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WANDERING WITH THE MOON (Vandring med Manen) (1945) * with switchable English and Swedish subtitles *

Eva Henning - Pia Serner, actress Alf Kjellin - Dan Killander Stig Järrel - The vagabonde Olof Molander - Fritz Diebolt, adventurer Hasse Ekman - Ernst Törsleff, Johannes' adoptive son Margit Manstad - Marie Ohdén, actress Karl-Arne Holmsten - Lieutenant Ekberg Marianne Löfgren - Valborg Snäckendal Sigge Fürst - Hugo Snäckendal Hjördis Petterson - Ms. Linda Fristedt Anna-Lisa Baude - Ms. Lola Oskarsson Hilding Gavle - Johannes Törsleff, vicar Douglas Håge - Alfredsson, driver Margot Ryding - Edit, Johannes' sister Signe Wirff - Tora, Johannes' sister Olle Hilding - Dan's father

A young man, Dan, leaves his home after a quarrel with his father. He starts to wander along a country road. During his walk, he meets a travelling theatre company and falls in love with a young actress, Pia. Together they leave the theatre company, meeting a string of different people while they ponder over life and love together.

DVD-R is in Swedish with switchable English and Swedish subtitles. Approx. 104 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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