the island. Wounded soldiers receive treatment and women and children are removed to safety.

Title: Allies Pierce Siegfried Line [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, Russian soldiers advance to the Oder River in Poland. Part 2, representatives of labor unions from 16 countries meet in London to discuss unions and the war. Part 3, planes of the 8th Air Force are prepared for a raid on Berlin. Crews are briefed, planes take off, and the target is bombed.

Title: Allies Set For Offensive [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, British planes bomb Brunswick, Germany, and British and Canadian soldiers fight in Holland. Part 2 shows how harbor facilities made in England were used in the Normandy invasion. A storm damages the harbor but unloading continues. Part 3, Aachen, Germany, is taken by U.S. troops after a heavy artillery barrage. German citizens are removed from the battle areas.

Title: Allies Strike Out From Beachhead, 1944
Notes: Allied troops pour onto Normandy beaches. Shows German Generals Rommel and von Runstedt inspecting coastal fortifications in France. U.S. troops construct airstrips and planes take off. Allied planes bomb and strafe German emplacements. Winston Churchill, Jan Christian Smuts, and Generals Eisenhower, Marshall, and Montgomery view allied positions.

Title: Allies Study Post-War Security [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, Cordell Hull, Edward Stettinius, Alexander Cadogan, and Andrei Gromyko attend the Dumbarton Oaks Conference in Washington, D.C. Part 2, shows celebrations in Reykjavik as Iceland becomes a republic. Shows Gen. William Key. Part 3, Shasta Dam is opened. Shows views of the dam and its electrical equipment. Part 4, Japanese planes attack ships off Saipan. U.S. troops land on islands off New Guinea. Troops fight and supplies are dropped on Guam. Women and children are fed and treated at field hospitals.

Title: Allies Win Myitkyina Airstrip [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, transport planes and gliders land troops on Myitkyina airstrip in northern Burma. Shows Gen. Stilwell and Gen. Frank Merrill. Lt. Col. Seagrave operates on wounded in a field hospital. Part 2, U.S. service women sightsee in Egypt on camels. Part 3, all U.S. artillery pieces in Normandy fire on the 4th of July. Gens. Eisenhower, Bradley, and Joseph Collins participate. French school children sing "America." Part 4, carrier-based planes land on Saipan, refuel, and then bomb Japanese positions on the island. Marines advance.

Title: American Army Women Serving On All Fronts [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, WAC mechanics service airplanes in Arizona. Part 2, the Boeing aircraft plant in Seattle celebrates the completion of its 5,000th Flying Fortress. Part 3, shows poses of military cameramen who will cover the invasion of Europe. Part 4, shows Air Force heroes in Washington, D.C., and one at his home in Piqua, Ohio. Part 5, allied planes bomb Italy. British troops advance toward Cassino and Americans toward Anzio. Shows German prisoners of war and aid to Italian citizens.


Title: American Sub Rescues Airmen [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, 22 crewmen from a U.S. bomber are rescued in the Pacific. Part 2, gunners shoot at German robot bombs over England. Part 3, shows pipe lines being laid in Africa and Europe. Part 4, troops of the 9th Army enter and fight in Saarbrucken, Germany. Part 5, soldiers receive mail and gifts and give Christmas presents to children in Europe.

Title: Americans Win New Airbases IN South Pacific [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, Manus Island, in the Admiralty Islands, is bombed from sea and air. Soldiers fight in the jungle. Shows Gen. Stilwell and Lt. Col. Seagrave. Part 2, wounded soldiers in Burma are treated. Supplies are dropped to Fijian troops on Bougainville. Part 3, Princess Juliana visits Curacao Island in the Netherlands Antilles. Part 4, shows ground and air crews of planes which bomb German-held territory.

Title: Armistice Day IN France [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1 shows ceremonies at Compiegne. Part 2, allied troops advance through mud and snow in Europe. Part 3, the German battleship Tirpitz is bombed and sunk on the coast of Norway. Shows Hitler at its launching in 1939. Shows British Air Marshall Harris. Part 4, Japanese-American soldiers rescue soldiers of the 36th Division surrounded in France.

