Artikelnummer 211


HITLER'S BUNKERS is a trip through Berlin's underground world, showing the remains of WWII bunkers in the capital of the Reichshauptstadt as they were used during the War.  For those of us who grew up with the fallacy that all these bunkers were destroyed after the War or that they were sealed up and buried so no one could visit them and maybe make a memorial out of them to the Nazis, this is a fascinating video which shows the layman where these bunkers are located in Berlin and what they look like inside.  Wow!  (35 mins.)

BLOOD ON THE SUN (1945) is our bonus film.  Starring James Cagney and Sylvia Sidney,  the film is based on the history behind the Tanaka Memorial document.  The film won the Academy Award for Best Art Direction for a Black & White film in 1945.  In pre-WWII Tokyo, an American newspaper editor working for an English-language daily paper aimed at the American business community is given a document relating to Japan's foreign affairs which could have political ramifications if found. He meets up with Iris Hilliard, a woman who wants to secure the document even if it means dealing with the Japanese secret police and their threats.  For some reason, even though it was common practice for Hollywood to use Korean actors to play Japanese during the War, most of the so-called Japanese actors here are Caucasian ... and the stereotypes abound!  Of particular annoyance is Cagney's opposite in the movie, who plays a captain in the secret police and who was a former Los Angeles police officer who taught Cagney judo for the movie.  Nonetheless, it is an entertaining film.  (98 mins.; .some softness, but overall very good quality).

133 minutes long.