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GERMAN WARTIME NEWSREELS 26 * with switchable English subtitles * (improved)

Updated and improved as of January 2017, this revised disc includes subtitling which does not extend three lines without being split; tighter and cleaner translating; and some video improvements.

Our translations of Die Deutsche Wochenschau newsreels covering the events, mainly in Europe, from May to June 1943 (with a supplementary films from 1943 ... see description) with first hand film reports.  Each part has variable film quality based on the original films it shows.  Overall, we would say the quality would correspond to a range of well worn VHS to very good DVD quality.  There may be some sound or picture issues on parts of the film.


  • RAD men build fortifications on the Atlantic coast
  • Supplies are sent to the Leningrad front
  • Flooding in the Wolchow region
  • Defensive fighting in Tunis
  • Resupply of a U-Boat
  • State funeral for General Brockdorff-Ahlefeldt
  • Gebirgsjager train horses and pack mules
  • Improvement and reinforcement of the Atlantic Wall
  • SD police fight Soviet partisans
  • A Sunday dance in an Ukrainian village
  • Volunteer Cossack regiment displays its riding skills for Wehrmacht observers
  • Stuka attack on the Kuban bridgehead
  • Ukrainian volunteers join the SS Division “Galicia”
  • Hitler Youth members join the Waffen SS
  • The Viennese 44th Division is renamed, “Hoch- und Deutschmeister” Division
  • Artillery recruits are trained in the field
  • A mobile library visits the Eastern Front
  • Fighting on the Kuban bridgehead
  • A review of increased armaments production in May 1943
  • The Ritterkreuz to the Kriegsverdienstkreuz is awarded to nine munitions workers
  • City kids are sent off to the Baltic Sea on vacation
  • The Deutsche Oper’s orchestra plays in a tank factory
  • Training of female air raid auxiliaries
  • Training of anti-tank troops
  • Training in an U-Boat school
  • Artillery attacks on Leningrad
  • Home leave for the volunteer Finnish SS battalion
  • Fighting in the Kuban bridgehead
  • The 4th wartime soccer championship game between Dresden and Saarbrucken
  • Opening of the 7th Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung in Munich
  • International  journalists convention in Vienna
  • Anti-aircraft operations in the Rhein-Westfalen region
  • Help for those affected by the Anglo-American raids
  • Anti-partisan fighting in Montenegro
  • A grenadier battalion on the Eastern Front on leave in the rear



1943 – Junker der Waffen-SS:   brief film about the training and education of the elite soldier’s force filmed shortly before the turn in Germany’s wartime fortunes  

1943 – Land an der Weichsel:  Shows, in color, those regions of Poland annexed by the Reich and what life was like there during the War.




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