Title: Army Beats Navy IN Traditional Football Classic [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, Gens. Marshall and Arnold and Adm. King witness the Army-Navy football game in Baltimore. Part 2, a Canadian aircraft carrier is loaded with grain and joins a convoy. Part 3, Associate Justice Jackson swears in Edward R. Stettinius as Sec. of State. Part 4, B-29's bomb Formosa and return to their base on Saipan. Shows Gen. Haywood Hansell. Part 5, U.S. planes land in Yugoslavia with military and medical supplies and food. Shows Marshall Tito. Part 6, Japanese troops of the 36th Div. break through German lines in France.

Title: B-29's Over Tokyo [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, U.S. planes bomb Tokyo and return to Saipan. Shows Gens. Haywood Hansell and Emmett O'Donnell. Part 2, the 6th Army advances on Leyte and cares for displaced Filipinos. Part 3, shows a plane in flight picking up men from the ground. Part 4, French and U.S. troops enter Metz, Strasbourg, and Belfort. Gen. Walton H. Walker receives the German surrender in Strasbourg.

Title: Battle For France [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, allied armored troops roll forward near Caen and care for French refugees. Female collaborationists are herded through the streets. Gen. Montgomery greets villagers. Part 2, plywood is processed and used in the manufacture of landing craft, gliders, and small fighter planes. Part 3, U.S. troops parade in Cherbourg on Bastille Day. Gen. de Gaulle is present. Part 4, Hitler and Goring inspect air raid damage in Berlin.

Title: Battle For Paris, 1944
Notes: Members of the French resistance movement erect cobblestone entrenchments in Paris, distribute weapons, battle the Germans in the streets, and take prisoners. Shows the liberation of Paris and the arrival of Gen. LeClerc.

Title: Battle Mud IN Burma [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, Burmese natives and U.S. troops clear mud from roads. Part 2, U.S. troops in Europe improvise time-saving devices. Part 3, a demolished truck factory in France is rebuilt and manufacturing resumes. Part 4, men of the 7th Army fight German troops near Strasbourg, France, and assist civilians. British and U.S. troops meet. Soldiers clear roads during a blizzard and uncover bodies of soldiers massacred at Malmedy.
Subjects: Army. 7th Army; Transportation, Military; World War, 1939-1945

Title: Battle of Angaur Island [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1 shows an amphibious landing on Angaur Island in the Palau group. U.S. troops advance behind tanks and artillery. Part 2, Chief Justice Stone and Andrei Gromyko are present as the Turkish Ambassador to the U.S. is buried in Arlington, Va. Shows the procession from the Turkish Embassy to the cemetery. Part 3, Under Sec. of State Stettinius and Gromyko speak at a U.S.-U.S.S.R. rally in Madison Square Garden. Joseph E. Davies and Lord Halifax are present. Part 4, U.S. troops enter Aachen and capture German soldiers.

Title: Bomb Japanese Bases IN Burma [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, B-25 planes bomb bridges and railways near Hsipaw, Burma. Part 2, cotton is picked by machine in Mississippi. Part 3, Dr. Joseph Erlanger, Dr. H.S. Gasser, and others receive Nobel peace awards in New York City. Part 4, carrier-based planes bomb Leyte Island. Shows Adm. A.W. Radford. Part 5, French and 3rd Army troops enter Strasbourg and advance in the Metz area. The 9th Army advances through German villages.

Title: Brazilian Troops With 5th Army IN Italy [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, Gen. Clark inspects and reviews Brazilian troops in Italy. Part 2, Sec. of State Stettinius, Dr. Wellington Koo, Lord Halifax, Joseph Grew, and other U. N. delegates visit Thomas Jefferson's home at Monticello, Virginia. Part 3, Gen. Donald Connolly presents a military supply train to Russian railroad men at Teheran. The train begins the trip to Russia. Part 4, President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Mackenzie King meet at Quebec. Part 5, steeplejacks paint the dome on the U.S. Capitol Building.

