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BRUDEFERDEN I HARDANGER (1926) + THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE (1921) *with English subtitles *

Rasmus Breistein, Aase Bye, Gunhild Schytte-Jacobsen and Henry Gleditsch



The film Brudeferden i Hardanger ("Bridal procession in Hardanger") is considered one of the major Norwegian film triumphs of the 1920s. It was directed by Rasmus Breistein, and is widely regarded as a national romantic classic, for its scenery and depiction of the painting with the same name that long has hung in the National Gallery. The book tells a story of jealousy and betrayal tied to a wedding on the famous Hardanger Fjord. The film also marked the film debut for Alfred Maurstad, an acting legend and father of another Norwegian actor, Toralv Maurstad, born the same year that the film came out. The female lead was played by Aase Bye, and the film was widely shown in the US in the late 1920s.


(106 mins.  Overall, in very good quality. Norwegian intertitles, but English subtitled).



THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE (Körkarlen - 1921):


The film is a drama, telling the tale of a legend that the last person to die in any year, if he or she is a sinner, will for the next twelve months drive the Phantom Chariot which takes the souls of the dead. This seems to be the destined fate of the film's anti-hero, a drunk (played by Sjöström) left for dead after a fight in a graveyard and taken aboard the Phantom Carriage as the clock nears midnight on the last night of the year. Here he is taken to witness how his vicious behaviour has affected those around him, including his abandoned wife and children and a dying Salvation Army who had unavailingly tried to save him.

(93 mins. In very good quality. Swedish intertitles and English subtitles). 


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