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DESTINY OF A MAN (Fate of a Man) (1959) *with switchable English subtitles *

Sergey Bondarchuk Writers: Yuriy Lukin (as Yu. Lukin), Fyodor Shakhmagonov Sergey Bondarchuk ... Andrei Sokolov Pavel Boriskin Pavel Boriskin ... Vanja (as Pavlik Boriskin) Zinaida Kirienko Zinaida Kirienko ... Irina Sokolova Pavel Volkov Pavel Volkov ... Ivan Timofeyevich Yuri Averin Yuri Averin ... Muller (as Yu. Averin) Konstantin Alekseev Konstantin Alekseev ... German Major Pavel Vinnikov Pavel Vinnikov ... Soviet Colonel Evgeniy Teterin Evgeniy Teterin ... Writer Anatoli Chemodurov Anatoli Chemodurov ... Soviet Colonel Lev Borisov Lev Borisov ... Platoon Commander Georgi Shapovalov Georgi Shapovalov Aleksandr Novikov Aleksandr Novikov ... (as A. Novikov) Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Nikolai Aparin Nikolai Aparin ... Captive in the church (as N. Aparin) Vyacheslav Beryozko Vyacheslav Beryozko ... (as V. Beryozko) Vladimir Ivanov Vladimir Ivanov ... Inmate

Made in the same year as "Ballad of a Soldier", this film concerns the fate of a Ukrainian man from the 1920s, when his whole family starved during the Civil War; through his capture and imprisonment in the Great Patriotic War by the Germans in a prisoner of war camp; while in a Nazi concentration camp and his life at War's end.  Discussing in open details subjects usually spurned or covered up by Soviet censors  (the betrayal of Communist and Jews by fellow prisoners; the singling out and extermination of prisoners of Jewish extraction --- usually referred to simply as "Soviet citizens" --- the mistreatment of Soviet prisoners by the Germans; etc.) this is both an entertaining and very informative film very rarely seen these days.  

DVD-R is in Russian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 94 minutes. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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