Title: British Pound Caen Sector [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, British artillery pounds German positions in northern France and troops advance through villages and care for civilians. Tanks clear mine fields. Part 2, American troops enter Cherbourg. The 6th Airborne Div. receives suppliesby parachute from British planes. Gen. J.L. Collins accepts the surrender of German officers.

Title: Churchill IN Athens [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1 shows Churchill, Eden, and Field Marshall Alexander in Athens. Part 2, allied troops halt German advances in Belgium. Captured film shows German troops advancing past wrecked U.S. equipment. Belgians are evacuated by U.S. vehicles. As the weather clears, allied planes attack German troops and equipment in force.

Title: D-Day, 1944
Notes: Gen. Eisenhower and his aides map the Normandy invasion. German pictures show the extent of their coastal defenses. Tanks, guns, locomotives, and other military equipment is massed on the English beaches. Troops practice loading operations. Landing craft is tested in the English Channel. Pictures of practice landing and airborne operations are used to dramatize the actual invasion on June 6, 1944.

Title: Distinguished Visitors To Washington [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, President-elect Grau San Martin, of Cuba, is greeted by Secretary of State Hull in Washington. Dr. Wellington Koo is met by Under-Sec. Stettinius. Part 2, shows Australian fishermen making a record catch. Part 3, Marines in the Pacific round up native cattle. Shows soldiers eating. Part 4, dive bombers hit Japanese positions in Burma. Shows Gens. Stilwell and Merrill.

Title: Eisenhower IN Brussels [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, Gen. Eisenhower is welcomed and places a wreath on the tomb of the Belgian unknown soldier. Part 2, trucks of the Transportation Corps carry supplies in France on the "Red Ball" Highway. Part 3, the 8th and 9th Army Air Forces fight German planes and bomb German cities. Allied troops advance in Germany and take prisoners.

Title: Flying Bomb Defeated [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, V-2 rocket launchers are captured in France. Shows defenses in and over London operating against the flying bomb (anti-aircraft batteries, barrage balloons, and fighter planes). Some of the bombs explode in London. Part 2, the British army rolls through Brussels and captures Germans. Belgians celebrate in the streets.

Title: Four Fronts, 1944
Notes: Part 1, British and U.S. troops advance in northern France. Part 2, French troops take Sienna, Italy. Part 3, allied planes attack a German convoy in the English Channel. Part 4, Russian and captured German films show battle scenes along the Russian front.

Title: French Honor American Heroes [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, members of the 5th Inf. Div., including Gen. Stafford LeRoy Irwin, receive the Croix de Guerre at Metz. Part 2, U.S. soldiers help clear London rubble and rebuild homes. Part 3, Gen. Eisenhower wishes Merry Christmas to representatives of allied troops. Part 4, 17 Congressmen inspect battle lines near the German border and are greeted at Metz by Gen. Patton. Part 5, artillery bombards Kiel and German troops surrender. Other personages: Congressmen Matthew J. Merritt, Clare Boothe Luce, John Martin Costello, John Parnell Thomas.

Title: Gateway To Victory [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1 shows the aerial and amphibious assault on the beaches of Normandy. Part 2, U.S. troops enter Rome under the supervision of Gen. Clark. A mob attacks collaborationists. Pope Pius XII addresses the populace. Part 3 shows allied convoys landing on the Normandy beaches. Shows Gens. Eisenhower and Montgomery and Adm. Sir Bertram Ramsey.

Title: Gen. MacArthur Leads Attack On Admiralty Islands [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, shows an amphibious assault on the islands and troops fighting on Eniwetok in the Marshall Islands. Part 2, Generalissimo and Madame Chiang Kai-shek inspect an airbase in China. Part 3, 10 dirigibles are used to train pilots in California. Part 4, service men on leave visit the Taj Mahal and the ruins of Pompeii. Part 5, fighters of the 8th Air Force down German planes.

