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QUESTION 7 (1961)

Michael Gwynn as Friedrich Gottfried Margaret Jahnen as Gerda Gottfried Christian De Bresson as Peter Gottfried Almut Eggert as Anneliese Zingler Erik Schumann as Rolf Starke Max Buchsbaum as Inspector Hermann John Ruddock as Martin Kraus Leo Bieber as Herr Rettmann Fritz Wepper as Heinz Dehmert Eduard Linkers as Otto Zingler Marianne Schubarth as Marta Zingler Philo Hauser as Barber Rolf von Nauckhoff as Karl Marschall Helmo Kindermann as Luedtke Manfred Fuerst as Professor Steffl

The East German Communist Party is involved in a campaign to turn students away from their Christian heritage by denying higher education to youths who do not hold politically "correct" views. Peter Gottfried is a 15-year-old pastor's son who hopes to enter a music conservatory; but before he can be accepted, he must answer seven questions, the last of which asks him to name the most important influence on his social development. Aware that he must deny his religious beliefs, the boy turns to those around him for advice. His teacher encourages him to make the "right" decision; but his girlfriend, Anneliese, and his father urge him to stand by his principles. When the Party gives him an opportunity to participate in the annual Berlin Youth Festival, Peter accepts despite the protests of his father. Once in Berlin, Peter realizes that he is merely a pawn being used by the Party to refute charges that religious youth are denied opportunity under Communism. The film was made and came out shortly before the erecting of the Berlin Wall.

DVD-R is in English with no subtitles. Approx. 105 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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