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United Newsreel selections from the year 1943, mainly concentrating on the effort of the United States in WWII, but also covering events on other fields of the War. Unfortunately, the newsreels are grouped alphabetically by subject and not by date, so there is no particular chronological order to them. Nonetheless, very interesting material.

Title: French Sailors Win Ovation IN First U.S. Parade [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, the French battleship Richelieu passes New York City's skyline. The French cruiser Montcalm docks. French sailors parade in New York City. Shows Mayor La Guardia. Part 2, Madame Chiang Kai-shek is welcomed by President and Mrs. Roosevelt at the Washington, D.C. airport. Mme. Chiang speaks to members in the House of Representatives. Part 3, allied tank destroyers blast German tanks in Tunisia. Gen. Montgomery receives the surrender of city officials in Tripoli, Libya. Part 4, an armored division is aligned on the California desert.  


Title: Gen. MacArthur's Forces Win New Bases IN Pacific [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Australian troops capture Madang, New Guinea. Part 2, a Navy dirigible patrols for German submarines and drops bombs. Part 3 shows the Shah of Iran, Mohammed Riza Pahlavi, and his family. Part 4, a 75 mm cannon is fired from a B-25 bomber. Bombs are dropped with parachutes. Shows a mass artillery barrage. Part 5, animals are rescued from an irrigation viaduct. Part 6, fighters of the 8th Air Force down German planes and strafe railroads. Part 7, President Roosevelt inspects the 7th Army in Sicily and decorates Gen. Mark Clark. Shows Winston Churchill and Gen. Eisenhower.  

Title: Hamburg, Nazi War Center, Blasted By Bombs [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, 8th Air Force planes bomb Hamburg by day and fight off German fighters on their return to England. Royal Air Force (RAF) planes prepare for a night mission. Part 2, the aircraft carrier Wasp is launched. Part 3, "Volo Song" wins the Hambletonian trotting race at Goshen, New York. Part 4, shows scenes at the Quebec Conference. Personages: Roosevelt, Churchill, Adms. King and Mountbatten, Gens. Marshall, Arnold, and Portal, T.V. Soong, Mackenzie King. Part 5, U.S. planes bomb New Britain (Bismarck Islands), and destroyers shell New Georgia (Solomon Islands).  

Title: Italian Islands First To Fall As Invasion Begins [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, allied planes bomb Pantelleria Island. Part 2, Gens. de Gaulle and Giraud inspect French troops in North Africa. Giraud decorates Gen. Eisenhower. Part 3, U.S. farmers sow potatoes. Part 4, Hindus gather for a religious ceremony in India. Part 5, shows work on the "Big Inch" pipe line. Part 6, Greece receives a lend-lease destroyer in Washington, D.C. Shows President Roosevelt. Part 7 shows the world's largest synthetic rubber plant in the U.S. Part 8, Madame Chiang Kai-shek reviews WAVES, SPARS, and women Marines. Part 9, Argentine President Castillo is overthrown by revolution in Buenos Aires. 

Title: Italy Surrenders, 1943 
Notes: Italians in New York City celebrate Italy's surrender. U.S. troops land in North Africa. President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill meet at Casablanca. Allied planes bomb islands off Italy. Sicily is invaded by allied troops. Messina is occupied. The 7th Army and Britain's 8th Army land on Italy's mainland behind a naval bombardment. Italian warships speed to allied ports and are surrendered. President Roosevelt announces Italy's surrender. Other personages: Gen. Eisenhower, Gen. Clark, Mussolini, Adm. Cunningham. 

Title: Japanese Routed From Buna Stronghold! [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part l, U.S. and Australian troops fight in New Guinea. Part 2, shows the parade and celebration in Santiago as Chile joins the United Nations. Part 3, shows part of a record catch of herring in British Columbia. Part 4, shows a track meet at Madison Square Garden. Part 5, the Navy's largest battleship is tested prior to joining a fleet. Part 6, a "lost battalion" of Australian soldiers on Timor Island receives supplies and equipment by air and attack Japanese positions. 

Title: Japanese Ships Smashed At Guadalcanal [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, shows burning and sunken ships. Shows Marine Gens. Alexander Vandegrift and Clayton Vogel. Part 2, Navaho women make gifts for Red Cross packages. Part 3, shows tests of a Constellation cargo plane. Part 4, Henry J. Kaiser ignites a blast furnace at a new steel mill. Part 5, motorcycle dispatch carriers ride a training course. Part 6, shows an amphibious landing in North Africa. German prisoners board ships en route to prison camps. Part 7, Cordell Hull signs a treaty with China. Chinese troops are carried by U.S. transport planes. Part 8, President Roosevelt addresses Congress. Shows views of the Capitol. 

