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Erich Schonfelder, Ralph Arthur Roberts, Ida Wust and Margot Landa

A gay military farce, calculated to entertain persons partial to that sort of film fare under the name of "Zu Befehl, Herr Unteroffizier" ("At your Orders, Sergeant"). This time the unlucky civilian called to reserve exercises under the army system prevailing in pre-World War Germany is Ralph Artur Roberts, one of the leading Teuton comedians of stage and screen. As a big business man temporarily placed at the mercy of a reserve sergeant whom he has just discharged from his office, Herr Roberts makes the best of his slapstick part. The necessary complications are caused by the arrival at the scene of the manoeuvres of his wife (Ida Wuest), who has been led to believe that her imperious husband is a captain in the reserves. The director keeps his characters moving at a rapid pace and provides considerable amusement for spectators understanding German.

DVD-R is in German with no subtitles. Approx. 70 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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