Title: Global War Finds United Nations On Many Fronts [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, allied troops fight in New Guinea, in the Italian Alps, and at Anzio. German prisoners of war receive medical care. Nurses arrive, tend the wounded, eat, and draw equipment. Part 2, in a practice rescue, a doctor reaches a soldier by parachute and dog sled. Part 3, Italian naval cadets train on a sailing vessel. Part 4, rockets are used as practice targets for antiaircraft gunners. Part 5, U.S. and British sailors on leave play winter games. Part 6, Mrs. Doolittle christens the aircraft carrier Shangri-La. Flashbacks show B-25's taking off from the Hornet to bomb Japan. President Roosevelt decorates Gen. Doolittle.

Title: Grasshopper Planes On Bougainville [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, a light plane conducts reconnaissance on Bou-gainville, flying slowly at tree-top level. Artillery blasts Japanese positions, thus revealed, and infantry units advance. Part 2, Gov. Dewey, speaking from the New York State Capitol, welcomes the liberation of Paris. Part 3, allied troops invade southern France near Toulon in a combined amphibious and airborne assault. A coastal village is occupied after a raging battle between coastal batteries and naval guns. French underground members welcome the allies. Shows Gen. Patch, James Forrestal, and Adm. Hewitt in a landing craft.

Title: Headlines From The Far East [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, U.S. Air Force nurses land in China and are met by Chinese nurses. Elephants move British artillery in Burma. Part 2, Robert Montgomery, Clark Gable, and Irene Dunne witness the launching of the victory ship Carol Lombard. Flashback shows Miss Lombard entertaining in a USO show. Part 3, carrier-based planes bomb and strafe Japanese positions on New Britain Island. Marines wade ashore behind an intense naval bombardment and advance through jungle terrain.

Title: Heavy Rains Slow Allied Advance On Italian Front [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, soldiers and equipment advance. Gen. Mark Clark and his troops eat doughnuts. An army chaplain holds mass and wounded soldiers are treated. Part 2, aerial and amphibious assaults are made against Makin Island, in the Gilbert group, and New Britain. Troop reinforcements land on Bougainville, in the Solomons. A carrier task force battles Japanese kamikaze planes off the Marshall Islands.

Title: Huge Air Fleets Bomb Nazi War Plants IN Europe [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, R.A.F. Boston bombers strike war plants in occupied Europe in low-level attacks. Part 2, delegates from 40 nations meet at Temple University for a labor conference. Part 3, Sec. of the Navy Frank Knox is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Va. Part 4, airplane propellers are tested in a wind tunnel. Part 5, the carrier Bon Homme Richard is launched at an Atlantic coast shipyard. Part 6, 37th Division troops move inland on Bougainville supported by airplanes and tanks. Shows Gen. MacArthur and Adm. Nimitz.

Title: Last Liberty Ship Launched [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, Henry Kaiser witnesses the launching of a liberty ship at the Richmond, California, shipyard. Part 2, Henry Wallace meets Chiang Kai-shek in Chungking, plays volley ball with U.S. soldiers, and inspects a Chinese orphanage with Madame Chiang. Part 3, Sec. of the Treasury Morgenthau opens the U.N. Monetary Conference at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Part 4, Gen. de Gaulle is met at the Washington, D.C., airport by Gens. Marshall and Arnold. Pres. Roosevelt, Cordell Hull, Harold Ickes, James Forrestal greet de Gaulle at the White House. Gen. de Gaulle speaks to the American people from New York City.

Title: MacArthur Returns To The Philippines [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, naval guns bombard the beaches of Leyte and carrier-based planes bomb the island defenses. The amphibious assault begins. Shows Gens. MacArthur and Wainwright and Adm. Halsey. Part 2, Red Cross personnel pack food parcels for Americans imprisoned in Germany. Part 3, cadets parade at Uruguay's military academy in Montevideo. Part 4, a MARK I calculator at Harvard University solves math problems. Part 5, Marines capture pillboxes and dugouts on Peleliu Island. Part 6, the 5th Army breaks through the Gothic line in Italy behind artillery and tanks.

