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DVD documentary showing four different training films for Wehrmacht soldiers:


Men Against Tanks:  using materials taken from 1943 sources, this excellent 28 minute work has more excitement than any good war film out there.  Unfortunately, a Soviet tank unit happens upon the only Wehrmacht platoon on the Eastern Front, which happens to have EVERY possible new anti-tank weapon on the market and never ever misses a target.  Very good footage and nail-biting action;


Pioneers Forward!.  17 minute film detailing how pioneers prepare the way for infantry and tanks to do their duty.  Some video and sound problems;


The Sharpshooter:  20 minute work detailing the training and tactics of sharpshooters on the Eastern Front;


The Unseen Weapon:  90 minute, very detailed work about the sniper, his weapons, camouflage, tactics against the enemy, and surviving day-to-day those soldiers who would track him down and eliminate him.  Sound problems.


Due to the fact that these films are almost 70 years old, the quality of this DVD varies.  There is quite a bit of flickering and contrast variations.  I would rate the overall movie as VHS quality or better; though this has nothing to do with the transfer, but rather the source materials.  The sound, however, is very good.

155 minutes long.


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