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United Newsreel selections from the year 1944, mainly concentrating on the effort of the United States in WWII, but also covering events on other fields of the War. Unfortunately, the newsreels are grouped alphabetically by subject and not by date, so there is no particular chronological order to them. Nonetheless, very interesting material.
Title: American Sub Rescues Airmen [etc.], 1944 
Notes: Part 1, 22 crewmen from a U.S. bomber are rescued in the Pacific. Part 2, gunners shoot at German robot bombs over England. Part 3, shows pipe lines being laid in Africa and Europe. Part 4, troops of the 9th Army enter and fight in Saarbrucken, Germany. Part 5, soldiers receive mail and gifts and give Christmas presents to children in Europe. 

Title: Americans Win New Airbases IN South Pacific [etc.], 1944 
Notes: Part 1, Manus Island, in the Admiralty Islands, is bombed from sea and air. Soldiers fight in the jungle. Shows Gen. Stilwell and Lt. Col. Seagrave. Part 2, wounded soldiers in Burma are treated. Supplies are dropped to Fijian troops on Bougainville. Part 3, Princess Juliana visits Curacao Island in the Netherlands Antilles. Part 4, shows ground and air crews of planes which bomb German-held territory. 

Title: Armistice Day IN France [etc.], 1944 
Notes: Part 1 shows ceremonies at Compiegne. Part 2, allied troops advance through mud and snow in Europe. Part 3, the German battleship Tirpitz is bombed and sunk on the coast of Norway. Shows Hitler at its launching in 1939. Shows British Air Marshall Harris. Part 4, Japanese-American soldiers rescue soldiers of the 36th Division surrounded in France. 

Title: Army Beats Navy IN Traditional Football Classic [etc.], 1944 
Notes: Part 1, Gens. Marshall and Arnold and Adm. King witness the Army-Navy football game in Baltimore. Part 2, a Canadian aircraft carrier is loaded with grain and joins a convoy. Part 3, Associate Justice Jackson swears in Edward R. Stettinius as Sec. of State. Part 4, B-29's bomb Formosa and return to their base on Saipan. Shows Gen. Haywood Hansell. Part 5, U.S. planes land in Yugoslavia with military and medical supplies and food. Shows Marshall Tito. Part 6, Japanese troops of the 36th Div. break through German lines in France. 

Title: B-29's Over Tokyo [etc.], 1944 
Notes: Part 1, U.S. planes bomb Tokyo and return to Saipan. Shows Gens. Haywood Hansell and Emmett O'Donnell. Part 2, the 6th Army advances on Leyte and cares for displaced Filipinos. Part 3, shows a plane in flight picking up men from the ground. Part 4, French and U.S. troops enter Metz, Strasbourg, and Belfort. Gen. Walton H. Walker receives the German surrender in Strasbourg. 

Title: Battle For France [etc.], 1944 
Notes: Part 1, allied armored troops roll forward near Caen and care for French refugees. Female collaborationists are herded through the streets. Gen. Montgomery greets villagers. Part 2, plywood is processed and used in the manufacture of landing craft, gliders, and small fighter planes. Part 3, U.S. troops parade in Cherbourg on Bastille Day. Gen. de Gaulle is present. Part 4, Hitler and Goring inspect air raid damage in Berlin. 

Title: Battle For Paris, 1944 
Notes: Members of the French resistance movement erect cobblestone entrenchments in Paris, distribute weapons, battle the Germans in the streets, and take prisoners. Shows the liberation of Paris and the arrival of Gen. LeClerc. 

Title: Battle Mud IN Burma [etc.], 1944 
Notes: Part 1, Burmese natives and U.S. troops clear mud from roads. Part 2, U.S. troops in Europe improvise time-saving devices. Part 3, a demolished truck factory in France is rebuilt and manufacturing resumes. Part 4, men of the 7th Army fight German troops near Strasbourg, France, and assist civilians. British and U.S. troops meet. Soldiers clear roads during a blizzard and uncover bodies of soldiers massacred at Malmedy. 
Subjects: Army. 7th Army; Transportation, Military; World War, 1939-1945 

Title: Battle of Angaur Island [etc.], 1944 
Notes: Part 1 shows an amphibious landing on Angaur Island in the Palau group. U.S. troops advance behind tanks and artillery. Part 2, Chief Justice Stone and Andrei Gromyko are present as the Turkish Ambassador to the U.S. is buried in Arlington, Va. Shows the procession from the Turkish Embassy to the cemetery. Part 3, Under Sec. of State Stettinius and Gromyko speak at a U.S.-U.S.S.R. rally in Madison Square Garden. Joseph E. Davies and Lord Halifax are present. Part 4, U.S. troops enter Aachen and capture German soldiers. 