Title: Medals For Heroes [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, 2,600 airmen who participated in the Normandy landing are decorated by Gen. Paul Williams. Other decorations are presented to civilians and soldiers in London. Part 2 shows how the Belgian underground complicated the German withdrawal from Antwerp. British and Canadian troops enter the city. Citizens beat collaborationists and wreck their homes. Part 3, Gen. Marshall and Justice Byrnes arrive in Paris and are met by Gen. Eisenhower. Part 4, U.S. troops advance on Aachen, Germany. Part 5, English soldiers are welcomed in Greece. Combined units advance to fight and build an airstrip.


Title: Navy Flying Boat, World's Largest, Makes Record Hop [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1 shows the "Mars" and its crew en route to Hawaii from California. Part 2, shows test firings of a 240 mm howitzer. Part 3, women manufacture gun cotton. Part 4, Canadian motorcycle dispatch riders take their final cross-country riding tests. Part 5, SPARS go ice boating near Boston. Part 6, 1,000 families near Naples leave the caves where they had lived for safety from bombs. They receive food from the U.S. army. Ship-to-shore oil pipe lines are laid. Allied troops attack Ortona, Italy.

Title: Navy Launches World's Mightiest Battleship [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, Margaret Truman christens the Missouri. Part 2, shows a bond rally in New York's Chinatown. Part 3, copper is mined and smelted in Chile. Part 4, shows tests of an Air Forces fire truck which uses carbon dioxide. Part 5, Canadian sailors take physical training in snow. Part 6, allied troops fight in Italy. Includes scenes of the all-Negro 99th Fighter Squadron.

Title: Navy Planes Down Japanese IN Pacific Battle [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, a U.S. carrier task force in Japanese waters repulses a Japanese aerial assault. Part 2, Gen. Somervell speaks at a West Point graduation. Cadets pass in review. Shows Mrs. Eisenhower and her son John. Part 3, Chinese air cadets see an Indian dance festival in New Mexico. Part 4, shows a military parade in New York City launching the 5th War Bond drive. Part 5, Gen. Clark reviews allied service women in Italy. Part 6, airborne troops jump from transports and troops land in gliders in a practice assault.

Title: Nazi Exodus From Rome [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, German troops retreat through the streets of Rome as U.S. troops enter and clear out snipers. Germans are captured. Part 2 shows newly opened air raid shelters in London. Part 3, German positions near Cherbourg are bombed. U.S. troops liberate French villages. Part 4, Pope Pius XII blesses U.S. troops in the Vatican.

Title: New Allied Army Lands IN Italy South of Rome [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, the invasion fleet assembles and troops land between Nettuno and Anzio. German planes attack the force. Part 2, Chinese troops rout the Japanese at Changteh, China. Civilians return to their ruined city and are given money for food. Part 3, U.S. troops fight on Makin Island in the Pacific. Planes bomb and strafe Japanese positions. Shows Lt. Col. James Roosevelt.

Title: New Films of U.S. Victory IN The Marshall Islands, 1944
Notes: Kwajalein is bombarded from the air, from naval guns off shore, and from artillery batteries on a nearby atoll. U.S. troops land and advance inland under a constant artillery barrage. Flamethrowers and pack charges are used against pillboxes. Japanese prisoners are deloused and given medical treatment. Adm. Nimitz witnesses the raising of the American flag.


Title: New Plane Breaks Record IN First U.S. Flight [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, a Constellation airplane leaves California and lands in Washington, D.C., in less than 7 hours. Part 2, a missionary in Alaska adopts 20 Indian children. Part 3, eggs are processed in a Canadian dehydrating plant. Part 4, Mount Vesuvius, outside of Naples, erupts and the lava flow reaches San Sebastiano. Villages are evacuated in its path. Black ash rains on Salerno, 17 miles away.


