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United Newsreel selections from the year 1942, mainly concentrating on the effort of the United States in WWII, but also covering events on other fields of the War. Unfortunately, the newsreels are grouped alphabetically by subject and not by date, so there is no particular chronological order to them. Nonetheless, very interesting material. 
Title: Soviet Commissar Molotov's Secret Visit To U.S. [etc.], 1942 
Notes: Part 1, Molotov boards a plane at the Washington, D.C. airport. Shows Sec. of State Hull. Part 2, Sec. Hull and Ambassador Litvinov sign a lend-lease agreement. Part 3, Grand Coulee dam is opened. Part 4, President and Mrs. Roosevelt greet King George II of Greece at the White House. Part 5, women war workers leave their children in nursery schools. Shows scenes at the schools and in industry. Part 6, U.S. bombers are ferried to Canada. Part 7, shows tin cans saved in scrap metal drives. Includes shots of aluminum being processed. Part 8, allied troops parade in New York City.  

Title: U.S. Bombers Blast Jap Bases [etc.], 1942 
Notes: Part 1, U.S. bombers take off and land at an Australian air base. Shows Gen. Ralph Royce. Part 2, Mrs. Roosevelt attends a ceremony honoring nurses who served in the Pacific. Shows women operating a lumber mill, testing tanks, and making guns. Part 3, iron ore is dug, loaded on trains and freighters, and delivered to various steel mills. Part 4, Don Budge beats Bobby Riggs at Forest Hills, Long Island for the National Professional tennis championship. Part 5, shows a test flight of the Navy flying boat Mars. Part 6, Canadian submarine chasers drop depth charges.  

Title: U.S. Bombers Raid Nazi-Held France [etc.], 1942 
Notes: Part 1, Gen. Ira C. Eaker supervises the preparation of Flying Forts for a bombing mission and flies on the mission. Part 2, a mailman is awarded an "M" award for home manufacturing of steering gear parts for cargo vessels. Part 3, U.S. troops land unopposed on the Aleutian Islands. Part 4, Pres. Roosevelt sees tanks manufactured and tested at the Chrysler Tank Arsenal in Detroit, tours the Ford bomber plant with Henry Ford and Charles E. Sorenson, and visits Army and Navy installations.  

Title: U.S. Forces Guard West Indies Oil [etc.], 1942 
Notes: Part 1, planes and troops patrol the oil area. Part 2, a canvas fire escape is tested at a California hospital. Part 3 shows tank destroyer crews in training. Part 4, shows a cotton picking contest. Part 5, the aircraft carrier Lexington is launched. Part 6, New Guinea natives deliver military supplies. A midget Japanese submarine is inspected in Sydney Harbor, Australia. A naval task force bombards a Japanese-held island. Damage is surveyed by marines who also capture Japanese prisoners.  

Title: U.S. Launches New Aircraft Carrier [etc.], 1942 
Notes: Part 1, the aircraft carrier Essex is launched. Part 2, Henry Ford, on his 79th birthday, inspects the first Ford automobile manufactured. Part 3, old automobiles race across the Connecticut countryside. Part 4, Americans pray in a cathedral. Part 5, tanks are manufactured and tested. Part 6, Nazi spies are tried in the Supreme Court. Shows F.B.I. agents with incendiary devices carried by the Germans who landed on the Atlantic shore from a submarine. Personages: John Edgar Hoover; Atty. General Biddle. Part 7, flyers don high altitude suits and fly in the stratosphere. 

Title: U.S. Marines Battle Japanese IN Pacific! [etc.], 1942 
Notes: Part 1, Marines train in the U.S. and set up an operations post in the Pacific. Shows Adm. Byrd. Part 2, women make dirigibles; a pipe line is laid from Texas to Illinois; ships are launched in Maine; children camp in New Jersey. Part 3, Philippine soldiers train in California. Part 4, the "Flying Tigers" in China become part of the Army Air Forces. Wings and insignias are presented to the airmen. Shows Gen. Chennault.  

Title: U.S. Marines On Guadalcanal Push Back Japanese Troops [etc.], 1942 
Notes: Part 1, U.S. bombers take off from a Guadalcanal airfield. A long column of Marines advances behind artillery support. Adm. Nimitz decorates Gen. Vandegrift and others. Part 2, the cruiser Boise docks and Adm. King decorates members of the crew. Part 3, President Roosevelt, Henry Wallace, and Cordell Hull greet Ecuador's President at the White House. Part 4, Gen. Patton and French officers meet in Casablanca. Gen. Eisenhower, Gen. Clark, and Adm. Cunningham establish allied headquarters in Algiers. Shows French ships docked at Toulon, France, prior to their scuttling.  

