Artikelnummer 779

DER AMMENKÖNIG (The Valley of Love) (1935) * with or without switchable English subtitles *

Käthe Gold, Richard Romanowsky and Gustav Knuth

Rather coarse, pre-War comedy about a Markgraf -- Heinrich XXVI -- who bathes in the springs of the Ammendorf to strengthen his potency.  The town and its springs are especially well known for the many couples with lots of children, who, for tax reasons, live there unmarried.  The town smithy and bully provides his vitality to ensure the countess has an heir for the throne.
DVD-R comes in two versions:
(a) in German with NO subtitles;
(b) in German with switchable English subtitles.
Approx. 96 mins. See film sample for audio and video quality!

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