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Sepp Rist, Ilse Stobrawa and Ludwig Gerner, Herbert Selpin

It is 1914 and the place is German East Africa, in the shadow of Kilimanjaro.  The farmer Peter Hellhoff has finally succeeded in making his plantation into something after years of backbreaking labor.  Now he can travel abroad with his fiancee Gerda, where he can marry her with little worry about the fate of his plantation back home.  The preparations for the marriage are ruined, however, when the word arrives that Germany is mobilizing its armies for war.  The English farmer, Robert Cresswall, Peter's best friend, leaves East Africa immediately, for he knows that Germany and England are now enemies and wants no part of the conflict between the two friends.  Fate, however, has different plans.

Deutsch-Ostafrika im Jahr 1914. Der Farmer Peter Hellhoff hat sich nach Jahren schwerer Arbeit eine beachtliche Existenz aufgebaut; nun kann ihm seine Braut Gerda beruhigt in die Fremde nachreisen, wo schon bald die Hochzeit gefeiert wird. Die Stimmung des Festes wird getrübt, als ein Bote die Nachricht von der Mobilmachung der deutschen Truppen überbringt. Der englische Farmer Robert Cresswell, Peters bester Feund, verlässt sofort das Land, da er weiß, dass Deutschland und England nun Feinde sind.

The film is complete up til the very ending, where the last few (inconsequential) seconds are cut off.

DVD-r is in German with no subtitles. Approx. 78 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality. 

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Karl May approves this movie, 4/2/2021 5:23 PM
From: Wolfie
Adventure drama set against the backdrop of the start of 'The War to end all Wars' in the colonies.
You almost expect Kara Ben Nemsi to show up any minute and shoot through a rope from half a mile away.
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