Title: New U.S. Jet Propulsion Plane [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1 shows jet-assisted take offs by Navy planes. Part 2, Canadians pack Christmas packages for prisoners of war. Part 3, Gens. Marshall and Arnold address the American Legion Convention in Chicago. Part 4, Uruguay celebrates its 119th year of independence. Ambassador Dawson attends. Part 5, shows B-29's being made and flying. Gen. Chennault greets the first crew to arrive in China and decorates Gen. Kenneth B. Wolfe. Part 6, UNRRA meets in Montreal. Addresses are made by Mackenzie King and Herbert Lehman.

Title: Pacific Advance Continues [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, the 6th Army lands on Wake Island unopposed. Marine units advance in the Palau Islands. Shows Adm. Nimitz and Gen. MacArthur. Part 2, the 92nd Division of the 5th Army advances in Italy. Gen. Clark visits a hospital. Part 3 shows Wendell Willkie at the 1940 Republican Convention and with Churchill and Chiang Kai-shek. Part 4, Sec. of State Stettinius summarizes the results of the Dumbarton Oaks Conference. Part 5, Chinese troops capture the city of Tengchung in Burma after intense street fighting. Part 6, allied planes bomb the Ploesti oil fields.

Title: Prelude To Victory [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, Gen. Eisenhower lays a wreath at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and speaks to the French people. Part 2, Free French and U.S. troops enter Marseilles. U.S. troops join in a parade honoring the French underground. Part 3, allied troops enter Le Havre, Antwerp, and Brussels behind artillery and aerial bombardment. Gen. Montgomery receives accolades in Brussels. The 7th Army enters Lyons and collaborationists are marched through the streets.

Title: President Roosevelt Returns To Washington [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, President Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Henry Wallace ride from Union Station to the White House. F.D.R., Sec. of War Stimson, and Sec. of the Navy Forrestal visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Part 2, mail for U.S. troops is sorted at a New York City post office and at the front. Part 3, U.S. troops advance on Leyte behind artillery bombardment. Shows Gen. MacArthur. U.S. and Japanese ships battle in the Philippine Sea. Adm. Nimitz speaks after the naval victory. Part 4, trucks carry military supplies from Cherbourg to the front lines in operation "Red Ball Express."

Title: Republicans Nominate Dewey [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, shows the Republican Convention in Chicago. Personages: Gov. Bricker, Gov. Dewey, Gov. Landon, Representative Joseph W. Martin, Chairman Harrison E. Spangler, Senator Taft, Gov. Warren, and Wendell Willkie. Part 2, shows members of the new Italian cabinet. U.S. soldiers, including Gen. Mark Clark, attend mass. Part 3, Pres. Roosevelt signs the G.I. Bill of Rights. Shows rehabilitation activities of servicemen. Part 4, 70,000 Chinese laborers build an airfield in China.

Title: Roosevelt and Churchill End Quebec Talk [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, Gen. Marshall, Gen. Arnold, Gen. John Dill, and Adm. King attend a military ball in Quebec. President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill receive honorary degrees from McGill University. Other personages: Eleanor Roosevelt, Mackenzie King. Part 2, horses and mules draw buses in Rome during a transportation emergency. Part 3, Gen. Willoughby and a Brazilian general review cadets at West Point. Part 4 shows Marine Corps combat cameramen accompanying advancing infantry units on Guam.

Title: Roosevelt Wins [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1 shows Americans voting in various cities. Crowds in Times Square follow the returns. Gov. Dewey concedes defeat and President Roosevelt receives congratulations at Hyde Park. Part 2, delegates from 51 nations meet at an aviation conference in Chicago. Part 3, the Navy bombards Japanese positions on Leyte. Landing craft reach the beaches. Gen. MacArthur and President Osmena wade ashore. U.S. troops advance on the island. Part 4, the 3rd Army advances near Metz behind artillery and tanks. Gens. Eisenhower, Patton, and Bradley meet.

Title: Royalty Christens U.S. Bomber [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, the King and Queen of England and Princess Elizabeth christen an airplane at a U.S. airfield in England and are greeted by Gen. Doolittle. Part 2 shows the processing of plasma and penicillin. Troops in Normandy receive medical care. Part 3, naval guns bombard Cherbourg. The 8th and 9th Air Forces bomb communication lines. British troops take Caen. Shows Gen. Montgomery.