Title: Bomb Japanese Bases IN Burma [etc.], 1944 
Notes: Part 1, B-25 planes bomb bridges and railways near Hsipaw, Burma. Part 2, cotton is picked by machine in Mississippi. Part 3, Dr. Joseph Erlanger, Dr. H.S. Gasser, and others receive Nobel peace awards in New York City. Part 4, carrier-based planes bomb Leyte Island. Shows Adm. A.W. Radford. Part 5, French and 3rd Army troops enter Strasbourg and advance in the Metz area. The 9th Army advances through German villages. 

Title: Brazilian Troops With 5th Army IN Italy [etc.], 1944 
Notes: Part 1, Gen. Clark inspects and reviews Brazilian troops in Italy. Part 2, Sec. of State Stettinius, Dr. Wellington Koo, Lord Halifax, Joseph Grew, and other U. N. delegates visit Thomas Jefferson's home at Monticello, Virginia. Part 3, Gen. Donald Connolly presents a military supply train to Russian railroad men at Teheran. The train begins the trip to Russia. Part 4, President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Mackenzie King meet at Quebec. Part 5, steeplejacks paint the dome on the U.S. Capitol Building. 

Title: British Pound Caen Sector [etc.], 1944 
Notes: Part 1, British artillery pounds German positions in northern France and troops advance through villages and care for civilians. Tanks clear mine fields. Part 2, American troops enter Cherbourg. The 6th Airborne Div. receives suppliesby parachute from British planes. Gen. J.L. Collins accepts the surrender of German officers. 

Title: Churchill IN Athens [etc.], 1944 
Notes: Part 1 shows Churchill, Eden, and Field Marshall Alexander in Athens. Part 2, allied troops halt German advances in Belgium. Captured film shows German troops advancing past wrecked U.S. equipment. Belgians are evacuated by U.S. vehicles. As the weather clears, allied planes attack German troops and equipment in force. 

Title: D-Day, 1944 
Notes: Gen. Eisenhower and his aides map the Normandy invasion. German pictures show the extent of their coastal defenses. Tanks, guns, locomotives, and other military equipment is massed on the English beaches. Troops practice loading operations. Landing craft is tested in the English Channel. Pictures of practice landing and airborne operations are used to dramatize the actual invasion on June 6, 1944. 

Title: Distinguished Visitors To Washington [etc.], 1944 
Notes: Part 1, President-elect Grau San Martin, of Cuba, is greeted by Secretary of State Hull in Washington. Dr. Wellington Koo is met by Under-Sec. Stettinius. Part 2, shows Australian fishermen making a record catch. Part 3, Marines in the Pacific round up native cattle. Shows soldiers eating. Part 4, dive bombers hit Japanese positions in Burma. Shows Gens. Stilwell and Merrill. 

Title: Eisenhower IN Brussels [etc.], 1944 
Notes: Part 1, Gen. Eisenhower is welcomed and places a wreath on the tomb of the Belgian unknown soldier. Part 2, trucks of the Transportation Corps carry supplies in France on the "Red Ball" Highway. Part 3, the 8th and 9th Army Air Forces fight German planes and bomb German cities. Allied troops advance in Germany and take prisoners. 

Title: Flying Bomb Defeated [etc.], 1944 
Notes: Part 1, V-2 rocket launchers are captured in France. Shows defenses in and over London operating against the flying bomb (anti-aircraft batteries, barrage balloons, and fighter planes). Some of the bombs explode in London. Part 2, the British army rolls through Brussels and captures Germans. Belgians celebrate in the streets.  

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