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JAN HUS - (1st Part of Hussite Trilogy) (1954) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *

Zdenek Stepánek, Karel Höger and Vlasta Matulová

This film corresponds to the first part of the big-budget Hussite Trilogy.   Hus is revered for his dogged adherence to his convictions.  The magic of these films is in the acting of Stepanek and in the production design.  These films lavishly portray the early fifteenth century in details taken directly from artwork and chronicles of the time.  Those viewers familiar with modern Prague will find their favorite landmarks only partly finished--the towers of the Tyn Church are still under construction, the Charles Bridge only has one statue, and the Old City hall lacks the Horlogue.  These kind of details speak to the meticulous research that went into these films.  The costumes are reminiscent of the best designs from American period films produced in the 1930's and 40's, but display a greater variety of looks.  The viewer would be hard pressed to find a plain white or stone interior wall anywhere in the films. The painting on the interiors was taken from the backgrounds of illuminated manuscripts and every wall is a riot of color, geometric patterns, and even inflammatory depictions of the Pope. Medievalists and enthusiasts will value these films for the battle scenes. 



115 minutes long.  REGION FREE  (will play in any DVD player). FILM QUALITY:  Very good.