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DER EWIGE JUDE (1940) *with switchable English subtitles*

Curt Bois, Charles Chaplin and Albert Einstein, Fritz Hippler


Particularly insidious propaganda film purporting to show the Jews as they really are when the masks of western civilized behaviour are stripped away.  Particularly dangerous, though effective, because enough of the truth is mixed in with stereotype and outright lies to make much of the material believable.  The comparison of Jews to rats is as disgusting as the ritual slaughter scenes shown at the end of the film, designed to show Jews as particularly insensitive to the pain of the animals they butcher.  The showing of Peter Lorre as a deranged, but sympathetic, child-murderer in M and suggesting that Jews used the movie as a propaganda ploy to twist decent Christian morals is no less offensive than the twisting by the Nazis of alleged material from the Talmud to prove that Jews consider it acceptable to cheat non-Jews and treat them like cattle. 
If not for our deep revulsion to censorship and our belief that one combats hatred by bringing it out into the light of day, this film would never be in our inventory.  If you, as the customer, think differently, we'd appreciate not hearing about it.
DVD-R is in German with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 65 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!  

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