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Otto Geb├╝hr, Paul Bildt and Hansi Knoteck, Hans Deppe

Fredericus Rex will Ostpreußen nach Ende des Siebenjährigen Krieges 1770 mit entlassenen Soldaten besiedeln und kultivieren. Auf höchste Order wird ein Berliner Hoffräulein Schragg in die masurischen Wälder geschickt. - Gefühlvolle Romanze. 

After the end of the Seven Years' War in 1770, Frederick the Great wishes to settle and cultivate East Prussia with discharged soldiers.  A lady of court in Berlin, Miss Schragg, is sent to the Masurian forests to marry and help accomplish this mission ... on the orders of the king himself.

THERE IS A NEWSREEL PREVIEW BEFORE THE FILM, JUST AS GERMAN AUDIENCES MIGHT HAVE SEEN WHEN THE MOVIE WAS FIRST SHOWN (except this newsreel may not be contemporary to when the film was released).

DVD-R IS IN GERMAN WITH NO SUBTITLES (except for the Newsreel). APPROX. 109 MINS. COMBINED TOTAL. WELL-WORN FILM QUALITY OVERALL (i.e., features are not sharp)

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