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KOZIJAT ROG (The Goat Horn) (1972) * with switchablel English subtitles *

The film takes place in 18th century Bulgaria, then a part of the Ottoman Empire.  Four hoodlums break into the house of the shepherd Karaivan, raping and killing his wife in full view of their little girl, Maria.  Karaivan decides to take the law into his own hands and becomes enslaved by his violent wish for revenge.  He burns their house with his wife's body inside and abandons the gentle life they had shared, choosing instead to take his daughter to live in a rough hut high in the hills.  He raises Maria as a boy, training her to fight, so that she can kill in cold blood and help her father avenge her mother's murder.  Nine years pass before the two locate and kill three of the four perpetrators.  At each body they leave a goat horn as the symbol of their revenge.  While on a mission to kill the last one at his rich oriental house, Maria becomes the unwitting witness of a love scene and change comes over her.  Now, from time to time she secretly dons a beautiful dress and exults in her newly found femininity.  She falls in love with a young shepherd and the hate begins to melt from her heart.  When Karaivan discovers the change that is taking place in her it is already too late.  He tries to bring Maria back to him and their life of revenge, with disastrous results.

17-ти век. Докато Караиван (Антон Горчев) е с овцете, турци изнасилват жена му Мария и тя умира. Покрусеният мъж прибира малката си дъщеря Мария в планината и я възпитава като мъж, за да отмъсти на насилниците. И тя един след друг ги убива. Когато Мария (Катя Паскалева) среща млад овчар, у нея се пробужда жената и тя забравя за отмъщението. Караиван убива овчаря, за да върне дъщеря си към мисията й, но Мария прави друг избор.