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2 DVD SET: PETER THE FIRST (1981/86) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

Dmitri Zolotukhin ... Czar Peter the Great Tamara Makarova Natalya Bondarchuk ... Sophya Nikolai Yeryomenko Ml. ... Aleksandr Menshikov Mikhail Nozhkin ... Boris Golitzin Peter Reusse ... Franz Lefort Eduard Bocharov Lyubov Polekhina ... Aleksandra Brovkina Lyubov Germanova ... Yevdokia Lopukhina Anatoli Barantsev Roman Filippov ... Fedor Romodanovskyi Yuriy Moroz ... Aleksey Brovkin Vladimir Kashpur Aleksandr Belyavskiy Nikolai Grinko

Two part film about the Russian Emperor, Peter the Great, based upon the novel Peter the First by Alexei Tolstoy. The first disc covers the years of the tsar’s adolescence and youth, which were marked by a deadly danger from some of the Boyars, the rebellious Streltsy and Tsarevna Sophia who aspired to take over the throne of Russia. But already at that early time, Peter demonstrated a profound, bright intellect; a strong will and the sense of purpose, which helped him disarm both his open and secret enemies.  The second part deals with Peter as an adult:  At the end of the 17th century, without  access to the sea, Russia is in a vulnerable position regarding foreign trade. Peter the Great attempts to conquer the Turkish sea fortress at Azov, but realizes this can only be done with a modern fleet. To the amazement of Europe, he goes to Holland and works at a dock, learning shipbuilding.

DVD-Rs are in Russian with switchable English and Spanish subtitles.    Approx. 263 minutes  (more than 4 hours).

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