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Anthony Asquith Writers: Herbert Price (from the story by) (as Herbert C. Price) , Anthony Asquith (scenario) Stars: Hans Adalbert Schlettow, Uno Henning, Norah Baring

Joe works as a barber in a shop alongside manicurist Sally. He becomes infatuated with her and asks her out on a date; however, it's an awkward date and it's clear Sally doesn't feel the same way about Joe. Despite Sally's lack of interest, Joe's infatuation with her develops into an obsession. Meanwhile a regular client at the salon, young gentleman farmer Harry, begins to woo Sally, who is much more receptive to his attentions. The couple begin seeing each other and one evening, arrange to go to the local cinema. Unbeknownst to them, they're being stalked by the jealous and overwrought Joe, who sits behind them and is forced to witness their happiness. Joe eventually rushes out of the cinema in despair. The following day, Harry comes into the shop for his regular shave and manicure and Joe notices that Sally is wearing an engagement ring. A verbal confrontation between Joe and Harry escalates into a physical struggle, during which Harry is slashed by Joe's razor. Sally is convinced Joe deliberately tried to kill his rival and, following his arrest and trial, Joe is convicted of attempted murder. Vowing revenge on Sally and Harry, he's sentenced to a lengthy term of incarceration at the notorious Dartmoor Prison.

DVD-R is silent with English intertitles and a background of classical piano music.  Approx. 88 mins.  See sample for audio and video quality.

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