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GERMAN WARTIME NEWSREELS 25 * with switchable English subtitles * (improved)

Updated and improved as of January 2017, this revised disc includes subtitling which does not extend three lines without being split; tighter and cleaner translating; and some video improvements.

Our translations of Die Deutsche Wochenschau newsreels covering the events, mainly in Europe, from March to April 1943 (with a supplementary film from 1943 ... see description) with first hand film reports.  Each part has variable film quality based on the original films it shows.  Overall, we would say the quality would correspond to a range of well worn VHS to very good DVD quality.  There may be some sound or picture issues on parts of the film.




  • Albert Speer increases weapons’ production in the Reich
  • Training in Reserve Officers’ schools
  • Construction of new armament plants
  • Construction of the Atlantic Wall
  • Repair of airplanes on the Eastern Front
  • Fighting in the region south of Lake Ladoga
  • SS Sturmmann Mooyman, a 19 year old Dutch volunteer, is the first Dutchman to get the Ritterkreuz
  • Winter battles between the Dnieper and the Donetz
  • Sepp Dietrich awards his men the Iron Cross
  • Heroes’ memorial day in Berlin
  • U-Boat attack on a convoy in the North Atlantic
  • Reinforcements move into Crete and the Greek Islands
  • The Second Battle of Kharkov
  • Elections to the Danish Folketing
  • Children from occupied territories vacation in the Reich
  • Reconstruction of the University of Madrid, destroyed in the Spanish Civil War
  • Construction of a new bridge in Hungarian occupied Slovakia
  • Large rally of the Flemish National Union in Brussels
  • Rally in Prague
  • Japanese units battle Chinese resistance troops throughout China
  • Japanese troops land on New Guinea
  • Japanese bombers attack Port Darwin in Australia
  • Spring cleaning on the Eastern Front after the thaw sets in
  • Supply issues on the Lappland front
  • Wounded soldiers are transported from Norwegian fjords back to the homeland
  • The Fuhrer meets with Il Duce
  • Grossadmiral Doenitz is awarded the Oak Leaves by the Fuhrer
  • German U-Boats in action in the Caribbean Sea
  • Dr. Goebbels speaks at the Berlin Philharmonic on the eve of the Fuhrer’s birthday
  • Wounded German soldiers take a tour of Vienna and Graz
  • Training of artillery officer candidates
  • Artillery duel at Leningrad
  • German and Rumanian units secure the traffic on the Black Sea
  • Stuka attacks on Soviet tanks in the Kuban
  • Croatia celebrates the 2nd anniversary of its independence
  • Bulgaria marks it’s second anniversary of the joining to the Three-Power-Pact
  • Dutch, Danish, Flemish and Walloon representatives meet for the Greater Germanic Youth Groups
  • Introduction of conscription in Serbia for Work Service Units
  • 4th anniversary of the Falangist victory in the Spanish Civil War
  • Latvian farmers get their land back which was taken by the Bolsheviks
  • Construction of the Atlantic Wall


1943 – IN THE FOREST OF KATYN :  German made film about the discovery of the mass graves of Polish soldiers discovered by the Germans in the Katyn Forest in April 1943




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