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United Newsreel selections from the year 1943, mainly concentrating on the effort of the United States in WWII, but also covering events on other fields of the War. Unfortunately, the newsreels are grouped alphabetically by subject and not by date, so there is no particular chronological order to them. Nonetheless, very interesting material.
Title: 514 West Point Cadets Graduate Into U.S. Army [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Gen. Arnold presents "wings" to future Army Air Force officers and the Cadet Corps passes in review at West Point. Part 2, Gunder Hagg, Swedish track star, lands in the U.S. and begins training. Part 3, the British Navy captures German troops attempting to escape in small boats off the African coast. Gens. Eisenhower and Giraud review a gigantic French-American military parade in Tunis. Part 4, allied planes bomb German bases in France. Liberatorplanes strike Japanese bases in the Solomons. U.S. planes attack Japanese bases in the Aleutian Islands. Shows Eddie Rickenbacker.  

Title: Allies Take Kiska [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Adm. Kinkaid directs allied troops in an unopposed landing on Kiska Island. Part 2, Chinese civilians construct an airdrome with primitive implements. Part 3, a British anti-aircraft unit parades in New York City. Shows Mayor La Guardia. Part 4, Mary Churchill visits a WAC camp and sees a life-saving demonstration. Part 5, tanks and guns are loaded on railroad flat cars and the train rolls toward an Atlantic port. Shows how railroad traffic is controlled from towers. Part 6, allied planes leave an Australian airfield and bomb New Guinea. 

Title: Allies Win Sea, Air Battle IN Fight For Africa [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, an allied convoy lands reinforcements in Africa. German dive bombers are beaten off. British troops advance in Tunisia. Part 2, a portable X-ray machine is moved to the front lines and used. Part 3, President Roosevelt feeds Fala in the White House. Part 4, Princess Martha of Norway and Eleanor Roosevelt open a Red Cross drive in Madison Square Garden. Part 5, Russian pictures show bitter street fighting in Stalingrad. 

Title: American Bombers Smash Axis Oil Fields IN Romania [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, 175 Liberator bombers based in Libya bomb Ploesti. Shows Gen. Lewis Brereton. Part 2, Winston Churchill and family are greeted in Quebec by Mackenzie King. Part 3, Gen. Stilwell presents the Legion of Merit to Chiang Kai-shek in Chungking. Madame Chiang is present. Part 4, shows 15 members of one family who work at the Kaiser Ship Yards. Part 5, convalescing sailors sightsee in the Yosemite Valley. Part 6, Gen. Patton is welcomed at Palermo, Sicily. Army engineers construct mountain highways. Shows captured Germans. 

Title: Arabian Prince Reviews Cadets At U.S. Naval School [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, the Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia reviews a parade of midshipmen at the Naval Academy. Part 2, Red Cross girls, riding camels, sightsee in Egypt. Part 3, the allied military government in Palermo, Sicily, disarms civilians, operates a bread line, and releases Sicilians from military prisons. Part 4, Gens. de Gaulle and Giraud review French troops in North Africa. At Casablanca, the generals witness the arrival of lend-lease military equipment. Part 5, 5th Army troops enter villages north of Naples, Italy, behind tanks and artillery. Gens. Eisenhower and Clark meet. 

Title: Australia and America Drive Japanese From Lae!, 1943 
Notes: Part 1, planes bomb Lae; ships bombard the city; Australian soldiers go ashore in landing craft. Gen. MacArthur confers with officers and then flies in an airborne operation. Paratroops prepare for a mission, man planes, jump over Lae, and join Australian troops in making a landing strip. Part 2, shows the landing at Salerno, Italy. The invasion convoy crosses the Mediterranean. Troops go ashore at night. Navy guns blast enemy positions and down German planes. Shows damaged ships. Gen. Clark comes ashore and confers with Gen. Alexander. Troops dig in and then advance. Shows nurses treating wounded soldiers. German prisoners are moved to the rear. 

Title: Avance Des Allies En Italie, 1943 
Notes: Part 1, U.S. soldiers and equipment move along roads and through woods in Italy. French troops advance and fire artillery. Also shows bombing operations and groups of Italian and German prisoners. Part 2, Churchill and Gen. Eisenhower meet at a railroad station and confer, with others, at no. 10 Downing Street. Part 3, U.S. soldiers convert large shipping crates into quarters, a barbershop, and a mess hall. Part 4, King George boards a British battleship, inspects sailors, and watches demonstrations of deep sea diving and a small submarine. 

Title: Bombers Raid War Plants IN Nazi Europe [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, allied planes bomb Abbeville and Rennes, France. Part 2, Gens. Eisenhower, Patton, and Montgomery confer in the field. Shows Italian prisoners of war. Part 3, college women plant potatoes in Maine. Volunteers pick string beans and tomatoes. Part 4, Gen. Chennault receives gifts from the people of Yunnan Province, China. Part 5, shows the biggest motor bus, carrying 250 soldiers. Part 6, shows the amphibious assault on Munda in the Solomon Islands.  

