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GERMAN PANORAMA #11 (1940 - 1945)

In this series of three films, Germany, its culture, people and landscapes are shown as they all looked like from 1940-1945:

WWII Germany in Color - Part III (1940-45):  In the follow up to our other DVD, WWII Germany in Color,  and the second part of the same shown in German Panorama # 10, this 56 minute film shows what life in Hitler's Germany was like from the end of the French campaign until the end of the War.  Color films, discovered by US forces only after War's end, make up the bulk of this collection of both home movies, movies shot by troops at the front with 8mm, compact cameras, and official productions.  Quality varies by just who was shooting what, but they're all interesting, nonetheless.  Narration in English;

The German SniperThis 68 minute film covers all aspects of training for the German sniper, including how to use one's weapon correctly and hide from the enemy.  Excellent quality film with English narration and English subtitles;

The final film is a 9 minute selection taken from Finnish newsreels about the performance of the Finnish air force in the war against Russia.  This 1941 film has no narration, just music and battle sounds.  Quality is good, but there is a timer running through the whole 9 minutes.  Rare and interesting.

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