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GERMAN WARTIME NEWSREELS 10 * with switchable English subtitles * (improved)

Updated and improved as of November 2016, this revised disc includes subtitling which does not extend three lines without being split (despite the older photo above); tighter and cleaner translating; and some video improvements.

Our translations of Die Deutsche Wochenschau newsreels (in addition to any supplments listed in the description below) covering the events, mainly in Europe, from June to July 1941 (with two supplemental films included ... see description) with first hand film reports.  Each part has variable film quality based on the original films it shows.  Overall, we would say the quality would correspond to a range of well worn VHS to very good DVD quality.  There may be some sound or picture issues on parts of the film.


  • Croatia joins the Three-Power Pact
  • General Rommel presents General Garibaldi with the Iron Cross, 1st and 2nd Classes
  • German forces besiege Tobruk
  • Declaration of war on the USSR
  • Battles on the Soviet border
  • Attack on the Soviet Union from Finland
  • Taking of the fortress in Kaunas
  • Taking of the fortress in Brest Litovsk
  • The Germans take Lemberg  (Lwow)
  • Liberation of the GPU prison in Lemberg  (Lwow)
  • Soviet troops are encircled in the Bialystok region
  • The Germans take Kalvaria and Vilna  (Vilnius)
  • The Germans take Jonava
  • The Germans “evacuate” the Jews of Jonava
  • The Germans take Libau (Liepaja)
  • Volunteers from all over Europe sign up to fight the Bolsheviks
  • Rumanian and German troops advance into Bessarabia
  • The Germans are received with joy in the Ukraine
  • Advance on Kiew  (Kyiv)
  • Conclusion of the double battle at Bialystok and Minsk
  • Germans march into Riga
  • The Germans advance on Lake Peipus and Estonia
  • Advance units head for Leningrad
  • SUPPLEMENT:  Silent German film of the liberation of the NKVD prison in Lemberg  (Lwow) in which Germans and local Ukrainians forced Jews to remove 
  • bodies from a secret police prison.
  • SUPPLEMENT:  Silent films showing German prisoners and wounded executed by the Soviets.
  • SUPPLEMENT:  One hour film about the air war in Finland  (in English) from 1939 to 1945



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