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This DVD consists of two parts:


WWII Germany in Color  (48 minutes):  our compilation of color films showing a variety of topics concerning WWII Germany.  Here is a list of topics:


German youth helping out with the harvest

A village in the Harz and its yearly life-sized chess tournament

A repair station for tanks on the Eastern Front

BDM at morning exercises

Berlin in the summer of 1943

A cossack unit in service with the Wehrmacht

S-Boote on maneuvers

In a Fallschirmjager school

Glass manufacturing

Selections from a German circus routine

Pictures from the Adriatic and Italian fronts

After a Soviet bomber attack

Kriegsmarinemannschaft at work

Grape harvesting on the Rhine in 1944

Bringing the cattle down from the Alps before the winter sets in

The last German troops leave Finland

German troops meet Lapps in Norway

Flak action against a Soviet raid on northern Norway

The DRK prepares pacakges for wounded soldiers

Luftwaffe cadets by glider training

Spanische Hof Ritterschule in Vienna

Albanian village life

A clip from the new film Die Grosse Freiheit Nr. 7

Air attack on the Western Front

On the Italian Front

Stukas attack targets in the East

These films were originally put onto VHS tape a long time ago and consequently are not of the best quality.  However, they are decent and well worth the investment.


Manner im Hintergrund  (15 minutes):  Short film detailing everything you want to know about building fighters and bombers for the successful exploits of the Luftwaffe.