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DON'T TURN AROUND, MY SON (1956) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *

Bert Sotlar ... Neven Novak Lila Andres Lila Andres ... Vera (as Lila Anders) Zlatko Lukman Zlatko Lukman ... Zoran Novak Mladen Hanzlovsky Mladen Hanzlovsky ... Ivica Dobric (as M. Hanzlovski) Radojko Jezic Radojko Jezic ... Leo (as R. Jezic) Stjepan Jurcevic Stjepan Jurcevic ... Ivicin Otac (as S. Juricevic) Greta Kraus-Aranicki Greta Kraus-Aranicki ... Matilda - Ivicina majka Zlatko Madunic Zlatko Madunic ... Agent (as Z. Madunic) Tihomir Polanec Tihomir Polanec ... Cistac cipela (as T. Polanec) Niksa Stefanini Niksa Stefanini ... Sef ustaske nadzorne sluzbe (as N. Stefanini) Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Vladimir Bacic Vladimir Bacic ... Nadstojnik - Poglavnikova odgajalista (as V. Bacic) Kolja Carevic Kolja Carevic ... (as K. Carevic) Vladimir Dopudja Vladimir Dopudja ... (as V. Dopudja) Nela Erzisnik Nela Erzisnik ... Zena na prozoru (as N. Erzisnik) Viki Glovacki Viki Glovacki ... Portir (as V. Glovacki)

A former engineer escapes from a train taking him and other captured partisans to a concentration camp. Returning to his hometown, he's determined to find out what's happened to his son. To his horror, he discovers the boy is being raised in an Ustasha orphanage, where's he's being taught to hate Serbs, Jews, Communists and partisans. The boy's father is determined to take the child away to partisan country ... but how will he manage to do so with the Fascists looking for him?

DVD-R is in Serbo-Croatian with switchable English and Spanish subtitles. Approx. 101 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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