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United Newsreel selections from the year 1943, mainly concentrating on the effort of the United States in WWII, but also covering events on other fields of the War. Unfortunately, the newsreels are grouped alphabetically by subject and not by date, so there is no particular chronological order to them. Nonetheless, very interesting material.

Title: Moscow Pact A Triumph For United Nations [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Sec. Hull, Molotov, Eden, Averell Harriman, and T.V. Soong sign the Moscow Pact. Hull is greeted by Pres. Roosevelt in Wash., D.C. Part 2, Marines parade past the U.S. Capitol celebrating their 168th anniversary. Part 3, Gen. Clark receives an honorary degree from Naples University. Part 4, General and Madame Chiang Kai-shek, Adm. Mountbatten, and Gens. Stilwell and Somervell meet in Chungking. Part 5, Army nurses take combat training and wade ashore in Italy. Part 6, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Gromyko, and Lord Halifax sign an UNRRA agreement at the White House.  

Title: Motor Torpedo Boats Maneuver Off Panama Canal [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, torpedo boats and fighter planes engage in a mock battle. Part 2, Gen. Spaatz and Gen. Doolittle present U.S. planes to French fliers in North Africa. Part 3, college men practice rowing in Washington State. Part 4, a submarine crew refurbishes its vessel. Adm. Halsey decorates Navy fliers aboard an aircraft carrier. Part 5, Prince Olav and Princess Martha of Norway open a U.S. home for Norwegian refugees. Part 6, the French battleship Richelieu docks in the U.S. Part 7, Polish refugees reach Iran on foot, receive Red Cross aid, and establish a village. 

Title: Nazi War Plants Blasted By R.A.F. In Night Raids [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Royal Air Force (RAF) Lancaster bombers strike Essen, Germany. Part 2, the destroyer Sullivan and two destroyer escorts are launched. Part 3, tanks are tested over a tank obstacle course. Part 4, Madame Chiang Kai-shek speaks in the Hollywood Bowl. Shows Mary Pickford and Norma Shearer. Part 5, an army rescue squad uses a life boat to rescue downed airmen. Part 6, paratroopers jump in a practice mission carrying their mascots (Boxer pups). Part 7, Canadian artillery units practice firing in snowy terrain. Troops and tanks are loaded on ships and the convoy sails. 

Title: New Reservists Swell Ranks of American Navy [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, sailors train, eat, and parade. Part 2 shows surf riding in Australia. Part 3, the 2nd Army and the British 8th Army capture Bizerte and are welcomed by its citizens. Hordes of German prisoners are captured. Shows Gens. Eisenhower and Montgomery. Part 4, Gen. Marshall attends a meeting of the allied war council. Shows the council on the White House lawn.  

Title: News From North Africa [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Gen. Eisenhower and British Admiral Cunningham review allied troops in North Africa. Part 2, Sec. of State Hull lands in Cairo en route to Moscow. Part 3, Russian planes bomb a German convoy in the Arctic Ocean and Russian sailors beat off a German aerial assault. Part 4, Canadian fishing vessels leave a village on the Gaspe Peninsula and return laden with cod. Part 5, 5th Army units occupy Naples and advance through mud north of the city. Gen. Clark leaves for the front. Refugees return to Naples. 

Title: News of The War In Italy [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Italians apply for jobs and U.S. engineers repair water facilities in Naples. Gen. Clark arrives and 5th Army units march northward. Part 2, Douglas fir is felled in Canada and floated down river to mills. Part 3, Italian fliers land their planes at an allied airfield and join the allies. Part 4, Gen. Stilwell inspects Chinese and U.S. troops who swim a river in Burma to take up new positions. The 14th Air Force covers the advance. Part 5, carrier-based planes carry out low level bombing attacks on Wake Island.  

Title: Princess Juliana Makes First Visit To Dutch Guiana [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Princess Juliana rides through the streets of Paramaribo, Dutch Guiana, and reviews Dutch and U.S. troops. Chieftains of the bush tribes pay their respects. Part 2, a volcano erupts on the Pacific island of Niuafoo. Part 3, a sheep herd is moved across Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State. Part 4, shows activities on a Canadian farm. Part 5, Adm. Wilkinson and Gen. Vandegrift direct operations as Marines pour ashore on Bougainville beneath intense naval bombardment and establish a beach head. 

Title: Rommel's Defeat In Africa [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, allied planes and the British 8th Army attack German positions in Africa. German prisoners are massed. Shows Gen. Montgomery and Adm. Cunningham. Part 2, U.S. troops capture Oran, Algeria, are greeted by the citizens, and take French prisoners. Shows the occupation forces at work.  

Title: Roosevelt Inspects U.S. Army Camps [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, shows Pres. Roosevelt at camps and air fields. Part 2, aircraft carriers are used to transport army planes. Part 3, allied troops bomb and capture land in Tunisia. U.S. and German tanks battle. German planes attack U.S. positions. Army nurses evacuate wounded soldiers. Personages: Gens. Eisenhower and Patton, Gens. Montgomery and Harold Alexander, and Gen. Henri Giraud.  

Title: Roosevelt Reviews U.S. Troops In Iran [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, President Roosevelt reviews U.S. troops in Iran. Part 2, tanks, guns, and other war material is unloaded at the port of Naples. Part 3, the Queen Mary docks in Sydney with U.S. troops. Part 4, college girls in the U.S. make dolls. Part 5, British sailors test U.S. torpedo boats off the Atlantic coast. Part 6, Marines inch forward on Tarawa. Wounded are carried to the coast and loaded on landing craft. Army units relieve the Marines. 

Title: Soviet Army Hurls Back Nazis On 2,000 Mile Front [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Russian troops advance through villages behind artillery and tanks. A Russian ship in the Black Sea is bombed by German planes. A German submarine is hit by a depth bomb. Part 2, a Canadian soldier is furloughed to mine coal. Shows scenes in the coal mine, in steel plants, and in factories. Part 3, elephants, native bearers and planes haul supplies for U.S. troops in India. Part 4, Australian veterans parade in Sydney. Part 5, civilians in North Africa receive food, medicine, and clothing. Part 6, Liberators bomb New Guinea airfields. Fighter planes patrol over mountains. 
Title: The Capture of Tarawa From Japan! [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, the invasion fleet moves toward Tarawa. Marines land and fight after a naval bombardment. Shows the effect of the attack on Japanese emplacements. Part 2, President Roosevelt meets with Churchill and Chiang Kai-shek in Cairo, and with Churchill and Joseph Stalin at Teheran. Shows Madame Chiang and Sara Churchill. 
Title: The Fall of Pantelleria [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, landing operations on Pantelleria, following an intense aerial assault, are unopposed. The Italian garrison surrenders en masse. Part 2, a battle-scarred Flying Fortress leaves England and lands in Washington, D.C. Part 3, Gunder Hagg defeats Greg Rice in a 5,000 meter foot race. Part 4, amphibious "ducks" are tested and used in combat to ferry supplies from ships to shore. Part 5, nurses in several hospitals are capped upon graduation. Shows scenes in hospital trains. Part 6, Chinese troops in Burma dynamite the Burma Road. Casualties are treated at field hospitals. Part 7, P-47 Thunderbolt fighter planes are tested. 

Title: The Invasion of Sicily!, 1943 
Notes: An invasion fleet of over 3,000 ships forms and crosses the Mediterranean Sea. Gen. Patton receives a new battle flag. Shows the amphibious assault on Gela, Sicily. Land mines are cleared and troops advance. Shows Gen. Lucian Truscott. 

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