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HEROIC CHARGE (1952) * with switchable English subtitles *

Antonio Caprice Giuseppe Carignani Giuseppe Carignani Ludovico Ceriana Ludovico Ceriana Giovanni Del Balzo Giovanni Del Balzo Egisto Del Panta Egisto Del Panta Carlo Di Bugagno Carlo Di Bugagno Franco Fabrizi Franco Fabrizi ... Captain Franchi Odoardo Fiory Odoardo Fiory Edward Fleming Edward Fleming Giuseppe Gavotti Giuseppe Gavotti Romolo Germano Romolo Germano Italo Juli Italo Juli Mauro Marvelli Mauro Marvelli Dario Michaelis Dario Michaelis ... Captain Valli Nino Milano Nino Milano

In 1941, Mussolini sends a horse regiment known as the Savoy Cavalry to play its part in the German-led invasion of the Soviet Union. After they cross a vast area of Soviet land, they arrive in, what appears to be, a deserted village. A patrol is sent out on reconnaissance and comes under machine gun fire from a bell tower. In the battle which follows, a young woman named Kalina is captured by the Italians. Rather than execute her as a partisan, they spare her to win favor with the locals. A sort-of peaceful co-existence develops between the Italian soldiers and the Russian villagers; a special fondness blooms between Kalina and Captain Valli, the colonel's godson. Suddenly, the men receive orders to depart and head for the front line, now being attacked by Soviet forces. The Germans, however, don't have much faith in the Italians' abilities, so it's up to the Savoy Cavalry to demonstrate their worth as a point of honor. Arriving at the very front line, they will charge into the enemy batteries in an attempt to overwhelm them. 

Seconda guerra mondiale, Fronte russo. Il reggimento "Savoia Cavalleria" viene inviato in prima linea. Dopo un lungo viaggio attraverso il paese devastato dalla guerra, il reparto giunge in un villaggio dove si crea un clima di amicizia tra soldati e popolazione. Arriva l'ordine di raggiungere le linee avanzate. I tedeschi non credono che l'intervento della cavalleria sia efficace, ma i cavalieri italiani dimostreranno il contrario.

DVD-R is in Italian with switchable English subtitles. Approx. 91 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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