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GERMAN PANORAMA # 03: 1932-1939

In this series of five films, Germany, its culture, people and landscapes are shown as they all looked like from 1932-1939:
Youth in the Mountains (1932):  What better way to get out of the Depression than to not be ... depressed!  Yes, happy German boys and girls, confident in the future soon to come, but not yet there, get together for hikes in the Bavarian Alps; drilling; camping in army tents; horseplay and, of course, after a long day of marching and field work, what better way to end the day than with sleep under the starry sky, watched over by snowy mountains in the fresh spring air and the roadside shrine incongruously standing nearby?  The film was put on VHS tape some 20 years ago or so and there's a timer in the upper left hand corner so you won't forget it  (or, for that matter, forget how long you've been suppressing your yawns).  Jerky movements here and there and soft quality throughout, but let's see if your grandfather can do any better after 75 years, pal!  20 minutes long and that's more than enough;
Die Stadt der sieben Turme - Rostock (1936):  14 minute film put out in 1936 about Rostock as the city, its people, culture and landscapes all looked like before the insanity of the Second World War changed it all forever.  Decent VHS quality film throughout;
Give me four years time!  (1937):  After watching this 16 minute film, you'll be sure you've sat through it for four years!  Impressive montage of what was done here, there, and everywhere and all throughout one man talking, talking, talking and claiming he was responsible for it all (and he could also paint a house in just one day ... two coats!).  Soft VHS quality throughout; watchable, but who cares:  you'll probably be asleep by Minute Five anyhow;
The Way in the World - German Youth Learn (1938):  ... and do they ever!  20 minute movie-lecture lets you know that German youth have more to do than simply sit in a classroom and listen to ipods like your lazy kids ... nooooo .... there's the harvest to gather; lessons on how to be a farmer, a carpenter, a construction worker, etc.  No importing foreigners to do the undesireable jobs in this country, thank you very much.  Everyone studies and works and learns to fire a rifle ... good, clean, healthy living all around.  Unfortunately, the neighbors at the opposite end of those rifles had a different opinion, don't ya know.  Soft VHS quality throughout;
The Westwall  (1939):  42-minute film tells you everything you could possibly have wanted to know about the Westwall on the French border:  how it was built; who built it; why they built it; who stayed in it; what they did while there; how they entertained themselves when they weren't pointing cannons at Paris; how often they got to go outside and play and how much marching they did while enjoying the fresh air.  42 minutes, folks:  surely, they had only to make the French watch this film and the campaign in the west would never have been necessary, for death would have come by boredom instead of shrapnel.  However, for those of you out there into that military thang, you're sure to salivate at all the underground tunnels, cannons, uniforms, and so on.  This almost 20 year old film has a counter in the upper left hand corner, too, so you can keep track of how long you were able to get through each attempted sitting.  Soft VHS quality, but watchable.  Some sound problems in parts of the film, but don't worry:  it won't drown out your buddy's snoring in the lazy chair next to yours.
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