Title: King George Reviews American Troops IN Africa [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, King George VI of Great Britain and Gen. Clark review 5th Army units in Africa. Gen. Patton joins them for lunch. Part 2, the cruiser Houston is constructed and launched. Part 3, sheep dogs assist in rounding up sheep on an Alberta, Canada, ranch. Part 4, U.S. troops climb snow-covered slopes on Attu Island and capture or kill the remaining Japanese troops in the Aleutians. 

Title: Latest Films From General MacArthur IN New Guinea [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Gen. MacArthur is driven to the New Guinea front. Shows native bearers carrying equipment on jungle trails. A B-24 plane sinks a Japanese ship off the island. Part 2, Coast Guard dogs pass in review. Coast Guard horsemen patrol the Atlantic coast. Part 3, Chiang Kai-shek reviews a United Nations parade in Chungking. Gen. Stilwell arrives in Washington, D.C. Mule trains cross Tibet with supplies for China. Part 4, Australians test U.S. jeeps. Part 5, tanks are given final tests and then loaded on ships. Shows shipyard activity. 

Title: Latest Films of Allied Drive IN North Africa [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, the British 8th Army advances through mud in Tunisia. Shows Gens. Eisenhower and Henri Giraud. Part 2, Chinese air cadets train and graduate in the U.S. Part 3, Marines return from a raid on a Japanese outpost. Shows Adm. Nimitz and Lt. Col. James Roosevelt. Part 4, ammunition and tank destroyers are manufactured; amphibious equipment is tested; and trucks transport food and equipment. Part 5, shows tests of a 240mm howitzer. 
Title: Latest Films of The War IN Italy [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, 5th Army units occupy villages north of Naples. Gens. Montgomery and Clark meet. Part 2, planes drop food and medical supplies to U.S. airmen in a Burma jungle. Shows airmen being cared for by Burmese natives. Part 3, Polish patriots parade in New York City in honor of Count Pulaski. Part 4, Gen. Arnold lands in England and inspects air units. Shows Capt. Clark Gable. Igor Sikorsky lands a helicopter on the grounds of the Ford museum in Detroit and is greeted by Henry Ford. Part 5, Princess Martha of Norway decorates Norwegian soldiers in New York City. Part 6, President Roosevelt addresses Yugoslav airmen in Washington, D.C. 

Title: Latest News Films From The Tunisian Battle Front! [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, soldiers attend a religious service and go swimming. Tanks and artillery bombard German positions. Part 2, shows construction on a Central American highway between Panama and Mexico City. Part 3, shows air defenses of Washington, DC. Part 4, shows cows and sheep in Australia. Part 5, a Coast Guard cutter fires guns and depth charges at a German submarine damaged in ramming the sub, the cutter is towed to port by a Polish destroyer. Part 6, Flying Fortresses bomb a German submarine base and return to England. 

Title: Latest War Films From U.S. Forces IN South Pacific [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, Liberator bombers strike Japanese installations on a Pacific island and U.S. troops land with little opposition. Steam shovels and tractors clear jungle foliage for an airstrip. Part 2, Chinese work in a California shipyard. Part 3, the Swedish track star, Gunder Hagg, sees a baseball game in Boston and runs a record mile in the Harvard University stadium. Part 4, 7th Army troops advance through Sicilian villages. Wounded are loaded on planes for evacuation. Part 5, railroad yards in Rome are bombed with pinpoint precision. Part 6, Pres. Roosevelt speaks of the Fascist decline in Italy. 

Title: Mexico Marks 33rd Anniversary of New Social Order [etc.], 1943 
Notes: Part 1, President Camacho of Mexico reviews a parade in Mexico City. Shows a mass gymnastic drill. Part 2, U.S. and Australian troops compete in a steer riding contest in Brisbane. Part 3, C-47's tow gliders in an exercise. Parachute troops and the gliders land. Shows Gen. Arnold. Part 4, Eleanor Roosevelt reviews SPARS parading past the White House. Part 5, Australian tennis stars play for servicemen in Sydney. Part 6, ships and planes bombard Japanese positions on New Guinea and the Marshall and Gilbert Islands. Admirals Halsey and Wilkinson chart operations. Marines land on Bougainville. 

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