Title: Brazil Marks 121st Year of Independence [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Press Vargas reviews a military parade in Rio de Janeiro. Part 2, Canadian women work in shipyards and WACs repair an airplane. Part 3, 1,600 naval cadets race cross country. Part 4, movie stars James Cagney, Judy Garland, Greer Garson, Harpo Marx, and Mickey Rooney arrive at Washington, D.C., and attend a war bond rally at the Washington Monument. Part 5, Mrs. Roosevelt visits hospitals in the South Pacific. Part 6, shows the invasion convoy and the amphibious landing by the 5th Army at Salerno, Italy. Shows Gens. Eisenhower and Clark and Adms. Cunningham and Hewitt. 
Subjects: Army. 5th Army; Brazil--Rio de Janeiro--Parades; Cagney, James; Canada; Garson, Greer; Marx, Harpo; Parades; Rooney, Mickey; Running; Shipyards--Canada; Vargas, Getulio Dornelles; World War, 1939-1945;

Title: British-U.S. Air Mission Inspects Far East Bases [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Gens. Wavell, Arnold, Stilwell, and Somervell pose by a plane. Arnold and Chennault confer in China. The mission inspects Chinese troops with Chiang Kai-shek, and is met by Gen. Marshall in Washington. Part 2, U.S. troops and nurses parade in Australia. Part 3, PBY rescues fliers drifting in the Pacific. Part 4, shows the Texas-to-Illinois pipeline. Part 5, gliders are manufactured, loaded, and flown. Part 6, Madame Chiang Kai-shek visits Mt. Vernon and (with the Roosevelts) decorates Washington's tomb, speaks in New York City at City Hall, and is welcomed in parades in New York City and Chinatown. Part 7, Allied planes strafe equipment in Tunisia and ship in Mediterranean Sea.  

Title: Canada's Military Might Reviewed [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Mackenzie King reviews Canadian troops in England. Part 2 shows the manufacture and assembly of prefabricated houses. Part 3, allied bombers leave England to strike inside Germany. Part 4, allied troops occupy Cassino, Italy. Generals de Gaulle and Clark meet. Part 5, the 5th and 8th Armies meet in Italy.  

Title: Chief Executives of U.S. Hailed IN Latin America [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, shows brief scenes of Henry Wallace riding in many parades in Latin American cities. President and Mrs. Roosevelt and President Camacho review a parade in Monterrey, Mexico. Part 2, Greek volunteers, French Foreign Legion troops, and French colonial troops are assembled on the docks of Algiers. Shows allied troops advancing through mud in Tunisia. Part 3, B-25 planes take off from the carrier Hornet to bomb Japan. Gen. Doolittle directs the operation. In Chungking Chiang Kai-shek greets Doolittle.  

Title: Chinese Envoy Inspects Canada's War Industries [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, China's Ambassador to Canada sees small arms ammunition and tanks being manufactured. Shows tanks being tested in the snow. Part 2 shows scenes in Ottawa where Princess Juliana of the Netherlands has given birth to a baby. Part 3, President Roosevelt and Churchill meet in Casablanca. They ride in a jeep and review allied troops. F.D.R. inspects U.S. troops in Liberia and meets President Vargas in Rio de Janeiro. Other personages: Adm. King; Gen. Marshall; Gen. Arnold; British Gen. Alan Brooke; Adm. Alfred Dudley Pound; Gen. Giraud; Gen. de Gaulle. 
Title: First U.S. Army Women Arrive IN England [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Col. Oveta Culp Hobby, reviews a Women's Army Corps (WAC) parade in the U.S. WACs arrive in England and tour the countryside. Part 2, commercial movies are converted to 16mm in Hollywood for showing at Army posts. Personages: Ann Miller, Greer Garson, Linda Darnell, John Garfield, Judy Garland, Betty Grable, Heddy Lamar. Part 3, trout are sorted and graded at a Canadian fish hatchery and lakes are restocked from seaplanes. Part 4, Filipino troops in the U.S. Army are issued bolo knives. Part 5, Naval air cadets practice landings on a modified freighter on one of the Great Lakes. Part 7, Gen. Patton enters Palermo, Sicily, with elements of the 7th Army.  

Title: Flying Forts Battle Nazies Over Germany [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Flying Forts bomb industrial cities in Germany and battle German interceptor planes. Part 2, Gens. Stilwell and Somervell and Lord Mountbatten arrive in India for a conference. Part 3, shows scenes in Naples after the German retreat. A delayed action bomb explodes in a post office building killing several civilians. Part 4, the liner Normandie, recently salvaged, is moved from her pier in New York to be refitted. Part 5, Americans vote in several cities. Personages: Thomas Dewey, Wendell Willkie, Pres. Roosevelt. Part 6, Australian troops advance in New Guinea across wet, jungle terrain.  

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