Title: Rush Repairs of Supply Ships [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, sailors and Seabees in England repair damaged ships. Part 2, U.S. military police in Paris assist soldiers and civilians. Part 3, soldiers receive, mark, and return absentee ballots. Part 4, the 3rd Army fights in Metz and crosses the flooded Moselle River under a smoke screen. The 7th Army battles near Strasbourg. The 1st and 9th Armies fight at Aachen. Shows equipment advancing as artillery and tanks barrage German lines.

Title: Saipan: Base For The B-29's [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, airstrips are constructed on Saipan, the first B-29 lands there, and Gen. Haywood Hansel greets the crew. Gen. Arnold greets B-29 crews in Washington, D.C. Part 2, President Roosevelt and others gather in the White House as Cordell Hull resigns. Sec. of State Stettinius speaks at a Variety Club dinner. Part 3, C-82 transport planes are tested. Shows a lifeboat being dropped at sea from a B-17. Part 4, mail is transferred from a mail ship to a destroyer by breeches buoy. Part 5, Japanese planes attack a convoy off Leyte. U.S. troops advance across the island. Shows Gen. MacArthur.

Title: The Paris Story, 1944
Notes: Shows celebrations following the liberation of Paris: the 3rd Army crosses the Seine on pontoon bridges, Free French units enter the city, de Gaulle reviews a parade in his honor and places a wreath on the Arc de Triomphe, German snipers interrupt a ceremony at the Hotel de Ville. Includes shots of British and U.S. troops rounding up snipers in Paris and environs. Shots of Germans surrendering.

Title: Third Anniversary of Victory Fleet [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, Merchant seamen parade in New York City. Shows Adm. Emory Land. Part 2, shows Sec. of State Hull, Under Sec. Stettinius, Dr. Wellington Koo, and Lord Halifax at the Dumbarton Oaks Conference. Shows Donald M. Nelson and Gens. Stilwell and Hurley in Chungking. Part 3, shows amphibious landings on New Guinea and in the Palau Islands.

Title: Turkey Breaks With Germany [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, panoramic views of Istanbul. Von Papen leaves Turkey by train. Churchill meets with President Inonu of Turkey. Part 2, prefabricated concrete barges are manufactured. Part 3, Gen. de Gaulle visits the Vatican. Part 4 shows UNRRA operating schools and food dispensaries in French Morocco. Part 5, Vice Pres. Wallace inspects livestock on Siberian farms. Part 6, the 1st Army marches through towns in northern France. Shows German prisoners and allied air raids.

Title: U.S. Air Bases IN Russia [etc.], 1944
Notes: Part 1, U.S. planes bomb Yugoslav and Hungarian cities and land in the Ukraine. Ambassador Harriman and Gen. Ira C. Eaker greet the crews. The Russians stage a show for the U.S. fliers. Shows Gen. Perminov. Part 2, the island of Elba is taken by French troops. Shows Gen. Tassigny. Part 3, the mechanism of the German flying bomb is diagramed. Part 4, U.S. troops enter Cherbourg and take prisoners. Shows rockets being armed, loaded on planes, and fired on rail centers.


U.S. Bombers in First Daylight Raid On Berlin [etc.], 1944
U.S. Navy Planes Bomb Japanese Ships IN South Pacific [etc.], 1944
U.S. Planes Attack Japan [etc.], 1944
U.S. Prepares More Paratroops For Battle [etc.], 1944
U.S. Soldiers Become Citizens At Battlefront [etc.], 1944
U.S.S. Iowa Joins The Navy [etc.], 1944
U.S.Troops Consolidate Pacific Islands [etc.], 1944
War Communique, 1944
War News From China's Armies in Southeast Asia [etc.], 1944
Western Air Front [etc.], 1944
Winter Grips Western Front, 1944
Yanks Help Repair French Railroads [etc.], 1944
A German Is Tried For Murder [etc.], 1945
Air Assault Tactics [etc.], 1945
Air War On German Supply [etc.), 1945
Aircraft Carrier Is Named For President Roosevelt [etc.], 1945
Allied Bombers Strike On Two Fronts [etc.], 1945
Allied Drives Split Germany [etc.], 1945
Allied Forces Land IN Japan, 1945

