Artikelnummer 219


Robert Donat, Elissa Landi and Louis Calhern


In 1815, a French merchant ship stops at the island of Elba.  A letter from the exiled Napoleon is given to the ship's captain to deliver to a man in Marseille. Before he dies of a sickness, the captain entrusts the task to his first officer, Edmond Dantes (Robert Donat).  However, the city magistrate, Raymond de Villefort Jr. (Louis Calhern), is tipped off by an informer, the second officer, Dangler (Raymond Walburn), and has both men arrested after the exchange.  Dantes' "friend" Fernand Mondego (Sidney Blackmer) accompanies him to the jail.  However, he, Danglers, and de Villefort all stand to gain from keeping Dantes imprisoned:  Mondego is in love with Dante's fiancée, Mercedes (Elissa Landi); Danglers wants to be promoted captain in Dantes' place; and the man who accepted the letter turns out to be de Villefort's own father (Lawrence Grant).  De Villefort consigns the unfortunate young man without trial to a notorious prison, the Chateau D'If, on the false testimony of Danglers.  When Napoleon returns to France, giving Dantes' friends hope for his release, de Villefort signs a false statement that he was killed trying to escape, which Mondego shows to Mercedes.  Deceived, she gives in to her mother's deathbed wish and marries Mondego.  Eight years of solitary confinement follow for Dantes.  Then one day, the aged Abbé Faria (O. P. Heggie), a fellow prisoner, breaks into his cell through a tunnel he has been digging.  The two join forces; Faria calculates it will take five more years to finish.  In the meantime, he starts educating Dantes

DVD-R IS APPROXIMATELY 113 MINUTES; very good quality.