Title: U.S. Pacific War Heroes Decorated [etc.], 1942 
Notes: Part 1, servicemen receive decorations at Pearl Harbor. Part 2, timber is felled in Canada. Part 3, Walt Disney draws pictures of his cartoon characters in battle dress. Part 4, barrage balloons are raised, and camouflaged antiaircraft guns are manned in a practice air raid on the Pacific Coast. Part 5, Army dogs are inspected and trained. Part 6, Gen. Stilwell speaks to Chinese troops who are then examined by U.S. doctors and instructed in artillery tactics and small arms fire by Army troops. Wendell Willkie meets Chiang Kai-shek at Chungking and inspects troops with Gens. Stilwell and Chennault.  

Title: U.S. Reveals Armed Might For Churchill [etc.], 1942 
Notes: Part 1, President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill meet at the White House and then view a mass parachute drop. Part 2, the Red Cross provides food as refugee children debark in New York City. Part 3, seven brothers and their father (all Navy men) pose on a cruiser. Part 4, Air Force gunners assemble and disassemble guns. Shows simulated aerial combat. Part 5, President Roosevelt and his cabinet greet King Peter of Yugoslavia at the White House. Queen Wilhelmina and Princess Juliana meet in Canada. Part 6, tanks roll off an assembly line, are loaded on trains and planes, and advance in combat.  

Title: U.S. Rushes New Bases IN Pacific [etc.], 1942 
Notes: Part 1, equipment and supplies are unloaded. Part 2, Navy nurses model summer uniforms. Women join the WAC; shows the WAC Col. Oveta C. Hobby. Women dispatch carriers ride motorcycles. Part 3, shows a track meet at Madison Square Garden. Part 4, shows how V-mail is handled. Part 5, a Japanese cruiser burns during a naval fight near Midway. Adm. Nimitz presents decorations. Bombers are manufactured. Midshipmen graduate and parade at Annapolis.  

Title: U.S. Troops On Alaskan Front [etc.], 1942 
Notes: Part 1, U.S. reinforcements land on Attu Island. Shows "Flying Tigers preparing for a mission. Part 2, a large crowd prays for the armed forces at Soldiers Field, Chicago. Part 3, paratroops make a practice jump over the jungles of Panama. Part 4 shows an ice carnival in Rockefeller Center, New York City. Part 5, troops board transport ships. Shows ceremonies as a ship crosses the equator and gunnery practice. Part 6, President Vargas reviews a military parade in Rio de Janeiro. U.S. troops honor Brazil in a Washington, D.C. parade.  

Title: War IN The Pacific [etc.], 1942 
Notes: Part 1, Japanese planes attack a troop convoy off New Guinea. Antiaircraft guns repulse the enemy and the convoy unloads at Port Moresby. The aircraft carrier Yorktown is bombed off Midway Island. Part 2, Brazilians are inducted en masse into the army in Rio de Janeiro. U.S. and Guatemalan troops parade in Guatemala City. Part 3, shows an ice carnival in Rockefeller Center, New York City. Part 4, navigators check their courses as planes fly in a practice bombing mission. Marines learn to swim in the ocean. Part 5, U.S. troops and equipment are unloaded at a port in India. A camel caravan carries supplies into Burma as Indian troops move up through jungle terrain. 

Title: West Point Sends Her Men To War.! [etc.], 1942 
Notes: Part 1, Gen. Marshall awards diplomas to and reviews graduates. Part 2 shows scenes of "Flying Tigers" in China. Shows Gen. Chennault. Part 3, men of Houston, Texas, enlist in the Navy in retribution of the sinking of the cruiser Houston. Shows the Houston. Part 4, citizens of Mexico City urge President Camacho to enter the war. He addresses the Chamber of Deputies and war is declared. Part 5, a British convoy carries tanks to Russia. Part 6 shows Gens. Ralph Royce and George Brett on flying missions in the Pacific. Part 7, President Roosevelt reviews a military parade in Washington, D.C.  

Title: World Students Convene IN U.S. [etc.], 1942 
Notes: Part 1, President Roosevelt addresses an international student's assembly in Washington, DC. Part 2, Eleanor Roosevelt and Mrs. Henry Wallace witness the launching of the USS Iowa. Part 3, veterinarians inspect dogs drafted into the Army. Part 4, Navy torpedo boats are tested. Part 5, President Trujillo is inaugurated in Trujillo City, Dominican Republic, and reviews a parade. Part 6, Marines land on an island in the Solomons group behind intense naval bombardment. 

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