Allies Invade Balikpapan [etc.], 1945
Allies Liberate Florence [etc.], 1945
Allies Overrun Germany [etc.], 1945
Assault On Okinawa [etc.], 1945
B-29's Fly From Japan To Chicago IN 25 Hrs. [etc.], 1945
Bastogne Defenders Honored [etc.], 1945
Burma Front [etc.], 1945
Canada Collects Clothes For World's Needy [etc.], 1945
Carrier Franklin Survives Savage Japanese Bombing [etc.], 1945
China's Premier, T.V. Soong, Visits United States [etc.], 1945
Civil Affairs IN Germany [etc.], 1945
Denmark's King Christian Marks 75th Birthday [etc.], 1945
Dresden Blasted [etc.], 1945
Final Victory On Okinawa--Allies Invade Borneo [etc.], 1945
First Pictures Alaska-Russia Sky Route [etc.], 1945

First Pictures Inside Bomb Blasted Japan [etc.], 1945
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1945
Funeral of President Roosevelt [etc.], 1945
Gen. De Gaulle Visits America [etc.], 1945
Germany Is Beaten, 1945
Germany Surrenders In Italy [etc.], 1945
Gigantic Parade Marks May Day In Moscow [etc.], 1945
Huge Flying Ship Hawaii Mars In Trial Run [etc.], 1945
Japan Surrenders, 1945
Japanese Sign Final Surrender, 1945
Japanese Surrender More Territory [etc.], 1945
Leaders Visit Western Front [etc.], 1945
Liberation of Prague [etc.], 1945
Manila Entirely Free In Savage Last-Ditch Battle [etc.], 1945
Marines Raise Flag Over Iwo Jima [etc.], 1945
Moscow Talks Begin; Uno Picks U.S. Headquarters [etc.], 1945

Nazi Murder Mills

Nazi Spies and Murderers Are Executed By U.S. [etc.], 1945
New Fighter Plane Flies tail First [etc.], 1945
New Target Plane Is Controlled By Radio [etc.], 1945
New Transport Plane For Army [etc.], 1945
Norway Freed [etc.], 1945
Norway Returns To Freedom [etc.], 1945
P-80 Is World's Fastest Plane [etc.], 1945
Pierre Laval Executed For Treason [etc.], 1945
President Roosevelt Inaugurated [etc.], 1945
President Roosevelt Meets Middle East Leaders [etc.], 1945
Queen Returns To Netherlands [etc.], 1945
Radio Proximity Fuse-Weapon Behind Victory [etc.], 1945
Return To Dunkirk [etc.], 1945

Reveal Underseas Oil Line

Rhine Barrier Smashed

Sailing Ship Danmark Goes Home Again [etc.], 1945
Sherman Tanks Mount Rockets [etc.], 1945
Speed Plans For San Francisco Security Meeting [etc.], 1945
Superfortress Sets New Distance Record [etc.], 1945
Supplies Roll To China Over Stilwell Road [etc.], 1945

The War Ends in Europe, 1945
U.S. Carrier Roosevelt Leaves Navy Yard [etc.], 1945
U.S. Continues Liberation of Philippines [etc.], 1945
U.S. Navy Carrier Planes Sweep China Sea [etc.], 1945
U.S. Navy Fights Off Japanese Suicide Planes [etc.], 1945
U.S. Planes Bomb Borneo [etc.], 1945
U.S. Troops Return To Corregidor [etc], 1945
U.S. Turns To Japan After German Defeat [etc.], 1945
United Nations Open Conference At San Francisco [etc.], 1945
Victory Round-Up, 1945
World Charter Signed, 1945
World Leaders Honor Roosevelt [etc.], 1945